Steal all the things

tiny blue dragon sneaks into bunker and eats a giant ham
also find chest with all my family line coins that have an imprint of their magic and blood.
Do science on myself will talk to aaron later, also staff and my magic.
I will need to make a coin of myself later. I also find the coin of the Emperor.

March back to town. There is a griffin in the road.
Someone got off the griffon and walked into the woods.
Medium sized astral sea person with some ousider influence, and touches of the elemtal chaos. This is a githayaki. Originaly mind flayer and aboleth slaves.
Fled to the elemtal chaos and the astral sea, tend to be very mentally active. Some of them have a touch of death to them, homes in the astral sea are built on dead and forgotten dead entities. Griffin also has an astral presnece, even dumber was trained that way.
Another person who was coming down the road and then bolted and the githayaki followed. The other person was somehow human and dwarf.


Hannah is back in the bar, some teenagers come in wearing dragonish armor. All the weapons have dragon themes.
They go on a quest. Two of them actually become level 0 adventueres.
They jobolds have been storing XP in a pearl of power and giving it to the people they take through this “quest”

Sarah group is messing up the URPriest stuff.
Have one last door with red bar. It has alchemical defence turret. We disable one.
Then lil miss eats it, and then the one on the other side and goes hyper.
Lil miss Tries to dig throuhg the wall and goes through a fold in space.

Sarah may have radiation poisoning.

We break the lightning turret and hall fills with white haze, explosion happens,
We bother shiva she comes down gets hit by turret :(

4 HOurs of remove affliction, 7 casts.

There might be a hidden space somewhere in the complex.

Bring the trap expert with us maybe, talk to him about it.

Moes claw is fixed btw.

Asuka goes unconcious as soon as we are back, reverse portal with circles, portal with circles.

send surveilance pixies to complex. Rogue goes to investigate. Then goes back down and takes 4 bladders of alchemical ingredients.

Meanwhile hannah is chasing orianna with dawn blade.

Get a ton of volunteers to empty his war chest. Takes 20 min to gather. Portal down inside.
Some of the boxes are trapped.

Then a hostile portal opened.

3/25/17 Hannah's Notes

Quiet Conniptions from the Throne

Chant is trying to go ohm in his bunker….baby blue has come along for the ride.

He feels right and soothed when he sits in the throne, weird. He then does opsec programming to make sure the geiss is done correctly for blue dragon.

Things go very well! Alex and Aaron will do in detail later. The staff is more usable now.

5-6 hours later Alex gets done/wakes up and baby blue is…being baby blue. Also there’s a Turathi coin in his hamhock bone now.

Baby blue found the coins behind the throne, in a coffer. The coins have faces and names on them, mostly the royal family but also some cadet branches. There are some blank ones, they are more bar-shaped. There’s something in the lid- Chant pulls it out. Makes think Chant think of tiefling fire, a bowl, melt the metal to make a coin, and knife for blood.

One that didn’t taste good- ‘oh it’s him.’ its a devil? The progenitor. (Chant now has a sample of blood and magic?)
Making a coin will be important for Chant.
Leaves…there’s a white griffin. Chant does a perception check and sees purple triangles and vague shapes of a trail. Chant follows it. Medium size, astral sea, influence of outsiders, touches of the elemental chaos. Githyanki.

Notices someone came up the path than dodged, and then the githyanki came after at a more normal pace.
(End day 3, Chant)
2800 xp for the arena fight (historical event)

Some adventurers in training escort Olavien on a quest. (End day 3)

Meanwhile, in Oriana’s group (early day 4 onwards)

We try a door and the fire alarm goes off and sets us all on fire :(

Asuka disables the first one. Lil Miss eats it and another one.

Oops Lil Miss goes to go eat something and disappears through the wall and through space-time to at least 10 miles away.

Orianna throws an acid grenade to damage the lightning box, and then Shinji starts doing acid cantrips.

Turns into fog, we wait for the fog to spark by hiding behind adamantium door, wait about a half hour.

Ice one contains poison, poisoning Shiva and party. Oriana falls over, Shinji falls over.

We get teleported back to town, and get people to do remove affliction.
3-4 on Sarah
3 on Shinji
1 on Asuka
Money room!

destroy all the things.

Inspector says something in an ancient as fuck language that jars the humanoids in the party
Mental impression of warm places next to the campfire, and a person presiding over everything sitting in the back of a cave.
Philia sitting in a dark room with other initiates and abbott coming in an saying something
Leader of us is the concept being invoked.

The inspector was ordered here by his leader to follow this guys orders.

There are those above
there are those below
Those that live, earth air water…fire and metal.

Seems to be including primordials and elemenatls as part of the mortal plane.

We ask him about what a dungeon inspector does exactly. He leads us to another room. 5 of the warforged walk into the room.
Some sort of crystal does something that is not arcane or divine, there are psy crystals that grant skill bonuses that we have heard of.
At the far end a group of vamripe spawn charge the machines and fight forward, things they did not know about before apparently.
Lever resets the room, fixing all the damage, circle of mending. 3 groups went through the rnd groups.
He ensures that the dungeon is working as expected. This is for the master’s plans he needs more than just mindless troops.

Shinji learns that these use a gap in portl magic. Weird gaps in portal spells. The doors have to be at least 10 to 20 miles apart.The current portal is a fold in the current plane.
The rooms are considered adjacent so it screws up scry.
Hes taking advantage of natural laws to make these.

The dude pulls his helmet off, more elfin look than normal human cyclops. His eye is larger than usual, and his eye is on the forehead. Also long long elf like ears. “THe people now know of you we will find you and deal with this sin.” His flesh goes pale and his injuries heal, and he seems to teleport away. He stared at sarah in a weird way.

Vampire noms on little miss for a while then seems to gain sanity. And so we talk. Niak son of Rodarov. We tell him about the other vampires.

There seem to be lots of vampires from various universes.

We rest for a bit sarah is looking at grenades.

We know where to go and have grenade.

The thing that contains the divine spark, is really odd. Its very real, divine in nature. Not somethign a mortal did.

inspect one the alarm boxes, has magical component.

Niak walks around the room killing the vampires and turning them into some sort of artifac sword.

Umm where did all the patrols gone to.

We go back to the room that has fedex and the grave stone construction. There are some trucks in the room now. And some tanks…

Lil miss can now control her mutation. Lil miss mutates to get sharper claws to penetrate armor and temp hitpoints.

We inspect the door and world goes weird, bahamut personally came down and removed the portal to the clearing. And removed the memory of the thing.

Shinji descides that the trans-unversal portals should not be. They no longer are. Aeo removed them. Shinji can remove patch to reopen the portal just in case.
If really really needed to protect this realm. This is an ancient bargain of the vancian magicians.

the army was also getting shipped off universe so the gods dont see it.

There were more vampires at the end which Kain kills as well.


Yes, the Guy might be going against the divine.

But- cyclops says something jarring to humans. It’s said in a language that is the old AF (primordial in the traditional sense of the word) that gives the two of them images that form into concepts of ‘Leader of Us’ just ordered me to be here and follow his commands. And so I shall, as I have done my duty, for eternity.

Master has contempt for divine and for infernal. There is the divine aboves, the hells below, and those that live (that would include primordials) Earth, Air, Water….Fire, Metal


Orianna crits with Goranova on the Cyclops and a translucent shield and his stance break. And then Goranova bites deeper. The cyclops becomes very angry and barks a foreign swear and says “how DARE you do this against the People?! Heresy! Hairsin!”

Shinji frees the vampire, and then we realize we’re the only living things in here…

Cyclops summons a nightmare horse thing. He pulls off his helm off. Black hair in top knot, braided down, more elven look than human cyclops style. His eye is larger than typical, and on the forehead section. It glows more as it looks at Orianna, like it is looking at her deeply. Long, long elf ears. ‘The People now know of you, and they will come and deal with this sin." Orianna notices he’s got vampiric teeth. His flesh goes pale, most of his injuries heal. Then he and his mount go poof.

“yo hablo espanol?” the vampire starts seeming sane once he noms 8 surges.

Niak son of Rodarov.

Lil Miss grumbles about eating fingers for all that nomming he did on her. He asks if that will make things good between them, and Lil Miss seems to think so. He pops off an arm and gives it to her, and she noms it. His arm then begins to regrow. Lil Miss now has a blood pool.

Crystal Dynamics but it doesn’t come across quite right, he tries something in other words, “Nazgoth”, but it comes out as foreign language.

He is a Lord of the King Nemesis. He is glad we have not heard of Nazgoth, and that means that Nemesis is defeated. He wishes he had killed him himself.

Prophecy about a young noble and gestured to himself, and had him assassinated. Another set of troops came along and brought him back as this. Centuries later he and those like him were given the command to sleep.

“We’d conquered the lands below.”
“In thanks to you I will help you destroy this place”

2/11/2017 Hannah Notes

Warforged has a giant eye for a heart, chest of a dragon. The giant eye has something through it. Implement in his chest connected to it. Pair of eyes in each of the arms. Beholder eyeball.

Portal hoola hoop with runes on it. Copper bits here and there.

Box: mucus covered river-looking rocks.

Box: runes of rejuvenation, runes of repose. Latch opens in a rune. Head of a giant creature? Chitin with spiny bits and crustacean tentacle bits. Kinda like a crustacean lil miss. Evil things made by fiends ‘earth bound fiends’/ kaithons. Eating and propagating spawn.

Piecemeal means it can be automated and requires not much oversight.

1 roller door, 2 smaller.

Asuka transformed into a kaithon-dragon, and started to attack people. Lil Miss says ‘NO!’ and Asuka is under her control/they are hive for 24 hours.

Orianna technically gets hit but sword noms it.

Orianna finds this guy is familiar but no matter what she can’t figure out his name/remember him properly.

Whole door is forged out of adamantium. Huh.
He is making bullets
targeting with your name on it for people of Bahamut in Winterhaven.

Looking out at war forged room.
Each mass of a squad is one point→war forged.
Over time those will become a full soul?

500 a day (one batch)

Old Story:
A (rich) king sent his army south, killed off of the population (the entire population). He was eventually fought off. No one’s actually found signs of it happened other than weirddd swords and some armor.

crude but amazing enchantment that’s complicated.
back when the people was one. The lack of ancestry stands out in this vampire set he’s using as training material.

room is cold? Ambient energy is low- the xp in here is low/ambient (potential for) magic is low in here.

Walking around the complex

Fight the profane warforged dude

The warforged does some sort of thing that actually affects the pattern via vancian magic.

We jump through portal to some sort of mechanised warehouse
Orianna keeps trying to have the sword eat stuff. We are concerned.

Asuka tries to knock sword out of orianna’s hand. She does it, sword runs away and seems to be eating things.
Asuka is trying to catch it.
At the end of the warehouse its making giant stone crosses with circle in the middle. They seem to be artificially aging them somehow.
There is some sort of standing portal thingy which is the portal you went through.

We are still somewhere below town.

Sarah sits next to the tombstone, they are copletely normal….yeah…

He is very organic, has an eye ball for a heart…and everything is tied to it. Take a while to strip him.
Made out of a bunch of very strange things. Bits and pieces that do not make a lot of sense. Eyes in the forarms that are from a beholder, in the arm that was shoting that evil ray.
There is loot stuff.

Others look the stargate. He’s using something that lilmiss really likes in his construction. Mostly mobile, that would nibble back. Lil miss eats one of the containers. Wet mucus covered eggs, no idea what they are. Lilmiss found these deep underground a good way from town.
They seem to be a consumable component for something.

Lil miss goes to another box which is weird because why would you put food in this box. Used for armor and rings and stuff and on iky things to fix them. Bos has gentle repose and regeneration. The head is taking damage and regenrating. Some sort of reptilian insectoid made by fiends. Cythons, earthbound demons.
Stations each do a specific enchantment. Each assembly point is partially enchanted and timed to do complex enchantment peicemeal. Does not require a lot of oversight and automation. Tell about this idea to zak and chant.

The way this facility was set up without using undead energy. cause the tombstones will be places near churches and priests, it could be noticed.

Is there any paralel between the crosses and manhole covers. Seen them get enchanted. When assembled together something hides the encantments on them.

One door had a metal red bar, with red on one edge.
Big rolly door.
One door into a small building inside the room.

Sarah goes back to poking a tombstone. Feels a tingle. Shinji and Asuka do as well. Tombstone sends out a wave of energy. Asuka seems to go mad and attacks the party. She gets hit by a vancian curse. Shiji can figure out the curse from the assembly line.

Lil miss telepathy goes up and psycic sense range goes up. Zoantrope check is now 30. Noooooooo

This type of tombstone is used in temple/church graveyards. They trigger at night and polymoph people in a radius.

Dude we fought in the temple is vagelu fammiiar to sarah. But can’t place a name, feel like shold know his name and face. Mid to late teenager.

We enter the small building the door is a portal spell that moves us a lot farther away. Shadyvale seems to be through the door.

Someone comes in to get a box. They see shinji and freak out. Shinji thinks we are on same plane but outside looks very very odd.

Another golem comes in carrying a box. It uses a magical device to duplicate what we recognie from other adventures as bullets.

Another marionette uses the door and it shows a completely different place. The portal seems to be linked to multiple places. The marionette goes to the roller door that is 4 inches thic of dark metal. A door made of solid adamantium. 200 cubic feet of adamantium. Its a very strong door.

There are a bunch of arcane manufacturing systems that are making bullets by the truckload. using a fabricate spells.

They are making a ton ammo and grenades. Also enchanting some bullets with bane. The parchment that has casting has names of people, some are bahamut temple.
We get several combat knives, kukri.

THen we get attacked by 6 cheap looking warforged. They point guns. Sarah bluffs them that she is a dungeon inspector.

She finds another room with guns its about size of costco, only making 5 types of weapon.
Another room is making robots being assembled.

Asuka and Sarah notice something that is vaguely fammiliar. The warforged are not really alive. A device moves over to the warforged and drops a spark of light on a crystal, and a drop of divine energy that creates a fragment of soul.
They go in two directions.

There is a giant hangar full of the warforged. He’s also built an xp farm. The vampires are odd, they have crude armor and look very generic.
Asuka has heard an old myth universal across cultures. A king sending undead hordes among the people to slaughter everyone. The crude weapons in particular is noteworthy to Asuka. Back when all peoples were one, the vampires looks like that. Super old.

The ambient level of energy in the room is low. Ambient levels of XP here are low. This is very odd. The ambient magix/xp is being colleted and used somehow.

Sarah goes to another room, finds a several squads. They seem to be specialist squads. The mechs seem to be getting loaded into cargo containers. The sparks of the guys here is different. The one percent that is different, with adventurer potential.

Notice a guy who seems to be hard to see. He goes for the alarm.

My name is stars fall upon the field sown. Single point of light in his visor. He is utterly icky.
When asked about his master and says something but it does not exist. He did one act that did this.
this is end of third day.

January 28th 2016 Hannah's Post

Oriana is now committed to restoring a temple up North
Shinji now committed to restoring this temple of Beshaba.

Shinji hears: Mess him up, talk to The Dragon, you are not aware of censored phrase.
Oriana just hears ‘Championship’

Impression: That which cannot die, I demand be killed.

in the name of the great one thou must champion. in the trials against the evil bastard, so win. P.S. whack ’im good

Do something in the trial…
death to the divine is not an imposition

Arcane? Vancian spell called ‘imprison’. Turns into a stone and tosses in middle of earth. Can pull back out by doing imprison or wish again on the same spot as it was done.

We teleport. We arrive about 40 feet under Shadyvale.

Talking to people about things

everyone was drawn out of winterhaving to chase fiends.

dispel magic was super effective on the evil dude
he escaped
probably using divine power to buff himself
is using a lot of astral diamonds.

he has drained all the temples in winterhaven excrept the bahamut one which we defended.
we ask for halp with stuff

shinji and orianna talk to beshaba herself
both of us get geased –
-shinji has to repair forever the temple in winter haven. Geas he has on him
-aurianna has to repair and restore some temple to beshaba

shinji has a power of modifier to use on him
he learns to avoid dealing with evil gods.
orianna gets an enchant on her sword which is super evil

she says: talk to The Dragon you are not aware of [cencored long phrase]
sarah hears : championship
that which cannot die I demand be killed. Will understand later with context

asuka thinks something changed about shinji

asuka goes outside temple of bahamut to pray to the great one, gets hit on the head with a walnut by squirrel
finds the kobold party sitting in an inn, and his soap box.

in the name of the great one you must champion against evil dude and win.

shinji knows a spell called imprison. This turns a person into a statue and buries them. The only way to get them out is with wish at the spot with their true name.

we teleport somewhere its right under the shadybale orchard!
ITs that guy from the begginging of tvirus!!!

the machines are making weird metal disks that seem to be partial gate spell. Targeting something our of frame of reference. complex seems to be fully automated and he has not been here in a while. Draining ambient cross realm magic.
This could be making the feywild leak eveither bigger or smaller.

Sarah’s sword eats master manhole. Sarah sees a city with a dusty magical shop, that has a floating skull in there. Someone in a trench coat walks in a shop. There is another following him in the same weird clothes that are super well made for us. He stands in the street watching the shop, and gets killed on the manhole cover and bleeds out. The manhole cover gets stolen. There is something wrong with the wound, like there is something underneath. Its not red human flesh. A third cloaked indiviual is the one who kills him and steals the cover.
Then the sword makes sarah go over to the other printed covers and Sarah gets a sense of more of these things outside of winterhaven. The sword really wants to eat more of these guys. A sacrifice triggers them and most a figure appears and explodes and dies. A small number explode at the seams and a werewolf bat goes on a rampage.

This is the red court of vampires.

Tear opens near the bucket and a “warforged” steps out are pale, bleached made of bone.
The portal is very crude, does damage to peple going through.
The thing is made of angel parts. Living construct that is undead. Has both the living and undead keywords. Weaknesses of both and abilites of both. The angelict part seems like equipment.

1-14-2017 Hannah's Note

Teleports in, in golden dragon scale, with a dagger and doing Vancian. Something on his shoulder casts shield instead of him.
A gem on his belt flickers and dies in response to Shinji’s shatter.
Shinji tries to dispel magic

The gold dragon scale is actually a skelly?

boots, grieves, armor, belt, gauntlets, helmet, ‘gloves/hand’, three bags on waist, several implements, blade hilt, wand, rods, 4 pouches, torc.

5 rings with chains going back to a bracelet/manacle.
Bracer made out of ceramic- type
thick broad metal band for helmet with pieces that come down.

Astral diamond spent for teleportation.

Hit 20 something temples.

12/10/2016 David's Notes
Don't Drink and Jump Dimensions

Verinal, Chant, and Olavien wake up in a forest clearing. Verinal is holding some sort of large egg-shaped thing with fine black and white stripes on it. Chant is under an overturned endless bottle of fire whisky, and has some sort of sentient potted plant. Olavien is cuddled up with Purple, and is next to many empty bottles. All are severely hungover, the plant is stoned. None of us remember anything concrete after the recent t-virus stuff, though we think much time has passed since then, possibly years. Above the clouds is more land, including mountains and stuff, like an Earth sandwich. A gigantic white dog flies by overhead, around cloud level, followed shortly by a swarm of demony things. We feel a strong gust of air from the direction they went, and then Verinal detects many people dying. We decide to go help. Olavien rides on Purple, Chant has a flying chariot of fire, and Verinal has a cloak of phoenix feathers (based on what it did, this is not the same as the “cloak of the phoenix” item).

We approach a large battle. The demons are assaulting a castle, which is defended on all four sides. One side has the superdog. One side has a single archer/priestess. One side has a clan of hunters. One side has three fighers, one of whom is a version of Sango. This is apparently some sort of final battle from Inuyasha. Chant starts planting trees to help the clan. Verinal helps the three fighters by shooting the larger demons on their side with the Jaffa Cannon. Olavien and Purple start tanking for the archer so she can be more offensive. We are completely turning the tide of the battle despite our excessively drunken state. We are likely high-epic or post-epic.

Some big bad guy starts forming above the castle by condensing many demons. With our help, the bad guy is losing and starts to get away. While chasing him, Chant and Olavien figure out that we came here on our own (Olavien made an interdimensional thread in the shape of a balloon dragon), and our presence here has accidentally triggered this final fight way too early and the pattern is trying to react. Chant removes the bad guy from the pattern (with baelfire) and replaces him with the potted plant, who acts as the villain for fun until it’s time for the heroes to win.

Chant takes a nap.


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