6-28-15 Hannah Notes
Everybody must get stoned!

We are literally the worst at this.

Feywild bubble things
and mellow dragons

There is probably a bracer piece here somewhere. Figure out that the other pieces are probably in similar bubbles of other reality. The pings we get on the material plane are not the actual locations.
Talk to the feathery air dragon thing. Hes very mellow.
Apparently there is some sort of alechemical pacification effect all over the area.

David looks at book of the mellow cyclops, sees a crest that he remembers seeing somewhere. Was either somewhere in that underground tower, of something from fizzban, or the weird book we found at candle keep. The book is made of metallic alloy, not leather.

try to walk by the cyclops he flips a sconce that turns on some sort of petrification effect. Moe gets petrified.
Then we fight him, he has a magenkyo sharingan.

we seem to kill him but then reality shifts he has lost his eye and is really pissed at us.

and then tournament things, chant get press ganged by mitch, he plans to knock him out.

shiva team will fight asmodeus
squirrel team fights thrazidun crew.

despite chants best efforts mitch almost wins.

staff meeting things

Brewmaster – orchard and old civilian stuff
Senechal – Leading thing
Recettear – Merchant stuff
Henrietta – Healing and Diplomacy
Blane – Religion
Bonaparte/Kerowyn – Military
Susan – Magic Quarter
Hagrid? – Druidic Circle not happened yet.
Mitch(siiiiiigh) – Intrigue.

above is the council of elders.

running and coordenating things.

excavation fully started, guarding set up.
useful finding for magic school are pending.
have to look at everything first

The adventurers board is working pretty decently
would be better to have a guild but innkeep is managing
he tests people and gives them “shadyvale adventuring licence”
adventurers are basically self regulating and not official.
his other job is limiting what can be done.
need someone qualified to manage an adventurers guild.

reports something interesting about larger than usual production
does not get near vampire tree.

has experimented with the dream ring finds it useful and terrifying.
started on the first ninja class for public.
adds a potential of npcs.

herb farm
training teachers
ritual creation-as a side thing
the project to revive the treant(location(need a magic place that has the right terrainm weather and right macro/micro energy patterns)), placement(ritual , historic and druidic significance. research on effects), ritual(make a ritual that applies all of the above, what kind of magic needs to be applied))
expanding the orchard working with brewmaster
indexing database for creation(book of wonder)
information needed for next tier of mage academy(tier/ability upgrade) tying back to the things that archeologists are doing
building and troop enhancements using the book of wonder.

Herb farm research
Researching weather pattern related to the dessication.
Restoring the forest ritual
Planting the ent seed process
He can eventually train druid neophytes but will need a druidic grove.

Pixies Slayer(Lv7)-currently town resident can be hired things.
Archeological Trap Expert(Lv8) – Hanging around for now.
Tomb Raider(L6) – Helping the archeologists with the old city.
WeaponMaster(L5) – Hanging out being generic.
Fey Leader – has been talkin to the druidic peoples but nothing too major yet. Peple of druidic persuasion meetups. Chant apparenlty has driven him to drinking due to the genius loci thing. Apparently the magic upwelling is making the fey stronger and he’s having trouble riding herd on them. Really need to find something for the fey are bored and need something to do. After they come back from the timeywibbles there are gonna be more of them guaranteed.

He is unsure about what is going on out east(gnoll rumors)
Have not heard anything from scouting parties, its unsettling.

east – gnoll info gathering party should contact us by mid january for secure message.
the south scouts have not found much those that have returned, but a few groups not back yet.
kingdom end january we should hear back about that.

Things are going reasonably smoothly, nothing dire.
She would like a garrison and either crafter hall or foundry.

Basically just helping keroyn at this point.
have basic requirements for town guarding but need more for better bonuses.

Been adventuring
Went to arls

Totori is progressing well on being an alchemist
Needs more experience but needs a bigges altier.
She has an alchemic ingot
Needs GOOD stone for alchemic stone.
tear will ask the myconids if they know of any
plan b is buying from hammerfast
plan c is going back to the geodes.
-should have something by end of month but will try to get as much of highest quality they can.
The dragon nursery can be mage into forge after we get a level2 altier.
the various adventurers that show up around her are either with meruru or are her friends from arls/arland
shes been teaching meruru and getting paid in ingredients
Forest restoration, and consulting for the ent seed.
Totori mostly been the one making stuff for the adventurers mart.

reading a book about dragons. got the book from some guy who smelled like orium.
been adventuring with us.
does not have any projects shes interested in.

meet lilmiss who is now large size.
she and lilmiss have been attacking the giants.
she has a weird leafy ball thing.
does not look that pleasant.
apparently weed ….

The tablet was found in the ruins and shinji has been studying it
has spent time doing work and design.
trying to do a different approach using the same principles.
hes doing this the long super hard way.
he thinks he has the basic blocks of this.
but we have a noncaster casting.
hes been doing this for a few weeks, speding a lot of gold on it.
has various weird effects like making the inside smaller
chaning colors
makes the outside of sheath sharp.

been helpful as aerial crane being miscelannous help
they are around and seen in town more and interacting with people.

shinji hands vancian tablet to hannah who then gives rukia the tablet to guard.

reading humor for dummies… O.o
apparently they have herds of sheep.
read the history of skullport its below below waterdeep.
wants to visit shops specialised in food for serpent kings.
been helpful as aerial crane being miscelannous help
they are around and seen in town more and interacting with people.
rei is more of a people person.

had something to do will be back “soon” Her bunny ear tablet device was making sounds.
hannah apprentice –
forest retoration
ent revial.
herbalism farm

magic school headmaster-just headmastering. School running reasonably well. No fancy students aside from Rose.

plua – been keeping an eye on what archeologists have been doing.
foreboding future thing. (Timey wibbles)
memories of dream world are foggy.

wood spirit
- will be fine December from his ritual stuff.

nothing interesting here yet
zakk(dec 7th status)
oct 21st zak started crafting from our item list.
pouch of platium-everyone wants one apparently…rare
Exodus knife: made one
muleback harness: showed up in market
Cascading strike focus: will need quests but knows details
magic ki focus: zak can make.
Momentum Torque needs: Quickling essence, “truly ancient stuff”(ask rorona), boots of quickness, enriched gold(rorona), residium or mana(ask plua)
eyes of the eagle: can make cheaper one with Roc eyes.
eladrin armor: no idea yet
phantom armor: no idea yet
mesmerizing harp: will need to get it somewhere else
heroes armor: can upgrade with available items.
gauntlets of remote action: has not found any, really wants some.
monocle of comprehension: willing to lend it out
ritualist lectern: has a line on it(arcana ancient) archaeology thing
Immovable shaft: has people gathering stuff
ritual candle: gathering npcs
delvers light: on order
gloves of the healer: is odd, higher level npc who would be willing to sell old ones. But need to do things for them.
incisive dagger: same person as above
everything else is pending.
this is how far he has gotten.

wants a dedicated workshop…

residuium buyup
due date dec 17th
they are ok, want more promote growth, fancy soil.
they are running out of room to expand
keeper pick to expand their place may be worth something.
worried about east stuff civil unrest not good but no news yet.
they like idea of airship-heard about a spelljammer in bob’s
recette wants to adventure….

been working on training diplomacy things and hospice.
this has been going well.
the hospice is a true hospital.
-5 saving throw to dead units to survive.
—this is a new building will need stats for it.
Tristian and knight hospitaliers(sarah knight organisation)
shes still working on apprentices
shes working with the nyad on her magic. Also a halfling who shes still working.
looking for new project –
take scrolls from henrietta- politics 101, beurcoracy 101, geography 101, all the things we have done wrongs.
all the concerns she has.
aaron will email this.

susan -
been making cheap magic stuff to make. (mini wands of fire)
keroyn/bonaparte would want better version of bag pipers.
need more warlocks – (more arcane spellcasters in general)
new warlocks are pacted to shadyvale- power caps out sooner max level 5.
suggest susan stares at chant’s tree. but with chant’s tree.

will work on improved bagpipes troop unit.

Adventurer’s mart has been getting bigger but now starting to be limited by space.
Need a bigger inn or make some temp housing.
People have been buying and renting out house space which is reducing living space somewhat.

herb farm project
herbalist, loremaster, jared, hagrid

bunny ears / tail
get 14000 residium

get an idea to use command words in a ritual to trigger an effecct from the lecture.

hospice is pretty decent with sharah and henrietta

the bagpipe troops are also back in town(1 troop unit)

maybe investigate what makes town the way it is. Find the clues.
Feburary a susan related event will happen.

Chant is not impressed.

In town thing on dec 13 in town.

Chant feels a dietific presence in town.
Then another two flickers
Hannah is miiine feeling on hannah.
Some minor changes to the pattern occurred in town, ripple effect from something passing by on a dietific level.

Chant sees shiva teleporting around town with a storm cloud on her head.
Seems to be debating something.
Senechal comes up to me about an incident in bobs
shiva and squirrel had an argument about who was better
and something about preliminaries….

Chant looks for upswells of magic,
there are several that are not points.
they are spreading uniformly, the sources are not uniform shape.
they are interacting with the leylines and terrain.
some are really big like half a mile long.

will need several steps for this
map the leylines
map the magical topography of the area
and then track the sources
found one source and one iffy source.
bob’s sign.
whatever is causing the leaks is using representative physical things as weak points where to seep in.
iffy about the statue center of town. Could be a leyline node.

one of the south teams was hiding because they were being stalked by some giant dog.
hannah messages back to town to be told about shiva shenanigans.

opration sos
david tries tracking the cyclops and stuff, they are using pass without trace.
they are doing an organised search pattern.

searching for things, at a river, blocks of clay have been cut out underwater.
look for tracks and stuff.
people with pass without trace have been milling around the area

go to an area and find missing tress, completely. Looks too neat for them to be ripped out.
could be some sort of fey with power over trees. But this is higher level fey: greenmen, hamadriad, forestmen, gaes liege, named things.
who could be ordering them around?

notice broken tree tips, following the ridge line edge , meet some sort giant three headed cat.
Magical beast, that really should not be here.
this should really not be here.
somehow the feywild is bleeding over.
8… sending rituals to the missing groups.
470gp of ritual blarg
then try animal messenger but it seems to be blocked.

town is gearing up for the “sporting event”
there is apparently rally and something with snow cones.

senechal overhead some druids talking about the miniature dire wolves.
apparently there is a treant in town big branched tree kind
senechal just goes with it.
fey leader is very drunk and high on acid
treant is having an argument with some short elves.
treant apparently wants to hobo in town.
also the tree is now a shrine.
the other groups is some wolfaiyad from the feywild
offer services as light mercs, tracking and scouting.
can shape stone and wood and have healers.

allora dannon got a ticket for shiva to the tournament thingy
and squirrel got in on their own merit.

We get help from the wolf people to track the cyclops.
Get to what we think is a door.
Some fiddling later we manage to find a key thing.
its made of mithril.
step through a doorway and the dragons notice their orium items reacting.
there is a tunnel with elven dwarvinish style. A bit odd looking.
hannah does her universe science thing
this area is some sort of weird pustule in the feywild.
fey potential seeping through the cracks in the world.
feywild is raw wild creation.
this area is seeping into the world.
this is causing the more reare and primal fey showing up.

this power is the same type of potential that makes up mana but of the feywild
this stuff is what is causing magic upwelling in town
WHY is it targeted in town is unknown
WHY its happening at all is also unknown.
this is probably what shadyvale warlocks are using as power source.

area is the largest crack that is seeping energy, its prefomorian, probably cyclops or minotaur.
people have been drawing power from the cyct, its older than the second dawn war.
there is crystallized power at the center of this place.
go down the tunne and get to very large hall
paths and walkway covering it
this place is designed like a moutain top aerie cylcops are about on the mountain.
this place is in some dormant state.
there are a lot of interesting enchantments that is using ambient magic to power things, vancian style.
everything is carved, layered and joined together. Awe, splendor and celebration of the earth the sky.
the enchantment is currently dormant.
this area should be open air.
hannah is detecting and “airy feel” of, like the fire, cold feels.
Its in the stone of the walls and floor more concentrated lower down.
shaft was to mine whatever died.
eventually get town to lower level with tracks around.
suddenly the sending bird starts going somewhere
we hear sleepy breathing it sounds big.
seems like a feathered dragon?

asuka knows about them?
mainly found in tropical areas, they are related to oriental dragons via cloud dragons, tend to be lawful/good.
its huge but skinny.
not super brightest of dragons though
tend to be like catastrophic dragons in that they have a twist on how they use their elemental base.
they speak common, and surfer draconic.
chamber itself is about 400 feet dragon is sleeping among some of the walkways.
someof the walkways are not right side up, or not in the open position.
there is a cyclops reading a book on the other end of the chamber.
the carvings around the door way where they cyclops is do not match everything else.
Same kind of style but not as refined.

6-13-2015 Hannah's Notes
Gimme that old time religion

December 13th:

Chant in town feels these flickers where everything stops for a moment. He briefly feels he presence of Bahamut, and then two other gods. The gods in town seem to be reacting to whomever is causing these ripples?

Warforged out on mission feels someone going “warforgoed is MINE” very possessively o_O at a deific level (Shiva? Maybe..?)

Chant runs into Shiva, who seems to be pacing about trying to figure something out.

Chant is researching the increased magic in the area. He is able to determine there are multiple sources/locations, and they are not ‘pinpoints’. In addition to these odd shapes, reality/the area’s got lows and highs (uneven) of the actual layout of the magical ‘landscape’. Chant is going to have to not only map the ley lines, but the topography of the magical landscape. One source is Bob’s sign. It’s sort of standing in for an iconographic concept.

Other one maybe a developing a leyline, around the center of town where warforged used to stand as a statue. Need different kinds of arcane, or a certain type of tradition.

Checking in with the seneshal about WTF was that feeling I got from her. Comparing with the seneshal on the scout and cyclops problems, it turns out that scouts had to lay low who were near the Harkenwood druids. They were laying low due to cyclops with two headed hounds the size of wooly mammoths.

Group south of them in that area confirmed dead.

Verinal does some attempts at tracking, they are using pass without trace to make it harder.

As we do aerial survey, it seems that there are two places that are off. A part of the river, and an area where the trees are more sparse than they should be. Investigating the river site, they’ve been taking large amounts of clay from the river.

The tree area has trees missing in places, but not chopped down. More likely they were brought to live and pulled themselves out of the ground. It would require a local boss level of fey, heading towards archfey levels (like a green man, hamadryads, forest elders, gaea’s liege, named fey, or similar). There isn’t a history of this area having a warden or archfey in the area. I radio back to town because I would like to talk to Chant and the Fey Leader about you know…fey history, inform them this is going on, etc.

Instead everything is wtf in the fey quarter. I mean more than usual. We seem to have a century tree treant, who is arguing with some elves wearing furs who kinda look like they are from elfquest. Meanwhile the Fey Leader is high ask fuck on LSD and some other things from Bob’s.

(Example of a century tree)

Miniature primal dire wolf. Druids are debating about wolves now in the fey quarter.

As we continue our search in the tree area, and Verinal sees bent tops of pines that we follow, but we eventually lose it after a few 10s of miles.

…something peeks its head up over the ridge. Giant three headed lynx called Tayellah. It bats at Asuka and Oriana like a kitty. A highly deadly, giant 4×6 kitty. Rest of us try to hide, Sango rolls off Moe to the ground. Why did she bail? Ah, she did her graduation project on it and was like “OH SHIT”. I see.


Feathered dragons are found in tropical areas. More related to oriental style dragons, through cloud dragons. On the more lawful/good side of things. Tend to be a lot like catastrophic dragons in that they have a twist on the element base they use. Feather ones are wind. They speak some odd forms of common in addition to common in addition to whatever giants speak.

Supplemental Log: Talking with People in Town

Rose teleports Alex when he bothers her too much.

Rose currently working on all the ritualistic things..

I offer tea, and hangover cure for dessert. Then we’ll talk to Rukia. She is not actually here though. Shoot her a sending asking what’s up, does she need anything. WTF her bunny thingie went off. Hilarious response, she’s probably

We’re at Rorona’s having tea with Rorona, Totori, Meruru, maid, Moe in the background, Plua.

Moe is reading a giant book, wood and bound leather, size of a cabinet door. It’s about dragons, and in Draconic. She got it from a large, 7 ft guy at the last adventurer’s mart who she’s been getting to know..? Smelled like Orium. Won’t tell me more about the book. Hmmm….

Talking with Plua, I should beware the 15th Chant. o_o

Plua is teaching Rorona how to use her powers. When she says I’m teaching her how to do things, like this and waves her finger, Chant…gets bunny things and a note on his back that says “prank master, test me”.

When we leave Rorona’s, a pixie sees Chant and gets all excited “really, /really/? I must tell everyone!”, a few minutes a ton of pixies show up to the tune of Ride of the Valkyries.

Epic chasing and trying to shoot Chant with chalk. The flum up firing the cake at him and do streamers instead! the cake explodes into the sky, but the warforged grabs what chunks she can to give them one more cake ball to fire! They manage to hit Chant in the face! VIctoooooryyyy! At this point warforged removes sign from Chant’s back. All the pixies line up and ask for a ranking. They get 8.5/10, and parrrrtyyyy!

We go looking for dragons, find Rei at the school library first. She is reading a book about humor for dummies.

Ask her if anywhere she wants to go, flips through a history about Skullport. There’s a section about a place/ dragon’s cuisine. Something about “Food for Serpent Kings” in draconic.

Roth, aged 7 weeks in peat and bog

Time to go talk to other dragons.

Chant finally notices he’s a bunny.

Visiting Shinji, he’s practicing Vancian magic and making attempts. We explain what it is to Oriana, and to Shinji.

Shinji wants to know what to do with the tablet. The tablet is going to end up being protected by Rukia in the closet (Rose is helping too). My household knows what this thing actually is (Rukia apparently knows what this is, makes a good guardian without being able to contact the people she’d normally be in contact with those who’d be concerned about the state of the Vancian tablet and if it’s in good hands.

Plua joins the household! She brings some interesting little trinkets, including this miniature castle.

Asuka and Lil Miss have been eating giants and making piles of weed…

Lil Miss licks Chant. Ew.

Go search for Moe!
Moe is…research breath weapons, and doesn’t want to talk about it.

5/30/2015 Notes (Hannah)
The cat's away..ADVENTURE!

We rez Sango. It turns out she’s missing little bits of memory and emotion. If souls go outside the realms of where souls go, they start degrading. And yet…they don’t accumulate. The warforged thinks about it, and remembers someone she knew in the past tried to play around with understanding/doing something what happens to these souls. Discovered /something/ and as a lawful alignment went “NOPENOPENOPE” and erased the whole concept.

1500 xp from town stuff

350 xp for only 1 death

700 xp for last fight

500 xp for completing

We brought the objects of evil to Winterhaven to talk to the people of Bahamut:

We have a moot:

Bahamut, Good Drow goddess, Elf of sun/elves, civilization god- citadel of power, mielikki- build smaller buildings and swapping around

WInterhaven rumors:
New waves of peace in moonstair no trolls in moonstair in the last few months!
- Kingdom from the east, been hiring lots of mercenaries. Now they seem to be building a standing army, including conscripts (require at least one of 3rd/4th/5th son of a family to join), and then they are being trained by the mercs.
-roving wild creatures to the south of WInterhaven…aquatic?

We head south to investigate our missing scouts, and do some pinging with the bracer. We run into some interesting, chewed-up goblins.

They’ve been hired to deal with some of the creatures in the area. Once with terrible ‘cultured’ accent tells about this.

Larger creatures leading something around on leashes.

run into a few ‘woodsmen’ who were mounted. Likely our guys?

…we attack a feymire croc sunning on a mountain. Why not.

actually, hello there cyclops/formorian and hydra pets.

barbed nets, flask, order form?

area shifted recently from the fey. They’re taking slaves to build new fortress.

5/9/2015 (Hannah Notes)
Sing a hell song, throw a hail mary

This takes place in the first days of December, while the main party is away at the Dungeon Keeper.

Having defeated the weeping angel, evangelions, and XCOM bubbles as the town is dragged away from reality, the group now raced to finish the last bubble, featuring Hellsing Nazis and Freaks.

On their way, the group met Squirrel, a hero for hire, and a member of the Argent. She was off to fight undead in a place far to the north with only undead left for population. Though she did not stay, she placed a belt around Moe’s neck that went all bright, and granted her a ton of temporary hit points. She then rode away on a fiery chariot that the dragons totally want to learn how to reproduce.

Nearing the Hellsing area, they had created a circle of ‘runes’ on their side of the rift, and were in the process of using 7 of our townfolk to try and create a similar circle on our side, ‘stabilizing’ the area. The group had snipers and troops with guns, while ‘magic’ folk were working on the circles, with guys with clipboards supervising them. Later, a ‘Freak’ and more guys with heavy automatics came through.

Nina stealthily assassinated the snipers, while the rest of the group worked on the others. The mix of worlds meant that guns often ate through ‘armor penetration’ first, then hp. ‘Armor’ in our case meant temps.

A large brute of metal that came through unfortunately critically failed and dropped his bombs, nearly killing Asuka and Squirrel- some shenanigans by Squirrel kept them from exploding.

The group got a pile of loot from these guys (See Alex’s notes), and Plua was able to pull the back to its ‘normal’ place. Haven’t had a chance to check if there’s any lasting effects, other than tiny skyscrapers near the PCs homes, as both the PCs and the NPCs are ready for a giant nap.

Wimey Wobbles.

Town party meets argent crusade person. They are fighting some undead in the far north. Get some spells from her.
Also meet squirrel. Asuka is intrigued and descides to join him to learn to be a knight.

head to the last distortion area. except it does not seem to be there. See an area with a rift. there is a rune cicle inside with dead people in it. Also on this side some people making a circle on this side. Masked people in long coats.

Moe thinks the circles are basically set up to make a stable portal. We need to collapse this. About 20 people who are doing stuff. They have metal boxes with tubes. The local buildings have been raided and there are snipers hiding in some.

Squirel throws grnade through portal destroying the runes and closing the portal. Bodies and all their stuff remains.
-Squaddie 16 27% viable equipment
-Captain all equipment
-Sniper 5 57%
- 1 turrent
- Gunners all equipment

Gigantic floating Plua fixas the timey wibbles.

Actual party gets back and finds strange stone formations.

Sango will need raise dead.

Timey wibbles

Try arcane check on spinny crustal it morphs into a humanoid with weapon similar to jareds blaster rifle(sort of) dives for cover.

Fight starts more things show up, the area is slowly growing.

Kill the things but sango dies :( Will need to rez.
We also get half of a weird big thing that has stuff for research purposes.
Muton berserker corpse: power claws, ablative armor,
Floater Corpse: RL world, physics, transportation, cybernetics.


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