Perception party(tear, jared, rorona, undavid)

see dark vein covered grey towers sticking out, a carved structure very large about a quarter mile high.
the complex is taking up a good chunk of the hex
somewhat circular in shape, six spires leaning outward.
there is a mist radiating out of the hex

there is a sharp crumbly edge to the terrain which appears to drops down about 35 feet from surrounding terrain to the top of the snow.
the chunk taken out is a circular sphere and the ground heights were different.

There is wind blowing across the spires and causing a mist. The spires are much colder than the area, probably arctic temperature.

There is some sort of strange weathering to the stone which has been in a sheltered environment. The stone is thousands of years old if not older. In a cold, and non windy environment.

in the center there is a keep like building, there is a wall running away from the keep, arrangement sort of like great wall.

The tops of the spires are suspiciously unenchanted. But the rest has structural reinforcement spells. The tops look drastically newer but this newness is in the middle of one of the blocks which is really odd. Something else likely going on here.

The spires surrounding the keep are precisely located and aligned, with the sharp tips pointing in.

The wall is 60 feet wide, 15 foot tall parapets, sized seems like its built for huge creatures or large. Not likely medium.

The snow is very loose, its very deep. Drop a big stone with 200 feet of rope, its deeper than that.

Notice a vein pattern move in the stone where the wall meets the keep. Done using arcane magic, structured and seems to be intelligent. This is a door, sized for huge fingers, find another door at the top of the keep.

Looking at the stones the veins seems to be set in what may be an artistic pattern, do not seem to be runes or script. Should test with reading spectacles.

pattern of the area is foreign to chant but is not dungeon keeper level weird, it is not local in a geographic sense not planar sense.

2014-04-26 (Start here)

Sarah, blane, david, lilmiss, rorona, and Asuka go hunting for some sort of serpent thingy

dragons drank something rorna made out of the mandrakes that make them turn large sized, they are now teenagers not young adult.

And then david died.

little miss eats whats left of the serpent corpse gets grab on her attack powers increases damage, adds a penalty to her daily power and does extra damage to grabbed creatures.

Party comes back on 31oct start setting up to revive David
Mitch meanwhile messes with little kids giving them candy such as rocky mountain oyster, trinidad scorpoion candy, and novacaine candy.

Then david rolled a 1 on percentiles for monthly stuff and comes back from the grave as a revenant.

Also on 31st chant feels the pattern buckle and the hex where the old ent grove was is replaced by something from somewhere else. Will need to revive ent grove somewhere else. The spell shard in the mountain seemed to react to this as well.

A roll of one on the npc table is ressurection/other

1000xp for fight.

Loremaster Orin will by default help with the school. His current project is studying the information we have for making the herb farm. Gathering background information for Zak, Hagrid, herbalist, and Chant to build the enchantments.

Chant continues to study pattern while sitting under tree.

Resuming on Nov 1st with party going to look at what the ent grove hex turned into.


Distribute NPC gear items from Fizzban. Aaron has list of who got what.

Give dream rings to Nina and Verius. They have ideas for uses. One ring with party. 2 more in town.

Ask Zak to research Map of unseen lands to understand its magic. He mentions making a map of regent land, using sensors places around the area.

Chant starts pattern research on 10/28.
Puts armor back in the bag on the same day.

Have 3 diplomats: 37 year old dwarf, a naiad and a pixie that Henrietta is training.

Talk with senechal, Verius, Hentrietta and Nina about getting more info about military buildup and the gnoll issue.

Myconids gave us:
723g of rare metals
L5 Companion belt(item for companions, only user could be Hagrid but thinking just sell it)
Heroic Elven Chain Shirt
1 Syllable of Strength
2 Syllable of Grace
Skeleton Key

Total cost 1723+9700g Aaron needs to give list of what they want.

Arcane wonders book and plans from orchard can be used to build the herb farm. With help from Hagrid and Zak to build the enchantment. No ritual R&D is needed from Hannah for this.

Balrogs and Batteries

The group makes its way through an old tower and slowly make their way up to another plane. They find a giant room, its a part of lattice of heaven which has been rebuilt
This room could be used to add and subtract concepts from a being basically create something beyond health, remove concept of death. However the guy who made it messed up his own attempt and got trapped. Time acts…oddly in here. It’s a moment, basically. Additionally, the gods cannot really see into this place. The religious types ended up using Elora Dannon’s book, that was with Sumash, as sort of a ‘battery pack’.

After defeating the balrog and performing the ritual, receive:
8000g worth of elemental essence(2 fire shadow shards, grade A)
can be converted to mana, useful to Rorona

The fire poison is taken out of the hammer, water bleeding cuts in half
can now do actual repair to the hammer, will not bleed after second ritual
then after repair can do location ritual, and need the other items to do final rituals

Found a gem in the center of the room. The gem seems to flicker every 6 seconds, because it’s attacking Chant. It stops when he leaves the room. (H’s question- wait, what the heck was that?)

one use of comrade’s succor

Took the gem from the room because it’s what the elementalist wanted. In doing so, we destroyed the lattice artificial thingy.
gem is like a dragon shard augment

Dismantling traps on the way out, we get:
2 colossal vorpal blades(the metal is special can be used for crafting)
1000 residuum
trap designs for town(exploding, blasting, force,blade traps)

little miss wants a we go back to town to rest and then head off to that.

Oct 28th we go looking for something tasty for little miss.

a new building added onto the town hall. Foreign affairs ministry, Henrietta, Verius, and Nina.
Word from the outside:
local events pretty calm except brewing trouble on the opposite side of Therund, a small city state is hiring a lot of mercs, officer core for crossbow men, and basic infantry. Spending a ton of money on it.
North east of of shady vale, past Hammerfast and the mountains. Gnoll numbers have gone up a lot, raids by them increasing a lot.
Moonstair trade is down in general. South of moonstair there has been an upswing of unrest.

Verius says we should get out on more global scale. we have enough presence to talk to people.

any reply for lizard folk? been I think 2 weeks.

have foreign ministry start subtly poking nose into things?

2 myconid months
rest of fizzbag

2014-03-22 Alex Notes
Warden of the Cherry Tree, Fizzban Visits

Leveled Items from the white and blue dragons are a Portable Gallery, and an Immovable Shaft.

dragons/bank relocated to the gallery.

Oct 6th

6(800g) psychic pots

2 firebeetle(75g)

5(50g) cryptspawn

david back on survey

we have 4 acolytes trained by Sumash. Sumash also runs into a gnome druid walking around with a strange hat.

Someone is making mushroom hats. These hats are level 6 items that give telepathy 5, resist necrotic poison, +2 to saves.

Warforged recruits Chant to help her test ideas on how to make rituals to draw the fire elemental piece out of the hammer. Ended up making it work VERY well, but it meant she pulled out some of Chant’s heat. So now, next time chant, first time hit by fire, can absorb fire up to his fire resistance as HP. (first hit absorb fire upto resist as HP)

Warforged from this test creates motes of fire from the bondfire and chant life force.

To shorten the ritual’s timing significantly, Chant goes and searches out the Balrog’s true name so they can use it in the ritual. His pattern thingy goes up to 21.

3 motes of fire which will be used in the focus. 800g

1000 religion components for the casting.

on 15th finish the ritual.

keep an eye on dept of Mitch…which does not seem to do anything… (It does ALL the things)

apprentice checks over stuff and is quite impressed.

government could use improvement

really likes the altier

school above average.

fizzban visits to see the cherry tree, is very grateful.

Fizzban will grant us a favor. :O

Gives us the town of the shade under the tree. Officially gives us sovereignty of this land.

get full effect or rests no matter what.

Try to explain the effect of the ring, but getting static interference. Hannah somehow transfers the concept of the ring to him.

fizzban gives us a book. Divine book of some sort. Firestar, Ao, Ravenos.

Fizzban gives us a ton of stuff for the armor of mourning.

Starforge invented by fizzban, do not try to improve.

The dungeon keeper items can bypass the magic effects of our universes items.

Starbag, semi stable dimensional portal to some sort of realm. A pocket universe of sort. Blue mithril is in fact crystallized piece of the Lattice of Heaven.

Wall, really nice. Partially alive.

All three above use the same universe concepts, existence beyond comprehension. Which makes them hard to affect. Bag is an anti space effect, mass is not there. The star forge is using the same to say there is no loss.

Apprentice will research the spell shard, took one spellshard sample.

He looks at Henrietta, get her quantum signature, he will look into finding out where she is from. Her being here is really strange. Area around here is much more friendly to other universes.

Get a big twirly rod and with a button. Emergency contact thingy. Do not change the settings. Do not push the big red button, or you teleport to another dimention.

Ask him to pass the word about leviathan and the other tomb in the desiccation zones.

Do not use the pick on high level elemental, do not attack divine items with it. Do not use on relics!

Gives David a new jaffa staff.

9000g to make a teleportation circle for the town.

Maybe have this: Fortress of Blood, Dead in Thay, Undermountain floor 17.

Possibly pears?

David finds series of small oak trees, with truffles growing near them. Add 45g a month to one hex, can be cultivated in an herb farm.

Wander around underdark for a while. Find a wizards tower carved out of a stalagmine and stalagtite. Go through the traps, get to room with Balrog. The room is heavily warded and each room is a little bit away from the material plane. Final rooms are not really on the plane.

Fight the Balrog on the Oct 19th.

get a levy of 30 people

call levy-5d10 temporary 5% loss

also pay untrained for two weeks 29 4g each

town reward bag: 2500xp, 4000g, 400res, 40 metal, 40 stone, 40 wood, food for 800, 10 farmers, 10 lumber, 10 stone cutter, 2 alchemic pick axe, 2 alchemic shovel, 2 alchemic axe, popularity +10,
grant of education-when literacyt 100, 4000g grant for education contruction. Increases highshool education by 10%

militia+1 spears
archers +1 additional shortbows
infantry chainmail armor +1
longsword +1

4 astral diamonds
8 potions of vitality
4 paragon potions of regen
analyze portal
linked portal
Create Teleportation Circle
reverse portal
5000 res
5000 arcane reagents
5000 healing salve
5000 ritual incense
5000 nature reagent

npc equip +2 3 sets (armor, neck, weapon) cloth, light, heavy
book of wonder-list of enchantments for city size wondrous effects. Building scale spell construction. Has XP cost.
engineering plans-wizards workshop, bonus to RnD or spells rituals and magical items. Reduces costs and increases skill checks.
lookout tower-people in it do not get tired and get +5 to passive
draws up a plan for an obelisk, calls the obelisk of the seven league roads, speeds up travel time lowers fatigue. Proportional to road level. Spend residuum to enchant roads. Reduces crime on the roads.


Arls hunting party did not find the merchant.
Met a displacer beast and a flesh eating evil unicorn other odds and ends.

Grove restoration
Hagrid is done with his work.
Hannah still needs to make ritual
Rorona still needs to work on her part

Mitch helps with construction of base camps and assiasin thingy
3000g and 700res

23(-15)stone and 19wood via rituals and the base camp is done

Assassin training facility.
250cu put into this, mitch is done with his part.
90W, 20S, 8M, 1150CU
Can focus on a type of ninja
Saboteur ninjas, assasins, spy type super sneaky, general ninja.

Resource survey
Add foresters and jared to survey, david when he has time.
Ask farther places, keep searching for people

Trade Caravans
Arls(Grade 2,150+2d100(favored+75%)): 220g,417g
Moonstair(Grade 3, 75*3+3d100): 87g, 414g

Mahogany(+20% boost additive to the trade route)

Herb farm
Must do 200cu in October

672 arc component from moonstair.

Rorona is meant for making high level items and zak can mass produce lots of lower level stuff.

Chant Tree Stuff
Done completely on the 2ND of Oct

Item prep for the blue dragon
Hagrid and rorona made stuff:
2 A magic sword single target high damage
2 A witches brew
4 A healing salves
B Migration syrup
1 piece of equipment(stone tablet for David) (+1 def to elemental, resist 5 to elemental, -2to others and vuln5, stacks)

Red crystal of a dragon: dragon soul
Daily power: close blast 5 4d8 cold, and knocks prone, +6 damage bonus to favored enemy until end of encounter. While bloodied damage +10, -2 all defences against favored foe, vuln5 all.

Tell wizard school and archeologists to work on learning, 7 weeks of research. Enhancements to the school and stuff.

Frost witches: isolated group that’s isolationists, seem to do reasarch amoral. Deal with larger groups, that are powerful.
Tigerclaw barbarians: Claim to be direct descentants of a primal saberclaw. Brutal, and hold fast to old ways. Hunter of winter, made them his kin. They are razorclaw shifters. 1/3 if the tribe is shifters. They also ride saber tooth tigers, regular and primal. The rest are called the tamed, artisans, crafters etc. Political: refise any authority. Highly distrustful of outsiders, have expanded since the fall Nerath. Creatures outside are competitors for territory, willing to trade but not trust. The riven are exiles and left the tribe, tend to be evil. Took steps to make peace with bitterstrike, and winterbole treants. Enjoying a season of peace. They will be a concern in the future. Scargash is the current chief, he is being unusual in making peace. There may be factions that are unhappy with this.
Huge sabertooth: Chargning pounce, threatening reach, ongoing damage which can get worse, go for the kill power, savage demise which heals, bite does ongoing and it can drag you around. The barbarians uses scimitars, extra bloody damage, rage close burst attack with push and prone.

Bonaparte and kerowyn miliarty development
Want more light troops and skirmishers. Make most things mounted. Higher trained individual troops. More general purpose units.
Will build outrider first.
Need troop unit info from aaron

Visit the fey leader says nothing about my tree thing, waiting for something. Nothing new from him.

Lets not do the whole consultants thing it gets complicated.

There is a semi overarching guild of guilds. Not a union more a confederacy that loosely works together. There is an official overall thing. Get someone from one of the guilds to expand.

Send some people to kill that skeleton in the mandrake grove. Strong NPC party.

Look into Zak making items for recette to sell.

40 untrained
1 lumberman
2 artisans(lapidary gemcutter,painter)
1 carpenter
2 builder
3 lumbermen
3 stone cutters
7 gatherer(go around picking things) can help herbalist
3 traders

+202 pop

Loremaster Orin(+5 to skill check) arcane, history, dungeoneering, nature, religion.
Can train lorekeepers(people trained in a specific knowledge school)- teachers, librarians.
Improvement school and wizards academy, beurocratic positions.

+103 pop
3 farmers
1 lumberman

50/50 res

Hammerfast can train in October, but not after till march

move cabinet maker to making cabinets with cedar
start hammerfast, winterhaven and thunderspire trade routes.
Winterhaven/Hammerfast(Grade 2

general rep+40
mages rep+8
seven pillar hall rep = 20

map of unseen lands: there is a house labeled B.O.B. in the mercantile quarter.

10 lv14 potions of resistance

Fly towards where the dragon is carrying some sort of black stone, and a carriage.
Blue dragon has some sort of runes on it and is huge.
Rune scribed blue dragon-
Action recovery
Uncontained lightning aura-when bloodies everyone takes damage
Insinctive lightning a rampage attack
Lightning burst at will area 2 within 20
Breath close blast 20-1-3 creatures
Thunderclap-area 3 within 20
Wingbuffet reaction to melee, can shift

It is covered in draconic runes of power, common on dragons studying magic, runes tend to be used to improve its innate abilities
He has 3 sets of runes, but one is a preset for dracolich transformation. Ritual scarring for the lich transformation.

On the mountain there is a guy in purple robes and a bunch of people carrying in people on poles.

In the big bowl shaped room there is an altar with offerings and a symbol of the cult of the dragon.
The altar has stuff that can be used for spell components, warding on floor and walls to shield burroing creatures.

Statues in the corridor 5 pairs of dragons facing each others.

The pick is not damaging the statues. Seems to have some sort of warding against the picks. The golems have an anti magic field. These seem to a passibe field.

Get into the dragon chamber, there are a bunch of people in cages.

Hit the dragons phylactery with the pick and get 90,000g(2 astrals and 200 platinum) we utterly destroyed the dragon soul.

+20 rep with arls for rescuing meruru

We find 11 dragon eggs, they seemed to be part of experiment, the eggs are still viable eggs.
Equipment for 5 draconic equipment, and dragon claw gauntlets.

Small vase, pale and thin, art objects worth 7500g
Level 15 common

2000religion componenets


Take 1 viable egg and one unviable egg which we give to rorona.

1500residum from taking enchantment off the blue egg

Invest 20000g with zak for making stuff to level up.

There is a new tavern in the merchant quarter, there is some sort of arcane teleport effect. The inn is named BOB.

The skeleton monk thing got smushed, they brought back the grove for rorona to use.

6 remove afflictions for the npc party

we get back to town on 6th, rest up and get to balrog area on 10th of oct

senechal says fizzbans apprentice will be here in two weeks


alex pattern +3 now at 15?

find a tree that seems to be a brazzilian redwood, of ironwood class. A ridge of these fancy trees.

find a clearing of small plants near the old ent grove, living ginseng. Mobile form of mandrake. Notice on the far side a skeleton in robes, lying with hand stretched to the plant. The skeleton twitched. Its very old and weathered. Hucuva evil monk thing

find some sort of soft spicy scented wood, brings back a sample

do remove affliction on david

alex: get a little seed. Take damage equal to max surges. Range 5, wall 8. Enemies take Int+ half level damage adjacent to wall, enemies cant move through it, provides cover to adjacent allies. Can break wall. Wall of roses in cherry tree form. Has 23 hitpoints per square

the church can train henchmen level acolytes of alora, 4e templar cleric. Blane has to train personally, likely a month. 2 at atime.

dragon falls into a cavern and impales on a spike, the cave starts shifting and moving. Something gigantic rolls over in itsw sleep. The cave is exposed this is a problem.

rorona gets whatever she can, about a 4th of what we were hoping.

mitch closes the cave roof(<500), and then hannah does bloom

kill some lizards that lil miss eats, loot the hoard. most of the hostages happy except for the ice witch who goes to the hoard takes some sort of implement and wanders off. She seems to be a fake frost witch.


level 16 rare


adventures of lil miss
the puni area nothing was moving inside, near the bottom near the pointy bit the stone was not magic. Went inside and did see anything in there.
went to the other place was still a bit off, was feeling thirsty and ate some water.
ate her way around the other pyramid, felt a bit off. Another spot, noticed something inside, went to have a taste it was disgusting
did not get all the way to the top of the second pyramid. Got really hungry and ate her way out of the lake area.

lil miss is more streamlined, was sort of starved by this.

make lightning resist potions for the combatants, 6

after 28th tree is done growing would not mind something to eat once in a while. It sees things with minds.
Can sense 6 hexes out from the orchard. Can notice drastic chanes in short time spans. Sattelite trees cover smaller areas

other david comes back give him gloves. 1400g


David’s Scouting Report

The Cambion cult is supposed to be nearish to Hammerfast, slightly north, and on the other side of the mountains. In Hammerfast, there were 3 general sorts of rumors about them. 1) They’re just minding their own business, not doing anything worrisome. 2) They’re doing a ritual to empower their mistress/mother (Cambions worship the demoness that gave birth to them). 3) They’re trying to form some sort of planar gate, possibly to summon a demon army (or maybe not quite as large scale as that). The town a bit farther east, right by where the Cambions are supposed to be, is a bit more worried, and thinks options 2 and 3 are the more likely ones. The target location used to be a Dwarven fortress, built into one of the mountains. The Dwarves that lived there were especially greedy/scummy, very paranoid, and liked to pick fights more than they ought to. They were wiped out by attacking armies due to their behavior. The front door is very easy to get to, though a bit smaller than the average Dwarf fortress.

Rather than knock on the front door, I decided to see if I could find an air vent or something of that sort. I found one well hidden in a sort of nook in the mountain. There was a trap that will hit any medium sized creature with spikes. Climbing down into the vent is a tight fit for a tiny creature, and partway in is a grid of razors intended to deter any animals that found their way that far. The vent eventually leads into a square room, 40 feet on a side, and 30 feet tall. The room is perfectly clean. 3 of the walls contain nooks holding statues of dwarves, lying down, double-tiered and 4 per wall. By each nook is a name, in the style of X son of Y son of Z etc. All but 2 end in the same final name. 2 of the nooks have no statue and no name. The 4th wall contains a very fancy looking door, very well fit into the wall, flanked by 2 upright statues of dwarves dressed like honor guards. Across from the door is a small pedestal with nothing on it, about the right size for someone to lay down on. The door swings open very smoothly, and is about 1.5 feet thick.

The room on the other side of the door is much more dirty and grimy. On this side, the door is well hidden in the wall and has no apparent handle. I attempted to put use a piton to stop the door from closing all the way, but most of the piton was crushed, and the last bit was eventually forced out. The way it happened indicates that there was some sort of mechanism or magic more than just the weight of the door. This room is 12×60 squares, fairly plain, with the outer edges raised higher than the central area. Probably some sort of hall. There were signs of a struggle, but the bodies and all items of any value were thoroughly cleaned out. There are large pairs of doors on both the left and right sides of this room. I went to the right first. The doors have bas-relief of dwarves on either side. These doors are stuck, with something mucking up the mechanism. I came back later. This is also when the final piece of the piton was ejected from the first door.

Going to the door on the other side of the room, this one opens, but not smoothly or quietly. It’s about 6-8 inches thick. This room appears to be some sort of grand hall or entrance hall. It’s 40×100×35 squares. There are 2 tiers. I came in on the upper tier, in what looks like the back of the room. There are large corridors to the right and left on this tier. The corridor to the south appears to have been barricaded and then overrun. There are definite signs of combat in this room. The lower tier has 6 smaller corridors, 3 leaving from each side, a big statue of Moradin, and a large door at the front. The front door is in about the right location to be either the front entrance or just after the front entrance to the fortress. On the door are 1 foot tall fiery runes. They seem to be an alarm ward which would trigger if the front doors were opened. It’s very obvious from this side, but it’s designed to be very hard to detect from the other side of the door, and to dissipate as soon as it’s triggered so the people who trigger it would never know it was there. This is the first sign I’ve seen of any recent or current habitation.

I decided to go down the corridor from the upper tier with the overrun barricades. This leads to a series of hub rooms, and following the main (largest) corridors leads to the mines. I can give more details of the layout if needed. The tracks for the mine carts are the first metal I’ve seen in the entire place; the upper area has been picked clean. Rather than get lost in the mines, I went back up to first make sure the Cambions were definitely not in the upper area. I checked a couple of the hallways leading from the lower tier of the entrance hall. One led to a living area; another led to a possible trade area. Both areas had been cleaned of all valuables and all bodies. On a whim, I went back to check out the stuck door from the earlier room.

The mechanism is hidden inside the bas-relief of the dwarves, with the panel disguised as one of the boots. I was able to fix it up well enough to open the door a crack, but it can’t be moved quickly or quietly. This room appears to be the throne room. The throne itself is thrown off to the side, and again, all gems and other treasure has been looted. However, there is an odd glowing effect coming from little holes in the ceiling, and from imagery of stars and the moon in the decoration. It seems a bit similar to faerie fire, but not quite. It casts dim light throughout the room. There are a few doors around the room, including one behind where the throne used to be, which is where I went next. As I approached the door, off to the side I saw a sort of nest made out of stone and lined with animal hides. It had a very strange alkali sort of smell coming from it. I then heard a scraping sound behind me and entered combat.

On my first turn I maintained my stealth and tried to find the source of the noise, with no success. I soon found out it was invisible, as it pounced me and hit me with a double claw, and subsequently became visible. It’s a tiny-sized (though at the time Aaron accidentally read it as 6 feet rather than 6 inches…) brain with 4 blue legs ending in talons. It has no eyes or any other obvious sensory apparatus, implying that it probably has blindsight or something similar. It then missed me with an attack against my Will. I got away from it onto the wall, next to the ceiling. It knew exactly where I was right away, providing more evidence for blindsight. It tried to get at me, but failed to climb up. It missed again with the Will attack. I then ran all the way back out of the room (covering 35 squares in a single turn). It missed one last time against my Will, though this time only because I had cover from the door. I closed the door, hoping that it wouldn’t know how to use the handle, and quickly tried to find the mechanism to open the secret door. I managed to get it open just as the brain squeezed out through the barely open door, apparently changing size somewhat at will. I escaped through the air vent in the ceiling, and I returned to Shadyvale 4 days after I left.

Back in Shadyvale, Verinal was able to identify the brain creature, with assistance from Hannah, Rorona, and Tear. It’s an [[|Intellect Devourer]]. Level 14 elite or solo, speed 15, chaotic evil. It has both claw and psionic attacks, and can use 2 standards per turn as long as one is with claws and the other is psionic. It has power points, about 10 times as many as a PC of similar level. It has psionic sense to 60 feet (12 squares), which I assume works similarly to blindsight. It’s immune to poison, fire, and weapons with less than +3 enchantments. It takes only 1 HP of damage per die of lightning damage it receives, and only 1 HP per [W] from weapons it’s not immune to. However, it only has around 1/8-1/4 of the normal HP it would have. It can be affected by “protection from evil”, and is driven away by bright light. There was one in the computer game Neverwinter Nights. This creature triggers my additional fee for encountering something with tremorsense/blindsight/truesight/etc. However, since I don’t have even the slightest reason to suspect that anyone thought this might be a possibility, or that anyone should have thought of it, I won’t hold it against the town when considering future jobs.


Meeting with Skybolt
Kerowyn and her officers come over to visit.
Most mercs wear their money, things like rings and necklaces. These on the other hand are wearing good magical gear instead of necklaces. Seems like some is bought recently. The four commanding are only wearing functional stuff, nothing ceremonial.

Verius, Bonaparte, Henrietta, Tear, Senechal.

Kerowyn has training to work in royal circles. She was someone important.
Pixies are wary of kerowyn, treating her as nonhostile but dangerous.

Primary permanent contract contract with other side work, defensive contract with threats around town.
Separate contract for external threats. p
Housed on the edge of town,
have option of training our own troops with them

kerowyn gets seat on lower council
she runs the cavalry and siege stuff
bonaparte leads the infantry

she writes up a declaration of merger, this is a trousers of time event.

Kerowyn is a null point on magical sense, like an anti magic field. Something is negating magic around her.

White winds adepts with her.Grass roots magic people, who go around do stuff to learn magic. Oath to take out evil where they find it. The whole company is spec ops not light skirmishers.

will need a base camp hex and housing for their peoples.

population increase on sept 4 +23 +21 days for finishing buildings.

talk to white winds about mage school 534 total population increase 243 are military. Base camp covers 350 military units.
have a town pop increase of 364

3 cavalry troops
1 unit white winds adepts
siege weapons 4 light ballistae

2nd category
research grants
cavalry armor hide 2
cavalry weapons +2
shortbows +2
javeleneirs iitems
2 ( we can make troop unit)
battle field traps

the base camp can make new troop units with a research cost.
base camp construction costs: 15 stone, 25 wood, 2500CU need to clear a hex . Will need to do 750 CU of construction and need stone.
henrietta blows up the hex to clear it.

research wagon of holding?

zak changed blane’s pick to make shady vale coins

2218g of shady vale coins from digging around in the dungeon keeper area, its recovering nothing bad there.

lake science:
almost like a caldera
has a very fine thin sand. High mineral content. Could be good to make good but weird glass. Could be used for art objects.
Run into some critters living in the sand: some sort of antlions. Type of elemental but also undead creature..

there are dried out versions of creatures which is weird, also things that are almost inverses of what they should be.

the lake area is under the effect of desiccation spell. The water is being pulled down. The place is corrupted, as far as henrietta is concerned. Under the effect of something like too much salt in the diet. Mental intrusion of the far realm. Far realm elemental entity may be involved, she makes references to elder elemental eye. There is something in the area, but could not localize it.
The weather pattern in the area has been forcibly changed, decreasing the rainfall by a huge amount. Need to figure out the scope and size of the thing. Will need to send people out to look at things. Will send susan and hagrid with some flying mounts to map this thing. Should be done by mid october.
The desiccation effect that is taking water, doing it in a violent fashion, deliberately harmful. This has been here for hundreds of years, and has gotten bigger over time. There was something adding water element which as a side effect brought more water here but the desiccation has been getting stronger and has overcome it. Have not found the magical matrix itself its in the middle.
An elemental effect that has to do with fire, someone added it. Somehow this place is more attuned to fine magic and less to water. Environmental alteration religious based, effectively consecrated the ground for fire. Probably about 50 years ago.

Do not know how deep the sand. Need to do a flyby.

Cavern science, has a water and desiccation effect as well. The water effect here has a different effect. But the desiccation one is exactly like the one at the lake. The water in the cavern should be more magical, the desiccation is taking the magic out.

Dig down a mile and a half starting to get endurance checks, step into a field where water is being pulled out. Pick dragged against something that resisted getting destroyed. The wall is dedicated to something. A divine barrier of some sort. Pretending to be a primordial effect.
The place where blane is digging is surrounded by wall, but effect is only on one side. There is some sort of temple complex that is pretty big, and is on multiple floors. The temple is in an inverted pyramid shape.

The water element enhancing effect in puni cavern needs to be found to know what is going on.

Arls food resource start in Oct 14th(131)
240 per month after that

rituals we got
analyze portal
bolster object
mordekainen’s joining.
eavesdroppers foil
animal friendship

people come back from DK area survey on the 8th.
Blane and hannah go look for the source of water. Takes a while. Blane gets thirsty again after a while. Eventually hit an enchanted flat surface but is made of a different stone. Similar enchantment but a similar effect. A preservation on the stone. There is a faint blue glow coming from the crack. The area of the water source seems to be surrounded by the temple structures. The preservation thingy is religious with fingerprints of a ton of deities. Very very old.
There is a chamber that is full of reliefs of sea life, in the center is a long stone thing, that is big. A relief on top is carved a sea serpent. Hannah is able to “read” the supernal. Here lies Leviathan.
Hannah goes in, sees a relief about a battle between leviathan and the fire element. This is his resting place.
Hannah gets 3 aquamarine gems stuck in her hand.

Hannah, blane, and lil miss go visit center of the lake. See the same desiccation effect. A similar preservation tomb is found at the center of the lake. There were holes bored into the chamber using the divine/primordial magic.

The large scale weather spell on the lake took out water from the lake and did not really benefit anyone really. Will take some time to break, but not hard. Henrietta, hagrid, susan will deal with this over october.

will send foreman, and some untrained worker or possibly builders at the end of month to arls.

1-09-14 Notes (Interrim notes)
David scouts near winterbole forest, Alex talks to spirits

David’s scouting Report

On the way to the frost witches, I spotted a pair of big treants that seemed to be maybe border sentries or something like that. They were very well disguised as trees, and if you don’t or can’t see the face, they’re unnoticeable.

At the frost witches, there are groups of elemental swarms patrolling in a large circle, about 20 miles in diameter, around the witches’ main area. These elementals are no more than level 6, and patrol in groups of 4. I tried attacking a group to fulfil the optional part of the mission, but it turns out that they are accompanied by a very stealthy frost witch harpy (probably low paragon) that bloodied me on her first attack (though it was a crit). I abandoned that attempt, and after healing up I went into the area where the witches were.

Aside from the harpies, the other witches I saw were elves, with white hair and grey clothing. I got to a central camp area, and there was a large (6 feet) cauldron made of ice, emitting a lot of coldness and dry ice type fog. The fog is at least partially magical. First, the fog showed a face that matched the description of the other type of elemental I was told about but hadn’t seen. Then another witch stepped out of the fog. This one had a slightly grey skin tone, and the others seemed to keep clear of her. She did something which sent a stream of ice/snow towards where my attack happened, and after a short time got some sort of response, and then looked straight at me, which I took as my cue to leave. I went around the witches’ area, avoiding the patrol groups, and started to look for the white dragon.

I found the white dragon first at a frozen lake, doodling impatiently in the ice. I made the hard DC knowledge check, so more details on that later. He then became more regal looking as a group of barbarians came up bringing coffers of treasure, and they also gave him a youngish member of their tribe, seemingly as a hostage of some sort. He flew off, trying to take a sneaky path back to his lair, but I easily followed him to it. The entrance to the lair is in a mound of snow in a clearing, by the edge of a hill. Outside the lair were a pair of treants (heroic tier), and a pair of very hard to see lizards (failed the knowledge check, but more info on them later) guarding the entrance. Inside the entrance, is an icy tunnel leading to a cavern in the hill. It seems to have originally been a lake bed that was converted into the lair. In the main cavern there were 3 or 4 more of the lizards (not sure exactly how many), an ice witch, a barbarian, a satyr, and the dragon and his new hostage. The witch was younger than the others I had seen previously, while the barbarian was older (mid-late 20s). There are 5 other openings from the cavern, making a rough hexagon. The one opposite the entrance is larger than the others and guarded by the lizards; I would guess that this is where the hoard might be. I didn’t check any further because I didn’t want to risk bumping into one of the lizards since I pretty much can’t see them, and can only barely tell where they are. However, I don’t expect there to be any traps or other trouble for the party aside from the creatures. There’s nothing of note within a 1-mile radius of the lair aside from random treants and barbarians as you’d expect.

I then headed to the Cairngorm Peaks to look for the blue dragon. Once in the mountains, it took 4 days to track the dragon back to its lair. It seems much more cautious and competent than the white dragon. I finally found the lair at the top of a particular mountain in the center of the peaks. The area is much more rocky, sharp, and inhospitable than the rest of the peaks. Thought there should be a path, but couldn’t find it, so I climbed up the eastern face of the mountain to where I had seen the dragon go. The mountain face is very well trapped against people climbing up. The rocks are prepped to slide and fall, some of the better handholds are trapped with runes, and the lip at the very top is set to crumble. Once at the top, there is a 25 foot cavern entrance, with a 40 foot ledge extending around it in a 180 degree arc. The ground leading to the cavern has lots of runes arranged like a minefield, and set up so that they can be seen by people leaving but not by people entering. With reading spectacles, I was able to get key words from the runes of lightning, thunder, and detonation. I travelled into the cavern, and for the first 25-30 feet there’s something funny or odd about the stone, but I wasn’t able to tell what. Past that, the cavern leads to a large chamber, 40 foot radius, roughly spherical with a few artificially made columns (stalactite and stalagmite meeting), and 3 other notable features. On the left, there is a small alcove containing a bas relief, and altar, bloody remains, a stone blade/dagger, used candle stubs (some sort of dark material), and a stone bowl half full of some liquid (orange rusty color). I didn’t touch anything there. On the right of the cavern, there’s a large opening (15 feet) leading to a smaller room (20×20×10 feet) with nooks in the sides that look like sleeping areas for medium sized creatures and a ritual circle in the middle of the room. Finally in the back of the cavern, opposite the entrance, is a smaller opening (large sized). This tunnel makes a sharp left followed by a sharp right before leading to a 60 foot straight section leading to another chamber possibly. In the straight section there are alcoves, and a the first alcove I found some sort of trap with runes and small openings. I couldn’t skirt around it, and I wasn’t sure if teleporting would trigger it, so I didn’t continue onward. While inside the lair, I never saw the dragon, the eggs, or the hoard, so I assume they’re farther in past those traps. I recommend that the party fly into this first chamber to bypass the explosive runes on the ledge, and then deal with the traps from there. Be careful though, because this dragon seems very cautious and very competent.

After leaving the lair, I followed the path down to see where it starts, but it also has a couple of traps on it, so it’s not a good way to get up. I then came back to Shadyvale to report in. The trip took 15 days.

Additional notes on the white dragon: It’s a level 10 solo brute. It has speed 6, fly 6, ice walk, cold resistance, and darkvision. It has action recovery, instinctive rampage, and savage blood (while bloodied it crits on 17+). Its bite attack is reach 2, doing cold damage with half-damage on a miss. Its claw attack can target 1 or 2 creatures, and does sharp and pointy damage. Its breath weapon does cold damage and slows save ends, miss for half and slowed until end of next turn, and it has bloodied breath. It has a tail slap as a free action when a flanking enemy hit it, which pushes. It has bittered vengeance as a free action when an enemy within 5 hits it, no attack roll, does damage and pushes. It only has one eye (the left eye appears to have been skewered out). It’s living a pretty luxurious life, and seems to think it’s way more awesome than it actually is.

Additional notes on the strange lizards: Medium sized. 6 legs, though front pair can be used more like hands if needed. The dragon seems to have them as pets/guards. Low int, good wis. They have very good stealth, and are practically invisible. With a moderate perception check you can see what square they’re in, but they blend into the background like a chameleon.

Alex’s Notes

Spirit Meeting and misc.
New spirits of industry corresponding to where the artisans are.
Spirits of commerce, spirit of art school, resource spirit for things like lumber mill and quarry.
Commerce ones are pretty happy, but a bit miffed with the equipment rental thing, but see that is needed.
Happy with the bazaar and that Tier/Recette are both there to run.
Stone cutter spirit wants special resources, and need more stone
Mine is happy about improvement, but also wants special resources, also need more.
Young and transitory artsy spirit floating around the school.
Art school one is happy that its needed. Pottery weaver is a bit discontent about limitation of options.

Spirits are happy that things got solved with hags. Unhappy it came so close to disaster, but overall since no major harm its ok.

General rumors: a few point of contention. Martial spirits pop up, barracks etc. They are holding off mentioning things until after skybolt stuff. Unhappy about force presence at the moment, town is under defended. Want some special units like the warlock one.

Float idea of special order of reagents from Moonstair 5000 within 3 months by Tear, seems to think this will work.

Should bring corpse back for better results to rorona.

If we attack the ice elemental patrol need to disguise it and make it look like someone else.

Will give the myconids one promote+ will owe us 900g

Make lilmiss Scorpion Carapace Armor +1 -1050g


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