This may not go well...

asuka, shinji and Purple adventures

fight a lot of giant mosquitos, eventually win.

get to fallcrest, see there is a large encampment that is very mixed race.

There is a section of fallcrest that has been razed and cleared.
People are clearing it out and working on making farmland.
Buildings are unusual, large stone buildings 140×50×20 feet.

People panic in the place. Then eventually a group comes out with a gnome in the front who has a stick with pointy teeth in it. It seems to be psychic disturbing.

Nogenblocker of seerun. One of the wizards of seruun. They apparently dealt with the mooncalves.

A big chunk of the population of thunderspire has to be moved out because the seven pillar hall is being repaired. Mages are currently doing surface warehousing for the trade between the various guilds that do trade stuff with the underdark.

shinji gets introduced to invid of the inverteds(patema). Who are humans who seem to like walking on ceilings. Shinji asks about their history and enchanting. They sell curios that counter gravity. No one really know much about them, prices too high.

The gnome that purple is talking to gets lots of respect from everyone.

The warehouses are staging points for trade to the underdark.

Underground cattle(rothe) pulling wagons.

IDEA: Shadyvale river trade. Need to figure out cliff.

3 grups of dwarves, 2 groups of gnomes, patema, mixed group of goblinoids that use elven writing/.

Goblinoids sell silks and wines, very fine crafting stuff. Various poisons and toxins. Basically assasination supplies. Likely a front for drow, possibly Lord of Masks group.

A goblin selling exotic meats. Also magically preseved meats, they seem to have timestop boxes. But expensive. The people seem to a cross between dragonborn and human. Call themselves wyverianes.

One other group sells expesive raw materials, not in bulk though. Can trade for various sundry goods like spices and woods and such.

Gather rumors, mages of seruun are now taking mirco taxes for everything. People like the warehousing, allows more trade. New route was opened due to seven pillar hall issue. The exotic meat people will sell anything to anyone, and the people seem scary.

Apparently seven pillar halls collapsed and revealed some rooms, they were deeper than they seemed to be.

Sarah in Gardmore
the place seems to be in a miliarty footing. Lots of adventurers.
Talks to someone in charge, tells them what is up. They tell her news from here.
Bahamut people have apparently called in earthweavers from earth temple. They are reparing the catacombs. Wat?
There are a number of issues in the area. Some ogre did something with magic and the area is being avoided by animals. Sends zappy to go look.
Sarah licks some sort of metalic glass, color of cobalt.Freaks someone out.
Talks to the earthshaper, her name is Iodine. She’s from ten-towns. Seems to have something in her pocket that Gorun-Nova seems to really want’s to sample. Joined the priesthood of some specific earth goddes.
Sarah gets called in by the people in charge. Lady Ailin the person who Orianna gave her spells to gives a token of thanks.
Asks for scouting of the local area.
Sarah gets her powers back, through the token.
The person who Lady Ailin was fighting has apparently sent forces to the area. Vecna is definitely involved, someone had the eye of Vecna. The master seems to like making litches. Bahamut people have been having a fight for the century or so.
Trying to track down some sort of vampire and revenant, small squad of undead that specialize in tomb raiding.
Looking for some sort of tablet. That has something written on it, creating or controlling undead.
Sarah tells the lady in charge about the clearing that animals are fleeing. Turns out its the plce that has the demi-dracolich.
She misunderstands as dracolitch. This will not go well. We forgot to close the area. :(
Next day Sarah wanders back to Shadyvale. She gets a magic necklace.


Rumors in Fallcrest:
-Some people are not happy with the microtransaction taxing system the Mages of Saruun are using.
-Like the new warehouses, it sounds like the new route opened with the earthquake happened and…incidents happened in the Seven Halls. No one is talking about what exactly happened.
- People don’t necessarily like the people selling the meats. They apparently will sell anything for anything.
-Goblinoids are probably a front for the drow.
-There are draconid hunters, calling themselves wyverians, they seem mostly humanish looking, but with draconic aspect. Elf-like ears, 4 fingers, digigrade legs, slitted eyes.
-The earthquake revealed the pillars in the Hall go down far further than they thought, and new rooms were revealed.

Oriana is at Gardmore

I don't want to barf a spaceship

morning of jan 4th
David feel fine. Hes reading the technical manual on the ship.
Shiva comes over with a bag of small ice cream ball thingies? Apparently its wolly elephants with wings are racing around the park. Each one has a great sense of the divine, each one different. Looking into the astral sea partially. Reality is being weird. There are some other entities watching this. Also shiva advertises her ice cream shop.

Sarah wakes up and does not feel hungry. Stares at her menus, something is up there. Giant list of ships appears in one section which she cannot make sense of. Stomach is growling but not hungry. She asks for a snak, gets a giant meal only eats part of it. People are confused. Apparently has a guest who she talks to, a kobold. Discusses stuff about rituals and hannah’s rituals. Kobold tells sarah a secret. She sees hannah carrying a shrubbery to the church. Tell Hannah about lack of apetite and menu’s having new options. Now has a thingy that actually shows the hud she has been talking about.

Hannah wakes up feels like she’s in the sea. Thinks that she sees a seagull crashing down soemwhere and goes to investigate.
Finds a seagull bloody and squshed floating in the air upside down. Making an awful racket as far as purple is concenred. Hannah feels is physically as pulsing. Its very localised around the seagull. Hannah and purple collide with a thing, and the invisibility breaks they briefly see a flying egg shape that flies away really fast. Hannah pokes mitch house, mitch aparently there. Department if mitch is back.
Phil has been fined for use of broadcast speech.
Hannah has been fined as well. There is a picture of a duck without feathers. Symbol of some diety.

Chant wakes up
No pixies or bunnies in the room. He thinks about that.
All the ambient magic suddenly compresses into a book on the book case.
Title of book is in bold dwarven looking writing, bound in leather and metal and soft silk that is not a plant fiber. The decoration is insectile.
The title is Taylor.
Opening the book its only one page, all the pages are stuck together. Feels like paper.
Left side has titles
-Same as men
—same as boy

The magic in the book reminds me of a sending stone as more words rather that states.
comprehend language
object read
See myself, spirits vision of shadyvale, see myself directing energy into pixies, the book, and last one is the book on a stone table with a figure in strange silk and armor. Weaving something. Underground brightly lit room. Same book but not the book.
Do bardic lore on the book. Get a vague sense of knowledge about messenger toes and scrolls. One use uncommon magic items way back, write something on one and then text appears on the other.Used by nobility. Fell out of use due to expense once sending stones came about. Messenger tomes are permanent giant magical items, what you write in one appears in the other. No erasing, used by mages for correspondence research. Secure but also very expensive.
THis book seems similar, but the enchantments are better and more potent. The impression of a Taylor.
Compare the book to dwarven writing. Paper quality is way too good. When touching the page the text suddently changes

Title is now is girl/fancy

Poke Fall with intent of gettign more info. Get a list of clothing. Poke one of them and then on the other page a picture shows up with the item on the other page with options below the picture, colors and styles for fall. Poking girl gets back to main menu. There was a purchace button.
Go to men adventurer. Lots of options for armor types. Then more detailed options for the armor type. Then metals. Then have to fill out detauls of fit.
Then addons. These seem to have options for various magical enchancements.
Bespoke item creation apparently. More expensive than normal.
Go find hannah they are in a tavern having drunk a lot of beer. They are really really drunk.
The writing is actually dwarven.
Order +1 runic armor. 2700g give it circle coords. Extra charge (900g)for boring and crime against fashion. Ruuude! Will arrive in 3 days(Jan 7th).
TODO: Compare tailoring book to other weird book we have for comonality.

Stare at books. Looking at candlekeep book nearly kills me. Its from another building of reality. Not evil.
Look at the fine sheet that hannah has. It asks for a platypus, which is apparently a mythical creature.
Recetear thinks minor gain in using in store.
The book has enchantments that we do not know and variations of existing ones.
Also can equip units of workers. Possibly with masterwork or enchanted gear.

Phil is a fey of broadcast.

Jan 4th
David checks the devastation creature area. cavern is still closed but there have been crevices opened up and the griphon is twitchy. Will need to spend a day or so here carefuly checking and covering tracks.

Chant leaves to bunker. Hannah and Sumash also going in the same direction so travel together.

Sarah heads to gardmore

Jan 4th
Dragons leave to fallcrest.
Reply from thinderspire is a very calm everything is fine. This may need follow up. TODO
Winterhavn negotions start with recettear.
All the traders are fine.

Jan 5th
Olavien and Sumash dig down to punis in the evening.
David is doing stealth spelunking.
Willow returns from the spell geodes. Everything is actually more stable than originally. Things will be slower and more contained which also means stronger.

Jan 6th
Chant gets to bunker.
Olavien and Sumash reach the tomb. The tomb is fine it seems. A lot of the damage is repaired somewhat and the water potency is lower.
David is searching.
Sarah is flying drunkenly.

Jan 7th
Olavien and sumash head home.
Get report on the archeologists and their state. Things got wrecked. Lost supplies and got attacked by monsters. Cave was not affected but the tunnels are messed up. Cave was originally much smaller the walls were compressed.

Jan 8th
Olavien and Sumash back in town.
Chant heads back.
David heads back.

Jan 9th
Sarah arrives in Gardmore.
David is back.

Jan 10th
Chant is back.

Jan 11th
Elf diplomat arrives in Hammerfast.

Jan 13ths
Jared and Moe come back from myconids.

Jan 18th
Nyad diplomat arrives in moonstairs.

Todos follow up.
Need to repair the sink hole near devastation creature. Will need to be druids to shape stone and grow things to make it look older.

Chant tries to psychoanalyse the bat gryphon. Will take the rest of the month. TODO

Chant uderstands Kobolds.

we get notes from kobolds about what and why they did things to the geodes. Chant keeps getting headaches trying to understand.
Questions the messenger Kobold for the next 14 hours. Everyone gets bored and leaves.
Hannah queries about how the kobolds got to such a far distance so quickly. Get some knowledge about travel and wandering. Or city of doorways. Ability to get places.
The kobolds took the path of least resistance to get to where they wanted to go.
All the kobolds have been studying stuff from nameless. Specifi aspects and hyperfocusing on specific aspects.

Insight into wtf ring due to memory of wayfinder.

We go to Bob’s where the kobold orders a meal of the sorcerer kings from athas. Chant is fed up so descided to know all the things. He learns about the meal. And detects a sorcerer king(but one of the good ones) ripping open a portal back to athas, from a roman old egypt type big building. He is on the top floor that is cut off. There is a cutout circe that he is standing in the middle of. The area is desert, but the area around it is snowy pine country. So this may have been a reality transposition.
Then Chant feels the pattern jerk and readjust.

Chant is now aware of a world without gods, pros and cons of this as related to my destiny and how things work without diety and lighter than current presence of elementals. Low magic areas and what be done with it.
The bardic lore is suspiciously shaped around Chant’s goals and not more. The sorcerer king willingly gave this to me.

I seem to konw where he is on athas. Which is for him very dangerous as the other sorcerer kings want to kill him.
Give him knowledge of all the rings of sustenance.

The kobolds reanchored the geodes and reblanced them. They are not scewed. Centered on the central chamber so its more stable.

*7428 gold to Bobs. *
Chant tries to disable gems and it can only go down to 1%.

A sparc of understanding of why the Kobolds work. And one about why Squirrel works, and how is arcana can actually successfuly work. Roll a 1 on the percentile dice to understand Squirrel

Gain Leadership skill.
Leadership score is level+ChaMod+4
Leadership mods: 31 for followers, and every time shadyvale levels up it increases 1

Leadership score for a cohort: 26
Max cohort level:19
cannot have cohort higher than me.
gain the ability to command followers:

special cohorts:
some can devils
high level cohorts like

Can use my leadership power to draw people to Shadyvale.
This can add to the population rolls.
Need to active work on this spreading the word about shadyvale. Interacting with town and improving taveren power.

Squirrel is running on dungeons and dragons base mechanics. Mostly D&D. With alot of variant rules added on top to work better. Running on an ad&d base and added 3rd ed gestalts, which are the 4e classes.
Squirrel is more real than every one else within the framework of reality. He’s likely insae because of this. He is looking at a different version of reality.

Taveren check +18, now 54.

Get the ability to swap out class feature for those 3rd or 5th.

Train people in classes from other editions of dnd. Getting consistent results with people may vary.

Can help Shinji with his work.

So after that thing. So Squirrel did a ritual using the old rules. He drained the geodes, fixed the damage we did before. Set them to standby and realigned them to be balanced.

Great one might be a feedback loop. or some diety from earlier editions. Or all the pieces from all the editions are coalesing into something. The causality is very murky and not aligned. So weirdness.

All the other Kobolds who do the roll a 1 thing is similar in ablity. and squirrel can use those kobolds and change those to 20 when he needs them with leadership. Something in the pattern is directing them toward things so they have to have access to a prophet who tell sthem where to go. This is not the first time where they were in the right place at the right time.

They are cheating using Chant’s taveren power, via their link to little miss who is a member of the Shadyvale party.

The messenger Kobold walks off to a field of swords, with the kobolds on the hill. Kobolds are fighting weird shadoy things that are identical.

David asks autum about how she knew to move to chant and how she took chant to the aren. She said she did not know.
Then talked with Shiva about this and how the timer works. Got some explanation. Shiva brought up the point of finding out who’se box in the arena that is, and why do they get a box. And why did the bet that Autum make make it worthwhile to the gods to get a gem.

3-31-2018 a day..of learning things

7428 gold for a meal with the kobold at Bob’s as they continue trying to figure out what happened at the geodes.

(Add notes about realities seeds)

Chant has a glimpse of a Sorcerer-King as part of his bardic lore during this. The guy then boops out and makes the weft and weaves smush and wobble.

Chant once again feels like he’s on a precipice as he begins to eat:

Will he do it..for science?

Answer: Yes.

(This is January 1st)

3/17/2018 H Notes
Voltron Dragon Arena

As the party is finishing up the meeting about helping Nentir Vale, Verinal suddenly realizes that there’s an arena clock, and it warps forward to being very soon. He decides not to tell the group, for now, about noticing.

The group pops into the arena. They find out this will be the first of three matches against the kobold team.

When they get into the arena, the arena is Urd’s pool. The kobolds took a boon to go first, and hold up balls of mana (each was two elements combined) and have all the damage types between their 5 balls of mana. They hold them up and combine into a gargantuan dragon.

The party realizes partway through that the arena is smacking people who alter how things happen with slightly time-based powers, like elven accuracy, because of Urd/The Norns’ association with time.

The team…gets kinda curb stomped. They’ll need to win the next two to win. Even if they lose the next one though, all three matches will happen nevertheless.

Additional notes:
- Kobolds can’t do this solo thing again for the other fights.
- Nina is probably too low-level for the next fights. [Aaron needs to build Nina so she has appropriate level, skills, and items]

Arena XP: [Add when get total from Aaron]

That tree is not from around here.

No metal income from the mine this month

farms, lumber yard and quarrys are outside of town. Need to pay 17% costs of these buildings in repair costs for the month december. Currently running at 75% capacity. With high risk of injury.

Incoce for the the month on these buildings in 75%. Until repaired, can start working on that after mass make whole on the 27th. 4 days of repair this month. Should work on druid farm first.

Then figure out what we can do for arls.

COntinued disaster meeting:
Check on the spell geodes.
Check on the exploded city, are the archeologists trapped?
check the myconid sword scar.
check that the cave with the doom critter of death.
check on the bunker and the vault.

there are 17 house or bigger open spaces under town. Lil miss makes a map in david’s head.
A lot of them are basements, that have been forgotten or abandonded.

Try with lil miss telling orianna instead. It works better?
—Check on these areas sometime, eventually.

Hannah finds a store that sells owls. It apparently has a very large basement.
There is also a pet puni store. Small glass box with a puni inside.

Sarah finds the sub-store. The building is empty and just has a long staircase going down. The store is literally selling sub sandwitces. The elves are a pale purple blue. Some sort of aquatic elf.
When sarah leaves the water is squejeed off.

(story about a yeti that can eat ambient magic and poop out magical crystals that are like condenced residum. )
A single building in town where the ambient magic is very low and uniformly calm.
The shop name is unusual unguents. The building is metal and raised off the grownd on feet with different metal and isolation away from the ground. Makes unquents that are completely efective and do not have sideeffects.
She seems to have permanent improvement to abilities. Things that gives feats, skill points.
David gives her a light saber to poke at. Very meticulous.
Wants to take samples of things form the other universes. 20% off from stuff.
Does not like zak cause hes an engineer and shes a scientists.

The truly powerful stuff is very very expensive. sort of the regular item price scale.
some of the most potent stuff:
adventurer, true life, panacea, epic(helps someone reach epic)
karmadont’s helm-he apparently bought a potion from her.

brew master joins meeting seems to be carrying some apples and a big keg?
all the apples near the cherry tree turned red. And the juice bloody.

keyword: Life blood and apple. Vague sense of necromany but like normal healing spells. Pushing death away. He of cource made cider.
Seems to remind us of a healing potion but does not give a number of hp back.More a catalyst for healing.
It allows spendig a healing surge. Also he has a liquer which seems to be about 3 times more powerful than the cider.

12 ciders a month or and 18 next month. For every 6 of the ciders he can make one bottle of liquer. Lots of hp for the high hp chars.

Pixies following me seem to be low key. The world seem to get sunnier and relaxing. Look around in a lot there is a small house with a very red tree outside. Feel the weight lifting off me as I walk closer to the tree. The presence of the fey realm fades away.
It’s nice and calm and there is a smell of bbq coming from the house. Which is making me hungry, a very homey comfort food scent.
Notice a sign of a burning red tree, flaming tree grill. Hearing music playing faintly. A pair of spiked bladed lances, old and worn out.
Try talking to the tree but it seems to be talking in a tree foreign language. O.o also speaking quckly.

The decor inside is very comfortable, wood decor, warm inside. red headed woman sprawled on the counter top playing a guitar made out of metal or ceramic which is very weird. Seasoned in a very fammiliar way.

The place settings and diging equipment is from all over the place, randing from deep gnome diging stuff up to high elf fancy meat cource utencils. The place is for flame grilling, everything is very very high quality and well used. On one of the seats near an elf style table. an elven name: house heraldry of the silvery moon. The heraldry if of the original house of silverymoon.
There are sets all over the grill. Some are dedications to the grill, things like “thanks for the meal, may other enjoy it”

There is a dedication, all are welcome and safe, laws of hospitality apply. there are alot of weapons all over the place, people have hung up their weapons here.

I have picked up dinnerware. Turathi imperial place settings for dinner. The meat is tulathi royal feast that the imperial familty would share with the people. Imperial drake, something elemental sort of demonic offshoot, huge sized. They were not hunted only when elderly, which was one of the causes of the war. If there was not enough meat EVERYONE in the empire drew lots. Carry over tradition from the tribes that eventually became the empire. I have had it once, on my name day, the meat lasts indefinitely.
The proprietress moves to a chair her hair seems to change between red and black, her eyes are ember like with an inner glow.
Does not ask for cost she serves and we eat. Does not say anything. I am much calmer and refreshed in a way I have not been in a very long time. Knows the right manners for the dish, high and low manners.
Notice that I am somehow more stable. For next month +2 will and may immediately save from all domination effects. If I succeed, the caster of the effect is stunned from the backlash. Made a dedicated touchback to myself.

Doing something to prep an orc like thing from the dwarves. She keeps playing with one hand, very very good at playing.

I feel like I have not done enough to pay back for the meal. I give her a potion of vitality with herbs to make a meal that was used to make peace between elves and dwarves and 11 PP
—I need to do more for this place.

The red tree is making a pocket of isolation, accepting only what is hospitable.

Hannah goes into the owl shop. The proprietor is an actual fairy. She finds a self forged owl??

Fall crest scout – askua, shinji purple,
Hamadryad diplomat is specialist in far realm, have her contact thunderspire.
Send elf diplomat to talk to Hammerfast, to discuss stuff including offering services of pick.
Have Sarah contact Gardmore.
Recettear to contact winterhaven about buying the seam.

Hannah and blane to look at the liviathan tomb and seeing about us getting to them.
Use the adventurers to check the outlying farms and area. Slight increase in price.
Adventurers hired for 22k to deal with angry kritters.
sending to traders and train town guard unit to split among traders.
Nyad diplomat to go to moonstair to talk about things.

Chant and rose to make whole in arls. This will require spreadsheets.
Rorona and meruru to debate things about long term magical herb payment for arls repair
Willow to check spell geodes.
Senechal -Check on the archeologists
Jared and moe will check the sword scar and myconids.
David to go check on the devastation creature.
Chant to check bunker and vault.

disaster meeting and we get kidnapped again

We pop back from “something” right in front of the Kobold door.

Sarah gets a progress bar finishing which is “riot suppression”??
The robots that are following her switch weapons again.

Sarah’s current progress bars:
Message from Plua.
Research equipment in orbit.
Tasting magical items, minerals.
Personal defence equipment/mech

Orianna says we have gone back in time to hours before we went to check on the zoning issue.

Jan 1st Disaster meeting. Other stuff with adventurer mart and scooby snack.
Jan 2nd present from little miss, and checking the kobold temple/house, fire dragon.
Jan 3rd Hannah’s thingy

Jan 3rd
Party poofs back on apparently the morning of the 3rd “before” getting kidnapped for Hanna’s thingy

Lv5 Resplendent Gloves and +2 Hero’s Chain mail are available for redistribution.

Go to check if the house is there, and its an empty lot.
Other us has not noticed us yet…somehow.

They go poof, causality is preserved.
Edmund is confused does not remember there being a house, but he still had a note about it.

Chant almost gets hit by messenger bird. It is some sort of contract, written in legalese.

Disaster area
The urpriest is still out there we have some items related to him

government is barely sufficient for what our actual town is.
the department of mitch was filling in the holes and proping things up.
need government building addons equal to its level need those.
diplomacy core support
internal city public relations need to be filled.
science!!! control task force.

note: gov bilding covers 100 times its staffing

david has been choosing for historical goblins event for tournament of the gods.

notes for self
9000 xp for leviathan and science gems.

Disaster relief meeting.
Hammerfast mines are destoryed, town is buried. Production and livelyhood is gone.
Long term is bad.
Winterhaben long term is fine. Very expensive rebuilding because are of damage to all the temples.
Moonstair is very damaged. Interesting bonus cause they are next to a fey crossing which is open permanently. Also this will increase interpanar trade.
Uneasy sign of fallcrest, smoke and things.
Arls rorona and co there.

Thoughts from meeting
scout fallcrest
talk to thunderspirce about their far realm stability
send team with pick to hammerfast for a month?

talk to guardmore abbey
purchace part of seam for inflated prices at winterhaven.
check the earthquake affect on the gods.

check outlying farms and places like that.
wild critters are all upset-hire people 22k gold atleast put aside.

beef up security with all our traveling merchants.

talk to moonstair as well.

intergovernmental nentir vale meeting somehow…maybe?

arls is debating if they can hire chant/rose to make whole.
explore food magical herb supply long term for providing materials?
have rorona and meruru talk to make a deal.

Historical reactment happens for the tournament
Q is in charge of it…

He starts telling a tale of goblins spreading. The goblins ran into the empire of the sun.
The empire did a ritual that would wipe out the enemy but at a cost of themselves.

The task of the players is to keep the onslaught at bay for however long we can.

The area we end up in is fammiliar to chant, its from the earliest generational memories of the tiefling lines.

We are standing in what will one day be the pass where hammerfast will be. There used to be a city where the scar is in modern times. The city in the blasted lands, floats up and vanishes.

Behind us is a bunch of stepped pyramids. With a massive ritual happening, the high priestess.

12/23/17 David's Notes
Heading to Blackreach

We catch up to the attacking force, and apparently they’re more like the cleanup crew. They’ve sent some devices ahead to do the bulk of the work. Unfortunately, they haven’t yet figured out how to turn the devices off, so we’ll need to destroy them ourselves.

The caverns we’re in are also somewhat divine, similar to the obsidian people. Verinal recognizes domains of transition and dawn/dusk.

When we get there, the armor people take care of the smaller devices (Dwarven Spiders and Spheres from Skyrim), and we destroy the 3 larger humanoid devices (one is a Dwarven Centurion from Skyrim, the other 2 are something I’m not familiar with). Gorun Nova gets the killing blow on the Centurion, and drains its power core, so we just get some Dwarven scrap metal. Shards of the obsidian people were being used in place of soul gems.

12/9/17 David's Notes
Mitchant OTP

It occurs to me that Hannah won’t have notes for this adventure since she’s running it. Alex hasn’t posted anything yet, and even if he did, I wouldn’t trust his notes to be complete. Since this is nearly 2 weeks later, it may be a bit inaccurate.

We go to investigate a building which we are told doesn’t have proper permits, and 2 un-named NPCs have disappeared while investigating. The building itself looks unremarkable, but as we look in the windows, we see a smile (I vaguely remember it sounding sort of like the Cheshire cat), and we get teleported somewhere.

We end up stepping out of full-sized paintings in a room somewhere. Verinal‘s painting is a cross between him, Kerowyn, and some others, and is labelled “Wielder”. Oriana’s is a cross between her and Sumash, and is labelled “Champion”. Henrietta’s painting also includes Susan and some other, and is titled “Elementalist”. Chant‘s has him mixed with Mitch and the senechal, and is titled “Managerium”. There’s also a book in the room that seems like a history of Shadyvale, but inaccurate in the way that something written long after the fact would be.

There are a couple of creatures that appear to be made out of something like obsidian. They communicate via sub-sonic vibrations, but Oriana is able to translate. They think we are the “great ones”, hopefully un-related to the “Great One”, and want us to help them save their people. 3 others shortly enter, looking sort of like beings of energy wearing armor (to me they sound vaguely similar in appearance to the Exalted from GW2). They also think we might be the “great ones”. A fight breaks out, leaving only one of each of the factions alive.

From what we are able to gather, the two races have been in a perpetual state of mild antagonism/war for an indeterminate amount of time. Until recently, losses on both sides have not been too severe. However, the armor people recently started using some sort of weapon which is able to destroy the obsidian creatures en masse, which is why the obsidian people wanted to summon us to help. The armor people had previously believed the obsidian people to simply be monsters, but with the subtitle glasses we are able to prove that they are sentient. They are trying to re-build/power some devices, which will take them home? One of these devices is possessed by the obsidian people, and they can be powered by shards of the obsidian people. We decide to go with both of them to intercept the force of armor people which is about to launch a major attack on the obsidian people, hoping that we can sort this out before we go home. Oh, and we’re not sure how to get home yet. I assume the portraits are the key, but the magic PCs (i.e. everyone but Verinal) were unable to figure it out yet.

Other things we’ve observed, and educated guesses about that (I forget which parts are known vs. assumed): First of all, this is not our normal. universe. It’s more “distant” than planes like the feywild, but not too far removed past that. The obsidian people are divine in nature, a little like angels, but they have only the vaguest hints of a domain in them. Presumably, if they were ever associated with a particular god or domain, that was a very long time ago. We believe them to be native to the universe we are currently in. The armor people are not native to this universe. The life energy of the one that survived seems somewhat less than I’d expect, and the dead ones seem to have more life energy than I’d expect (if I’m remembering this bit correctly). We currently believe that their ancestors might be originally from our universe.

Oh, one more thing since Aaron wan’t there for this: Oriana wants to see if she can have her windows interface take some sort of record of the paintings, so that she can re-create them later when we get back home. Most importantly is obviously the one of Chant combined with Mitch.


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