5/9/2015 (Hannah Notes)
Sing a hell song, throw a hail mary

This takes place in the first days of December, while the main party is away at the Dungeon Keeper.

Having defeated the weeping angel, evangelions, and XCOM bubbles as the town is dragged away from reality, the group now raced to finish the last bubble, featuring Hellsing Nazis and Freaks.

On their way, the group met Squirrel, a hero for hire, and a member of the Argent. She was off to fight undead in a place far to the north with only undead left for population. Though she did not stay, she placed a belt around Moe’s neck that went all bright, and granted her a ton of temporary hit points. She then rode away on a fiery chariot that the dragons totally want to learn how to reproduce.

Nearing the Hellsing area, they had created a circle of ‘runes’ on their side of the rift, and were in the process of using 7 of our townfolk to try and create a similar circle on our side, ‘stabilizing’ the area. The group had snipers and troops with guns, while ‘magic’ folk were working on the circles, with guys with clipboards supervising them. Later, a ‘Freak’ and more guys with heavy automatics came through.

Nina stealthily assassinated the snipers, while the rest of the group worked on the others. The mix of worlds meant that guns often ate through ‘armor penetration’ first, then hp. ‘Armor’ in our case meant temps.

A large brute of metal that came through unfortunately critically failed and dropped his bombs, nearly killing Asuka and Squirrel- some shenanigans by Squirrel kept them from exploding.

The group got a pile of loot from these guys (See Alex’s notes), and Plua was able to pull the back to its ‘normal’ place. Haven’t had a chance to check if there’s any lasting effects, other than tiny skyscrapers near the PCs homes, as both the PCs and the NPCs are ready for a giant nap.

Wimey Wobbles.

Town party meets argent crusade person. They are fighting some undead in the far north. Get some spells from her.
Also meet squirrel. Asuka is intrigued and descides to join him to learn to be a knight.

head to the last distortion area. except it does not seem to be there. See an area with a rift. there is a rune cicle inside with dead people in it. Also on this side some people making a circle on this side. Masked people in long coats.

Moe thinks the circles are basically set up to make a stable portal. We need to collapse this. About 20 people who are doing stuff. They have metal boxes with tubes. The local buildings have been raided and there are snipers hiding in some.

Squirel throws grnade through portal destroying the runes and closing the portal. Bodies and all their stuff remains.
-Squaddie 16 27% viable equipment
-Captain all equipment
-Sniper 5 57%
- 1 turrent
- Gunners all equipment

Gigantic floating Plua fixas the timey wibbles.

Actual party gets back and finds strange stone formations.

Sango will need raise dead.

Timey wibbles

Try arcane check on spinny crustal it morphs into a humanoid with weapon similar to jareds blaster rifle(sort of) dives for cover.

Fight starts more things show up, the area is slowly growing.

Kill the things but sango dies :( Will need to rez.
We also get half of a weird big thing that has stuff for research purposes.
Muton berserker corpse: power claws, ablative armor,
Floater Corpse: RL world, physics, transportation, cybernetics.

Back in town on a day

There are suddenly two suns it is both noon and evening.
Susan in town ees someone walking out of bob’s strangely, they run into each other

asuka is sitting outside of recette place eating and stuff. recette drinks a cup, it seems like shes looping in time.

Chant feels like a chunk of the town is being ripped from our reality. We seem to be preventing it but causing glitches. This seems to be as big a shift as the Keep.

There seem to be 3 types of distortion, short ones where people are aware, short ones where people are not, and long ones.

The government area is more affected, residental is not really under effect.

Moe and Nina see a guy in a spiky hat. They shoot at dragon, it does not end well.

Meanwhile sango, asuka and susan go fight a weird demon things. Which is an evangelion. We kill it which makes the bubble of distortion go away.

We need an emergency meetup spot.

Ellora goes god stuff on that other world with friendship love and serenity.

Talk to Plua she says reality is being swapped. Things are holding together but being contaminated from other realities because of the warping.

We go to center of town and Nina stabs a bleeding statue really hard. It does not like it. Also it dies.

Find a large floating crystal that is throwing off sparks and spin. That looks to be the center.

So that worked out...

(Henrietta and the warforged are handmaidens of Shiva now.)

The underwater residents begin sacrificing, summoning something large and terrible with a song that can entice, which Verinal has to struggle to fight off some as the group decides to run away, heading into DK territory.

Shiva, who has been hiding in the bag, finally comes charging out based on something the warforged said (she is still not sure what) all pumped up and in a panicked flurry as she smacks things and tends to destroy them very quickly.

As the group continues into the DK territory, we notice that Shiva’s armor is getting corroded as the DK eats at her energy. Time to leave.
Do a fighting retreat.

Manage to get a message through to town, and town sends coffee with extra stuff in it to help perk Henrietta up. It gives her extra casting actions.

Shiva kills Chant because Alex was not paying attention. Warforged brings Chant back to life before he’s dead too long. Chant has visions while dead, and when he awakens his horns are more…horn like and Chant may be ‘purer’. Believe Chant’s world-seeing powers go up.

Henrietta finishes charging her lasers and sets off a gigantic storm down the hallway where the enemies are coming from, freezing the entire thing. The group takes the opportunity to get the hell out of the place, leaving the summoned evil thing and dungeon keeper to fight each other. DK is destroyed. The summoned thing stomps around for a while killing the various factions.

As we leave the terrain changes as the primordial temple and all of it shifts somewhere else.
this terrain is from the southern area of the sword coast.

The remaining members of the sea nation that brought us here are moving to a set of islands faraway to the south of here. However, we may be able to set up trade that is fortified. It has its own teleport circle.

When the group returns to the Temple of Melora, they thank us and say Melora wanted us to have a reliquary, contains 36k of gems and The Bowl of the Winds(from wheel of time)


Where we accidentally resurrect a god

Hannah resets the duel bubble and declares the other party that died as enemy. Their souls get destroyed. Lobster teleports somewhere

The primordial people leader goes apeshit mad to the point of a stroke. He is wearing regalia of evil. These are EEEVIL and forged by gods.

We also get the sea serpent heart that has magic on it that lil miss really wants. We need to study it before feeding to little miss.

Need to see if we can destroy these things. Consult bahamut.

Use the leader to open secret library. Also rope to drag him around. Store the 3 items separately. Carry him on a rope.
Manage to sneak into the library and open the secret section.
find 4 crystal pillars of uneven crystalline growth sitting on small pedestals. On the back wall there cubby holes with shiny black tablets with writing on them.
The 4 crystals are highly magical history books about the area nearby.
The sheets of obsidian are sets of call commands in primordial, old style punch cards for a magical machine to retrieve information
There are some blank ones that are used for download.

henrietta and shiva are really happy in the room.

so…we kinda resurrected shiva…
she sticks nametags on us
264 -8 magical obsidian disks. 24 are blank.

Hannah and shiva have an argument in the big room all the lizard people notice and freak out. Start summoning something BIG. Whatever it is scares shiva
when it gets here.
We reach a room that is raised and has small volcano like things with little round things. There is a tunnel east and south. We go south. Find a room with
some fammiliar creatures with armor and clubs.

More poking things

Note: we have a pouch of shared aquisition(cat bag version)

Figure out the labeling system on the library. Looking around giiving Chant a headace.
Find a hidden section. in very tiny front.

We sort of fake a primordial template on henrietta but turns out her hand is too small, some of the lizard people we killed have the right hands.

The helm of reading/specs of language let you read from miles away but you have a double translation effect.

We go to tunnel 1, keep going up and notice an intermittent flow. Artistry on the wall gets simpler. Find a giant 45 feet across iris, that opens and closes, flow matches it. Then a chamber and another iris. its made of some sort of non organic rigid hard material. Find a control system for the water pump.

Get ideas for how to enchant buildings. +4 to knowledge

Find a giant kelp farm. Think minecraft underground farm with day/night cycle and water filtration

Go inito the tunnel that is forked(3) one of the tunnel says not trap. It goes underneath the big bronze colored thing. There is some exploratory tunnels and an open section that was found. With s big chamber a cardiovascular box, and a 3 sort of flattened tear drop items sitting on tripods.

Hannah finds a circle thingy in the wall exploring the tunnel. it tries to shoot her we all run away.

Descide to go down the trap tunnel. There is a scorch outline of a person scorched into the wall. Find a skeleton melted into the wall, then an explosion. Find a bunch of broken brass structures, similar to the one that tried to lazor her. Far corner of the room there there is a metal statue. An obsidian statue of something like an alien, and very long sindly legs. Looks like some sort of research lab.

There was definitely a fight in the lab. There is a bronze and clear crystal egg shaped thing. That has the top part open. Throw a rock at the statue it tries to kill us and we run away

Go to the lobster trap, getting back out is lethal. We get into a large chamber that has rows of seats all around. Some sort of arena area. There are 3 lizard folk fighting a giant crab.
In the special section there is an aquatic lizard, two people in red robes with bronze philegree, and a lobster humanoid carries a green tube like device.

We scare the spectators by hannah talking true supernal. Crab is trying to kill us. Also the dungeon keeper seems to be fighting the claim of the supernal of this area.

11-15-14 (Hannah Notes)
Under da seaaaaa, under da seaaaaaa!

The sea serpents and minions we face have this symbol that has three arrows with a circle
We continue on downward and when it opens up into a large cavern, within it there is giant metallic thing.
The metal thing is a dome/hill like thing of a bronze-copper color, like mixed bronze and orium.

Type of worship: The various parishes with a lead priest of each parish- each notch around the circle is a ‘parish’, this is a gathering spot of parishes from wherever people are coming from. 270 of the circle have this.

Identify that the current being worshiped is not the original one being worshiped. This was probably originally a place of worship for a water primordial=- there’s a only a few beings it could be. The mapping makes no sense, but with cataclysms it could have been rearranged.

Currently being worshiped by a DK deity, relating to threads somehow, given the imagery.

Stonework/ stone bits indicate runes or something got plopped down and made fractures.

We go left! Going along hugging the edge, we find an impact spot about the size of a ‘stranger danger white van’ The impact spot has bits of the same kind of metal.

’It’s a stranger danger white van with a ramming prow and penetration 4’
“…and candy”


Take 10 damage, but resist cold (half) for the next hour. From Shiva saying the name of the primordial (not the true name)- have better understanding of the concept of ‘water’

This temple cannot be destroyed as long as water exists on this world.

We find a door that is a magic door that has wards of isolation and defense. Mitch rings the doorbell. Notice there were a large number of thunder wards associated with it?

Lots of magical things of interest in the room and a large bronze, tear-shaped thing in midst of the room, the size of a stranger danger white van. There are several things ripped out of it.

cardiovascular system (giant)
aquamarine guns (2 rifles, 2 pistols)
aquamarine eggs with three red rings around them- grenades? (5 of these)
11 smaller objects that are egg-timer sized.
3 flash drive sized items.

Two bronze books with glass displays

chairs, console, finned tube

going back out, we go another way and find an arena that’s been repurposed for three dimensional use. There is a guy in the center with four arms, several guys like the ones from earlier training, and then two alien guys, with stitches and metal in their heads. Let’s fight.

1- went upward- not covered
2- long corridor, dead end
3- fork – not covered
4-shallow dead end
5- honeycombs of sketch-frozen
6- where came in
7- lobster trap
8- long dead end
9- barracks-frozen
10- fishery
12- mine

5200 xp divided by 8

11/8/14 (Hannah Notes)

Gardmore loot:
Gloves- Magical gloves of 11 and below of common an uncommon
Feet- Level 6 rare or below
+1700 gold

We choose Platemail of Etherealness (+4) for Oriana

At Candlekeep, find a book. Brown, hard cover, has a wood consistancy. Has smooth leather feel to it. Has preservation magic on it (EACH PAGE). Never seen enchantments like this. Pictographs.
4. This belongs to another building. Is from another building. (UNIVERSE KIND) and so it’s not valuable to Candlekeep because it can’t be read. Reading spectacles probably won’t work. Start flipping through. Come across an illustration- righting on the left, on the right it has a Van Gogh like picture, like a painting of stained glass/ stained glass of some kind.
chimerical creature, below it the lands are all ablaze, the land is being riven, the sky is raining ash and fire. The style is that sort of ‘flat’ form, think before perspective
on the next page is a different chimerical creature (the page had runes that activated). Going along the border of this picture is another set of rune like instructions that have a separate enchantment on them. Below the picture in ‘fine print’ has has a third enchantment tied into the other two.
The psychic nature was really strong but sort of a non-lethal slap. Felt like a ‘practice’ or ‘training’ slap.
Sort of like a phane in the next section, and the top is bovine. Has a single curved horn.
There are fractal designs on the edge of the page.
get slapped harder, if it had been full, would have lost surges, small amount of necrotic damage if this has been full.
brass or gold name plate on the back.

Take to the librarian-
relief- YIn-yang style symbol, look down from above and they have wings. Inside circle has a dual symbol. (Fill in these details of the picture later)

As the forrester traveled, ran into ALL THE MONSTERS:
2700 arcane reagents
Pegasus gained ‘scars of the veteran’, Fort goes up 1, HP down 10.
1 Psicrystal collected off a mooncalf
1 black meeple

We are going to do a thing with a walnut ent grove?

Examining the items from the corrupted area:

Talking with King Frederick at the temple of Melora in the corrupted lands:

Small webbed hands and feet grey humanoid-like creatures. They have also run into lobster-centaurs. They have heard references to some crab-lobster in the depths.

11-8-14 Notes (Alex)
Dungeon Keeper shenanigans

Nov 27th

Rewards For Bahamut Quest
Lv11 Uncommon Gloves
Lv 6 Rare
+4 Platemail of Etherianles. for Sarah.

Meanwhile Hannah and Blane are reading books.

Blane finds a fuzzy molds. But it does not bother him cause he’s normal.

Hannah finds a weird book that is highly enchanted with preservation, its in a weird language, there is a three, four this is from another “building”

Hannah looks over the book gets attacked by it with subdual damage. Has some pictures of weird chimera creatures.

Candlekeep research, week one goes well. Week two not so well, week three blane alone is good and he is finished on Dec 10th.

Blue dragon hatches on the 3rd.

On the 5th the guy who has the dungeon keeper issue arrives. He traveled two weeks.

Forrester finds a walnut grove on the 7th of december.

Collected 2700 arcane reagents of animal components. Pegasus gets scars of the veteran increasing fort defense, and hp goes down 10. One psi crystal from a mooncalf. One special townfolk person for town.

Hagrid will be able to use cuttings of the walnut trees to create a hex of walnut trees. This will take a few months, will create a level 5 walnut area where we will be able to plant the seed.

Take a few days to prep for dungeon keeper. Science the remains he brought.

The samples are some sort of deep sea crab like creatures. But there is some sort of shelled creature like a snail.
Subjected to increasing doses of transmutation and alteration magic. Looks like dungeon keeper but a little different, looks like he was experimenting. LIkely someone native who is experimenting with what they can do.
These seem to be mostly nature in origin. Not sure on what the end goals of this are.

Two linked portals for blane and hannah to come back to town.

From Dec 5th to Dec 10th do research on the dungeon keeper.

Things are getting corrupted in the water, accelerated rot, strange growths.

All healing salves down to 7 hp

Linked portal to the area ritual was messed with but we got in ok. Get to an open sky temple. Have a view of a very corrupted muddy waterscape. There 6 priestesses of Melora, armed. Off to one side is someone maintaining a ritual. Also a injured older guy in a heavy runed robe and a bunch of men at arms. Next to the dude is an older woman with a symbol of Melora. With a fuzzy creature next to her.

Talk to king frederic the 4th. Situation is bad, corruption is spreading and spreading faster in the mountains. Not touching the temple. Focused up the Fjord. Incidental creatures fights. Fought some small grey humanoids with webbed feet. Also some sort of lobster men but not the usual ones. reference of a strange lobster creature in the deeps.

Creatures are getting bigger and either more humanoid or more bestial. Giant cephalopods have been seen. They think they have seen another species of humanoid.

Get blessing of melora. Swim speed equal to speed, breathe under water, melee weapons are unaffected, ranged weapons are penalties.

Henrietta does massive rain ritual that washes the land around here. Have a half mile in diameter area that we need to check.
Hentietta creates a water golem.

Meet sally on the seashore, get some shells that have runic script on it that have reinforcement. The thing we meet may have been an imp several generations ago, its sort of a living creature, that’s been cloned several times.

Some of the runes on the shell are directing the shell to go to a particular direction. . The shell is targeting some sort of moving target.

killed a corrupted kraken thing
manage to get into the tunnel it is filled with lighted, murky water. Its slightly magically imbued the water claiming territory. Highly magical area, lots of mana.

Find a statue of an ugly fish man. They are sea orcs.

Find a weird room where coral is apparently being grown. In specific shapes, crescents, moon shapes, slender rods. Looks like weapons.

Get enchantment design growth of the armory. To shape living growing materials into weapons.

And then get attacked.


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