A few town details
Notes on town

level 3 church has the follwing, grant the blessing of elora dannon: +1 increase to helping people. Blessing of revieveing or blessing of giving.
blessing of recieving: get 5% of an encounters xp total before it is divided.
blessing of giving you reduce your take of xp by 25%

make weapon master the head of the town guard.

missionary in moonstair: 27 pop +6 unrained workers. join town

3 builders 18
5 builders 49 untrained

casting of reverse portal.

rep with towns go down by 10.

missionary normal function:
9 diplomacy roll twice pick better
once per monthn make a conversion check:
21 – 1d10 pop 1 workers
25 – 2d8 pop 2 workers
crit – 2d10 pop 2d4 workers
do an active conversion, same roll type(5 reputation with the town):
25 – 4d12 pop 1d6 workers
crit – 4d12
4d10 pop 2d6 workers
special: downgrade a set number of pop dice to make another diplomacy check same dc(25,30)
25 – 1d4 particual worker type(rank 2)
crit – 1d4 of rank 3 worker

13 diplomacy
do an active conversion, same roll type(10 reputation with the town):
<20 – nothing and -10 reputation
25 – 3d12 pop 1d4 workers
30 – 5d12 pop 2d4 workers
crit: 4d12
4d10 pop 3d4 workers
special: downgrade a set number of pop dice to make another diplomacy check same dc(25,30)
25 – 1 particual worker type(rank 2)
30 – 1d4 of rank 2 worker
crit: d4 rank 3 worker or 1 reroll diplomacy check dc 35 for a rank 4

tentative note: eplosion of dec 10th, sandy claws 21st, make whole 22nd

workers arrive on the 11th after earthquake, will reallocate to repair.
1356cu of repair before make whole.
11 days of work on the new buildings.

Chant actually has meetings.

Chant now has a +2 bonus to going unconcious
Rolled save for going to sleep. Did not go to sleep

David bothers the angels. They do not have any useful memories of ur priest time
Asks them to keep him informed about things that David should know.
Overflow of one domain or another is a bad thing.
Fields of one power or another can be beneficial. Like death field makes things die easier. Life makes it possible to recover easier. Balance balances things, can move die rolls to average. At full power all dice rolls would be just average.
With practice could be used as boons or curses.

Asks them about what angels can do.

Chant more than 70% through book of verius by verius.

Tiny capsule on davids staff has a sort of feeling of the fey.

David continues survey.
Sees that there is less life around the lake area. Alchemists seem to like going here. It seems like what happens when a big predator is around.

Thunderspire mountain has changed shape. Main Entrance seems to be covered by landslide and the storm above is upset and more weird.

The mountains are backlist from the area where trollhaunt warrens are. Somewhat like what a forest fire would do. Troll haunt warrens are glowing with an ambient light that is greenish swirled with fire. This is some sort of fey world effect. An upwelling of fey energy could do this. Looks like a dragon shape? Possibly undead?

Orianna goes to the forest finds a squirrel that has glowing red eyes. It seems to be preaching about the evils of civilisation. Some sort of black spirit flies away from it.

Chant sendngs to missionaries and traders. 5+2 sending cost. Some injuries and sold out of goods.
Poke Vrius, Senechal, keroyn, henrietta about having meeting about disaster relief when david gets back.
Talk to the cherry tree. Connection is deeper and it senses the other sister trees. Wants more combat.
Get zapped due to low heath fall over. Meet sarah and find out its a robot thingy she was testing .
then suddenly 5 assasin imps attack. due to low health OW…after that talk to camnions about friendly fire and sarah needs to talk to her death bots about the same. She changes the minions to use sniper rifles, will take 18 hours to reconstruct.

Do seek rumor to speak to the hearth spirits of town . They are still angry/injured. This is more of a mentail/stress issue. Will have to wait.
Chant then goes to do gather rumors.
notice a very calm hearth spirit lurking in the background. It’s different from the others. It’s more real but also less there. Try to figure our what it is but cant seem to. Seems like its more powerful but harder to track and see.
Somehow the hearth spirit messed with my ritual, but did it in such a way that would be safe.

Sarah sends the probe to find invisible things. one of the giant invisible dragons sees to be sleeping on the barracks. Also there seem to be invisible floating things above town.

ToDO: figure out the alrternate view of town that I somehow use to talk to the hearth spirits.
Then david goes to sleep. NEXT DAY

Keroyn’s compound construction has stalled becasue she has needed to use lots of forces to track the t virus. But they are pretty sure they can corner it. Will do a sending when its firmy located to drop an adventurer party on it.

Meeting with keroyn on military things:
Concerned that there is a large number of low level adventurers. 14 times more than a town this size has. And paragon level adventurers is very low. And coming up on some epic is which is just weird. Then there are with the skybolts a lot of military forces. But we do not have front line combatants. Lacking troops for projective force and keeping areas. All we really have is special forces.
Do not have a defensive force. We should have one. Cannot soak damage well at a troop level.
Flying mounted troops would be a good thing if we keep going building this way. Or figure out other troop units.
Once she is up and going she will be able to train more interesting sneaky troops.
Ballista plants. 3 size, one man, crew fired, strategic(magical bolts) Spear of lightning ballista? Anti army ballisa bolt that shoots lightning. *
*Need to train someone to be commander of the armies.
…this will need thought.

Senechal says that we are outgrowing lv2 govermnent need to go up to 3.
Wall should get more finished, nice status symbol
Trade wise: shadyvale is coming across as rapid boom town that is known for strange high tech stuff. But not getting a lot of exterior buisunees because it may be very unstable. Never really had a profit in production. No surpluses of food or resources. No large military. Not falling in any niche. Till we have a shadyvale niche we are not a concern. Not a trading partner currently. Trading with arls for food.

Grab Orianna and go find Bonaparte. Find him sharpening the spear. We have glaring defense issues in town. Town is lightly and oddly defended. Our ability to stop problem from ariving is reasonably high. Stopping problems from causing problems is also good. Town is pretty close to a glass cannon if the attack come from the south east. We can do a lot of damage to things that attack us. Without the adventurers we have no real stopping power.
We need to get heavy weapons. Need something more widespread damage weapons.
Tough heavy strike units, hippogryph riders or pegasus riders.
Need to have more heavy infarntly, pikemen. Will need barracks to level up.
TODO: talk to rorona about growing wall. need blue rubies.

Orianna talks to little miss about large thing walking around the town. There are some.

Sending to mitch actually get a reply. It’s music? 25 units of time. Something suddenly happened and there is asense of mitch being frantic to cram more info in?
Something either happened or would have happened if Mitch and someone else were in town. He is talking this way because they do not understand this. Because they do not have the power of the rock? Dire, something dangerout to mitch and town. Somethign about getting chained down. Something about warning and dangers, needs to plan…
Most important functions still running, ask for Yo in case needed.

David Passes over the general area of where the ogre fist hills the area is generally abandonded. But there is an orgg digging around in one of the abandoned camp.
Makes his way to winterhaven. On the way some of the land has been greatly disturbed. One of the mountains split. The stone is a different color. There is a metal seam.
High iron ore, and sulfurite deposit once we get a look at it. Discuss what to do with it diplomatically.
Damage to winterhaven is mixed a lot of damage to residential, most of the religious buildings are standing. No panic or civil unrest, probably due to churches.
Chaos scar is not going crazy, wall is being repaired.
Flys over witches place nothing seems out of place. But a much larger amount of tree guards, walking pine trees.

3rd day:
Comes back on the 3rd day after setting out.


get opinion from plua on dream area
-leave a message?
-go look for her?
Follow up on T-Virus escapee with keroywn.
See if we can get anything from the items we got to see if we can track down ur priest
Spy from ur priest?
Meeting with henrietta and keroyn and anyone else we think can help on disaster relief
Sending to everyone of our allies to ask if we can help: winterhaven, hammerfast, arls, moonstair, myconids, lizard folk, ice people, therund, traders, thunder spire.
Check if anything odd showed up on map of unseen lands. Isnt senechal watching it?
Check on the graves of dead gods after earthuake.
Scary thing we rebueried, the devastation creature.
Check local dungeon keeper area.
Descide what to do with the power gems.

David high level surver of vale:
Lots of trees fell over in swamp but this is making things grow more. No signs of black dragon.
Lizard folks recovering.

East mowntains seem to have a collapse. Exposed a square shaped area in the mountain. Some sort of magically reinforced construction.
There seems to be exposed lava vents. The two peaks were all undermined on the inside.
There are camoflaged lean tos with movement.

Hammerfast is devastated, mountain collapsed with all the mines in it, severe damage to the city. Pass was damaged and being cleared out.

The dungeon keeper area is damaged, lots of collapse probably from digging things out.

Harkenwood seem to be fine, but they have spread out. The woods have moved out about 4 miles in a month or so.
There seems to be a giant petrified tree that was hit by ligning in the middle of the harkenwood.

Hydras seem to have poped out near the air elemental rift. Old bigger ones. They usually hybernate for decades. This seems to have woken them up.

There seems to be a young red shadow dragon chasing some tiny griffons.

==David manages to harvest shadow red dragon corpse stuff. Recovers grystal dragon heart. Young red shadow dragon crystal shard. Has the gold value of the xp of a young red shadow dragon, lv 9(2000)
If crafting an item for or against dragons the value is doubled.

A tiny metalic pixie. It’s pixie sized for a pixie. The wings seem to be made of energy, and is prigther than everything else
MHCP004 is what it identifies itself
singe pair of wings, clothes are heavy reinforced leather, biker gear.

Seems very stoic. It offers some options to david about how to get hippogrips to town which is considers safest place.

David asks it to get an orca transport?? it then goes to the closest chunk of stone and seems to be disintegrating it. Gathers resources.
Then it starts to 3d print something…
Its some sort of transport ship.

Gets 15 baby hippogrypts to town. One orca transporton top of pool.

Takes them to where we keep the flying mounts…someone will konw what to do?

We need an actual magical beast stable hand…

Stable Lv0
1 untrained worker, comes staffed
must always be staffed
space for 20 mounts in stalls which each fit a large creature.

Hannah does not know much about that weird construciton that david found. Would need to talk to hammerfast might be able to find more info there.

Talk to wood mana about sending. For manas need to targer to a specific mana better.

“we have questions about a bubble of dream made real in the fey quarter. Source is fey leader. Appears contained for now, but uncertain”

Sending actuall goes through. Get a vision of an ancient(worn) city. A vantablack planetoid or moon in the sky. A point expanding out from an explosion where everything is crumpling. Then chant falls over bleeding from eyes, ears.

Every one else also gets the vision but with moreand blanks out. time seems to reverse, everything rebuild. It seems to be a different season. There a time lapse effect, people doing things. Something about this creeps people out.

Except hannah who “puts the message?? in her pocket”
Chant max hp 5, -10all defences

Find this in reference to black sun. The black sun codex. Based off prophesies of an unknown individual. Everyone agrees that these prophesies are real. Answer to if they have happened, the answers are all ambugous.

prophesy prophet unkown: they raised in defiance against those who would be above them. those mortal beings those Devil Kings, defy the will of the world and the divine rights. They strike forth against the natural order of things and win against that cannot be beaten. They strike down those above and world is torn anew. the sun turns dark the winds howl, the lands die. The earth shreds all before it cast by the wind but life survives. that black sun beats down water subsides and life still perserveres. Fire rage in heat cast by that black sun. That black sun that dark sun, those above are dead, those outside are gone, and the others are corrupted. All that is left are those underneath those Devil Kings, mortals who’ve killed the divine. Now they rule under that black sun, under that dark sun shining forth upon them.

Central Prophesy in a book in shady vale. There are others that are related to time going weird in a bubble and all outside being destroyed. This is a major prophecy.

Prophesy with notes from oracle. Chunk of text is named Devil Kings? (Are they kings because they have done the impossible or did this get translated wrong, possibly champions, lords?)
A king – a god slayer – is a supreme ruler.
(Since he can kill a celestial being, he therefore call on the scrosanct. Divine powers wielded by the gods.)
A king – a god slayer – is a lord.
(Since the power to kill a diety is his hands, he therefore looms over all mortals on earth)
A king – a god slayer – is a devil.
(Since of all mortals who live in the world, none can assume a power to match his)

There is a note on the page someone changed the color of the page instaed of writing down. Just this note is in this odd way.
Devil kings they have achieved the unreasonabe, the unconcionable. They have killed the divine, they have defied fate and done the impossible. Perhaps they are her children. Hope?

We will need several days for sarah to process the message from plua

Nee dto check other places.
Chaos scar

Should sending rorona about giant mushroom.

Shiva was watching a tournament. A big scary evil guy, who is very evil.
Ur priest ripped a heart out seemed to be able to use it for vile spells? Team that thrazidun nominated was not the one nominated. They changed squards? He stole someone elses. Requires whacking a diety, spent a lot of his resources.
Won each fight in a completely different matter.

H Notes Sept 2

Verinal is surveying the Vale.

The swamps are okay, blooming.

In the east mountains there is the beginnings of a ‘new pass’, but there are hard lines and there is a section reinforced despite the damage. Verinal goes to investigate.

Hits upgust as he tries to get lower. Things this entire area collapsed, riddled with vents and probably all mined underneath, making it more vulnerable. As he leaves, he sees a scouting spot where someone is.

Heads towards Hammerfast. Main mountain has collapsed onto half the town. Blocking major route.

Spooked glidewing as Verinal goes (south?) towards the old DK area. Area also hit hard.

Harkenwood is so-so, parts have collapsed. The forest has expanded. Doublechecking, Verinal gets rid of an illusion. He sees a lightning-struck giant petrified tree.

Near the air bubble, there seem to several hydras around.

As he keeps flying he gets run over by some baby hippogriffs (adults are missing) being chased by a red shadow dragon.
Plua response:
Mental image of ‘ancient’ city (worn looking). There is a dark sun/planetoid/moon…dark and eating light and stars and the sky around and them WHAMMMMMMM and Chant falls over. As he does. (planetoid type thing is like vanta black in quality)

Everyone else sees the sphere expanding out that covers the city, then time seems to reverse itself and it’s a different season, things are sunny and alive and there are people. Time-lapse effect.
We all fall over. When we get up, look at the sun to see how much time has passed. It appears to go black for a moment and then flashes back to normal.


Prophecy: Prophet Unknown
Inside a book inside Shadyvale.

They raised their arms in defiance against those who be above them. Those mortal beings, those Devil Kings, defy the will of the world and the divine rights. They strike forth against that which things are (the natural order of things) and win against that which cannot be beaten. They strike down those above and the world is torn anew. The sun turns dark. The winds howl. The lands die. The earth shreds all before it, cast by the wind, but life survives. That dark sun, that black sun, beats down, water subsides, and life still perseveres. Fires rage in heat cast by that black sun. That black sun, that dark sun, those above are dead, those outside are gone, and the others are corrupted. All that is left are those underneath those Devil Kings. Mortals who’ve killed the divine. Now they rule under that dark sun, that black sun, shining forth upon them.

There are similar/others in the forms of prophetic dreams.


Prophecy and then an Oracle’s visions of it:

Devil Kings? (Why Kings? Is it supposed to be King, Champion, Lord? Not bothered by devil part)

A king- a godslayer- is a supreme ruler. A king- a godslayer- is a lord. A king- a godslayer- is a devil.

Supreme Ruler footnote: Since he can kill a celestial being, he can therefore call on the sacrosant, divine powers wielded by the gods.

Lord footnote: Since the power to kill a deity is in his hands, he therefore looms over all mortals on Oerth.

Devil footnote: Since of all mortals who live in the world, none can assume a power to match his.

Line under: a note has been added and looks like someone has colored the threads without dyeing it.
Devil Kings. They have achieved the unreasonable, the unconscionable. They have killed the divine, they have defied fate and done the impossible. Perhaps they are her children.

[single word, written hesitantly] hope?
[BLack Sun Codex]
These Prophecies are REAL?


Chant meddles in things.

13kg to make whole on power armor


lv 5 wand stadard non essential wizard defensive
lv 7 non essentials avenger unity
lv 18 ahn-tar paladin of elora, charisma pally, beholder…plate…wearing
+3 wand of lightning, 3 amgic book?, +3kris vanguard, +3 sword of the defender, +3 rod of lordly might, +1 rhytm blade, 4 bags of holding, pearl of power, boots of stealth heroic, butterfly slippers, dwarven boots paragon, acrobat boots, paragon, boots of quickness, 2 muleback heroic, fort save belt. robe of stars.

use the low level npcs as other parties, to help main group.

persuade willow, to do sociology report about ahn-tar. Roughly positive influence on town. Racial issues suddenly pale in comparison… High level adventurers suddenly spike. Reputation with adventurers has gone up, not sure on the better. Larger number of foreign groups in town on a more permanent basis. Now a place of interest.

nentir vale rep 75
world rep 50

black meeple comes to town. Looking for someone to assist in a quest of his. Being rather tight lipped about what he wants done.
Rougly human in shape solid black figure. Pair of yellow eyes, and two ponytails or hair things down its pack. Claw like hands, slightly over sized. Faint patterns on the skin depending who is talking to him(?) Not an undead. Seems to have a strong connection to the plane of shadow. Not a shadow either.
Seeking people of power, not nessesarely adventurers. Talks to willow, verius because he goes to the childrens house, talks to luanna a young elven woman in her 60’s bakers daughter apprentice, an apprentie at the wizard academy zerina human 16, susan, lil miss, respect bonaparte(was a person of power). Looking for a group of heroes to assist him a quest of hisown to recover an item and depose a tyrant.

Bakers daughter and apprentice have higher potential than normal, threads are brigther than normal.

Very respectful charsimatic but also monotone.
Talk to him to discuss things what he is looking for. What the dangers are. Help him recruit wirt, baker’s daughter and apprentice for this quest.
6 uses of hand of fate to check for this being a good idea.

Doorway to another world behind it. The door is not there to arcane senses. It’s super weird.
40 minutes later they come back…O.o with magic stuff.

Fully trained warlock pact to eternity. Lvl 11. New town npc.
Just a baker. Yup. Wants to opena cafe(Midori).
Wirt has lost of stuff to sell now apparently. Very shiny and magical. Lvl 17 merchant(expert)
Shard of para-elemental ice to keep things cold. Shard of elemental energy from the plane of ice. We have another unique thing.

Bob’s is bigger and better and is actually cheaper.

higher rank druidic circle needed for druidic farmers. Can set up finishing school.

level 0 buildings essentially have half a slot. Make master apprentice training easier.

there are druids visiting the druid circle in town, not twons folk.

worlf rider people are closer to shamans. surge plus hitpoints.

need to go through lists of todo things.

8/19/2017 David's Notes
December needs to end

We look at the area inside the lattice in the fey quarter. In addition to the strange creatures, we notice that it appears to be moonlit inside, and if we look in and up, we can see a moon in the sky even though it’s not there in the real world. Autumn is horrified by the suggestion to go inside, and settles on Verinal’s shoulder, as he agrees that it sounds like a bad idea.

Autumn notices a large cocoon of spider-silk (small sized, mechanically), and asks about our large spiders. We investigate and find many more, though none nearly that size, most around the size of a bird. The webbing appears to be spider-silk as best as Verinal can tell, but the structure is much more complex, like stranded cable. We follow the trail, and it leads generally in the direction of Verius’s area, and even past that. We ask the guards there about them, and they say that they started showing up a few weeks ago, and they’ve just been tossing them in the trash.

Since they are apparently safe to touch, we cut one open, and release a small bird which flies away. A smaller one is found to contain a few bees. We go back to the first large one we saw, and upon opening it we find a wolf pup which looks like it belongs to the small elven wolf-riders just outside town. We take the pup and a couple of small cocoons and head there to see them.

We talk to one of the treesingers and return the pup. He asks where we found it, and we show him one of the cocoons. He yells for someone called “Petalwing”, who turns out to be a small pixie-like creature called a Preserver. They came here with the elfish people, and apparently some have been wrapping up things they aren’t supposed to. He promises to get them to stop. The creatures wrapped up are essentially in stasis, though they are apparently able to think at least a little.

We then ask him about the lattice, since it looks likely to have been constructed by a treeshaper. He says that he was the one who shaped it, though one of their shamans did the enchantment, and Hagrid’s druids organized the whole thing. The lattice was grown from Yew and Holly. The shaman is primarily an herbalist and midwife, though she has an interest in dreams which is why she became involved. The other physical element of the lattice was actually the “shimmersilk” produced by the preservers, which keeps everything properly contained.

The Fey leader’s dreams are being made manifest, probably due to his growing power and the preposterous amount of drugs he’s taken. The lattice acts as a boundary to limit their intrusion into the real world. (Hannah mentions the Veil, and the shaman seems to like the terminology.) He could force them past the boundary if he chose to do so, but his current level of intoxication prevents him from even considering the idea that there is a world beyond his dreams, and as he sobers up, his gradual realization that he is dreaming will limit his ability to affect the world in this way. So for all practical purposes, the barrier is guaranteed to hold unless some idiot opens the gate, which would allow his dreams to exit. We ask about entering through the world of dreams, and she is intrigued by the concept, especially since we confirm that it really exists, but has no idea what would happen.

As Verinal is shaking her hand, we are brought to the Arena, and apparently she is taken with us. This is likely due to Verinal’s status as a domain holder. Shiva is mildly annoyed at this, and gives Verinal a hastily-scribbled list of rules, most of which either make no sense or are impossible to act on given Verinal’s current knowledge. Shiva goes to see who we’re up against, and apparently the brackets have been re-arranged after multiple teams dropped out due to being killed. This is largely due to extra-dimensional incursions, such as the area-replacement bubbles and dungeon keepers, including what Shiva believes to be a very large dungeon covering an entire peninsula south of Waterdeep.

We will be fighting in a three-way battle against Team Gruumsh and Team Uthgar. We get to choose the battlefield, so in an effort to confuse the opposition, we create an urban/suburban area with a modern Tokyo aesthetic (provided by Rukia). We win, and Shiva also wins additional side bets, including that we would overkill someone by 75, that we would do 120 in a single action, and that we would accidentally hurt ourselves 7 times (this was the 3rd tier of that bet, and the only one for which we surpassed the first tier). Shiva made a nice profit, ending with 69 power points.

When we return to reality, Autumn asks what the $%&* just happened. Apparently she was brought with us too, but was put in the stands rather than with us in the prep area. She says she won a bet with a few other spectators, and shows us 3 divine power gems. One of destruction that she won from an orc (Gruumsh), one of wilderness that she won from a human (Uthgar), and one from an unknown elven woman that seems to be related to Hope, with elements of justice and protection (?). We try to explain to her what the gems are and that the spectators she was betting with were almost certainly gods, but she doesn’t believe us and puts them in her pocket.

We decide to go see if the Department of Mitch might be able to help figure out why Autumn is here, since they know a lot about pixies and fey things. As we arrive, we hear some odd noises and the door to the department is missing. Asking around the regular workers reveals that the noise we heard was some sort of alarm or siren heard near every member of the department, upon which they all ran into the door which then flew away. The statue of Mitch outside has also been replaced with one of a walrus. My theory is that for some reason Mitch was running away from Autumn, though she claims not to know any pixie named Mitch.

Things to follow up on (in no particular order):

  1. Have someone organize crews to open the shimmersilk cocoons around town, go through the compost heap to open the ones thrown away, and issue a notice that if any more are found by citizens, they are to be opened or brought to guards to be opened (include details to differentiate these from normal spider cocoons). If there is another large batch after this one is dealt with, talk to the wolfriders.
  2. Find the department of Mitch
  3. Figure out what’s going on with Autumn
  4. Put together a list of “What the hell’s wrong with this town?!” for Autumn (task for Verinal, assuming no such list already exists. I would ask if the DoM has a list, but they’re missing, which kind of goes on the list)
8/19/2017 H Notes

There are lots of cocoons starting around the Fey Area.

Faraday Cage. Also that area is now NOT TOWN.

These cocoons have animals in them who seemed to be sleeping/in stasis?


Druids (Hagrid) asked the shapers to help put up the lattice while they did a fancy ritual. Yew and holly to make it. Elda (shaman for them).

Peddlewing. Not a Pixie™ (insectoid like flying pixie..ish). Bramblebuck or Tickletoe.
Post the belong-time, they inhabited a wood.

They use these webs. While inside, the thing is in a deep sleep/deep dream. Time does not pass for them.


Eld’ar= someone who speaks with spirits. Name the druids who they worked with have been working with them.

ShenShen, midwife and herbalist.

Several of them were in sleeping in cocoons for 800 years. Only woke up a decade or two ago. So she’s got knowledge of dreams. Many of them do.

Forebearers, rootless ones were immortal.

The Great Dreaming, helped set it up.
“Crim, Skot, put on some clothes, we’re about to have guests”
Brings out a big book. It has a strange carving on the cover. It’s a large eye. It seems to be looking at us. Might be wood…but if it is, you can’t see the grain.

She was reading it recently and they asked her about it. Creating the lattice from it.

Open the book and there’s a beholder. Beholders can dream more beholders and things into existence. She calls them ‘Beholden’. Or she misspeaks? Blargle.

Shimmersilk, Yew, Holly. Contains the dream. His dreams ‘they have as much power as he thinks they have’.

To enforce it about the reality that is now is different than how strong it is. You can’t be more real than real.

He would have to know he was breaching, which means acknowledging the barrier on his dreams, which makes them more dreamlike.

Now if someone just walked in

Shimmersilk is made by immortal beings that live to hold things as they are. The High Ones that came before us all uplifted the preservers to preserve their navigators so that the navigators could dream forever.


Verinal and Olavien get poofed into a Roman Coliseum. We bring ShenShen with us and the dusky skinned angel who belongs to Verinal.

Verinal has two full pools each worth 20 pts. Squirrel has 9 pts.

David notices things and minions for everyone.

He sees kobolds go serious and salute hannah.
He also sees the “The blood of IO that hannah has that everyone cannot see” It wants to get tiamat and bahamut back together

Great one is above IO in squirrel’s view of cosmology.
squirrel is old for a kobold and is very very good at bluff.

David notices other things. (See hannah notes)

Yet another “pixie” shows up in my room. The winds are odd, do not seem animal like. Wearing a dress. Pixies tend to carry things like flowers and things, full size. This one is is wearing tiny ivy/leaves. the fox like ears are weird. Faint slits inside her pupils, like a second iris.

Chant, meets Autum. Water seem to be sticking to her from the pitcher.

Something knocked the pitcher over on top of her. Bunny is super afraid of her.
Room seems to be aspected to bunny and pixie.

Mitch made a prank carpet that will cause rabbits to spawn. Fey touched rabbit?

Chant seems to be spawning pixies by thinking about it. There seems to be a wooden mesh.

Fish swims by inside the mesh. Lots of fish inside, something amoeba like.
Mesh is to keep things in. Fey leader is in the middle of the whole mess.

Remove commands from angels. They suddenly start to fade, Autum says that was not right, without structure they fade.

I assign them to David, they suddenly go hostile.
David tries to capture them.
Chant tries bardic lore, turns out info about how angel function is activelu protected by Ioun personally. Chant gets knocked unconcious.

david is having a “mental battle” to get control of angels

Angels start to differentiate more.
Sun elf, some sort of caster. Light based wings . invoker of balance
Wood elf paladin, pink , green leafy wings. Paladin of Life
dark elf with metallic wings with a giant scythe Avenger of Death
moon elf of some sort, with bladed gauntlet. with big twohanded sword. Pale silver skin with glow. Bladesinger of Verinal?

Autum seems to be stuck 30 feet from someone in the party.
She seems to be only missing a day of memory.
She has been checking dungeon keeper locations. And other environmental effects like that.
She sounds super old. She lost count.

Angels are meandering around town. The temples are actually running again. They are getting repaired. The angels that were there are back in power and a bunch of new ones appeared.

Sarah feels full.
there is a surge and a diembodied feeling. Several fiery shafts hit my torso.
Startle awake.

Everyone falls over. There were 3 of these. Big metal pod falls next to sarah. She seems diminished.

Metal picture of a massive building floating in the star skape. And drop pods with super powerful space marine.

There are three posts 120 feet from sarah. Sides of pods blow off and three warforged walk out. They are pretty damn big. Experimental units for testing. Voice commands do not seem to work. Mental is effective?

orianna seems to have a source of oomph that seems to be missing. She seems to be tired and run down.

goblin lake, drarf fortress, small town part of ten town. We should confirm the two wee did not see.
We head to the inn, Autum orders fey wine.
Pixie seems to zooms from a shaft of light. Pixie is growing crystals and goes to sleep. She sent him to the courts about the issues that we’ve been having

She did a fey cider. Crystal cider. She sparkes as she turns around. She was dringing the cider being made out of the apples that got turned to crystal.

The beam of sunlight is a summer court thingy.

Head over to olavie, to search for plua.

Autum stares at shiva, shiva gives her a snow cone.
Plua was investigating walnuts. In the area where we found the walnut grove.
Sending to plua does not work.

Wood mana and fire mana are floating down the street. Autum goes and talks to them, something about mana things?

Notice a grand opening sign. Supply shop? Ye olde shoppe.

Some random items on display in the shop. Floating lady with umbrella and lavender hair. Weird little people in the shop seen as well. Giant lavender teddy bear.

A form floats down through the cieling. Also two floating fey? things going “chim”
The propereto is pamela ibis was referred to by rorona to come here.

she offers us an ankh that seem to protect against illusions and things. Seems to be several lauered enchantments. But about right power level wise.

4500g for ahkh thingy.

Adquate coffee(godlike)

Offers a magical item that is super fancy, also very expensive. The item is super old, suprised its not even sentient yet.

Also 122,000 for some sort of very fancy armor.

Duplication of stuff. is something she is apparently

CHant dumps xp into the armor it repairs. Chant does it super well.

chant ac goes up from +9 to +13
The armor moves and shifts looks lke scale mail.
resist 5 psychic, necrotic, force
special: if items tupes are more than one of the above the resist is additive.
+2 to saves against powers with those keywords.
if you have those keyowrds as power type, you are minus 2 to death saves, or +5
cannot loose healing surges due to surge drain, damage
when you spend an action point bonuses are increased to armor tier for one round.

While aurianna is holding it it turns into plate.
Hannah puts armor back on, after a bit she notices 18-20 for spending a surge, if warfirged resovles, 15-20

We finnaly arrive at the fey compound

"Okay look today's weirder than usual.."

Verinal thinks through what he sees when Olavien switches into the dragony shard, and all his knowledge suddenly shifts slightly and he puts together that Bahamut and Tiamat are the split parts of Io. He even read this once upon a time in a book, but his knowledge glazed over it. Now his balance-lore helps him realize this, and keeping a strong connection to the balance domain should help him remember taboo things he now knows.

The author of the book was important, but Verinal can’t remember why.
Verinal: Makes the wisdom check on Squirrel, then a perception check:

Squirrel: Has made reference between Io, Bahamut and Tiamat in his preaching.

Mother of Dragons (heresy) but not god of dragons
Bahamut is with justice and stuff and A DRAGON but not a god
Io is The Dragon God

The Great One is above all that. Part of that is GO has 3 heads, Io only has one, B and T only have half-heads.

When the great one was diminished there was Io. Comes from or took up the mantle in the GO’s stead..The Great One is here and not…
Sees the Blood of Io in Olavien’s pocket. He identifies percentages of Bahamut, Io, Tiamat

Oh I remember this rather than ‘I see this’ of a dragon who is starry, has a mandala of 9-like/seedlike shapes over its back(?).

Gets an impression of a woman/angelic thing. Also remembers Shiva more recently referencing ‘Big Sis Seraph’.
Contemporary of Shiva’s Pantheon? Possibly. Io is younger than Shiva. Probably not of Shiva’s pantheon.

Sees a symbol, that is ancient and not yet been. Not coming from balance-lore. This is shown to Verinal.
Olavien also sees it? (Dragon symbol)

It is the 28th of December:
We eat waffles.

Chant wakes up and there is a fey…Chant looks at it. It is probably not a pixie? Its wings remind him of thistles. She’s got fox-like ears, and covered in tiny vines around her, to her scale. There is water refusing to get off her. Her name is Autumn?

Chant releases her from the water with a great deal of force, and then it chases her upward before splooshing.

Autumn was trying to figure out where the heck she was when a giant creature tried to smush her with the pitcher.

fey pooling when the door is closed. 13 rabbit skins made to look like a rug.
Object read! Someone handing it to a person in town who helps with everything else. See tiny hands stitching it together, strand by strand making it the same color. Mitch looming over it all.

Chant is going to wrap Mitch in the rug and throw him in a lake.

Bunnies are feyish-touched but not from the feywild.

A Lord of the Area is also a Pixie, and Chant is a lord of the land and they are thinking about pixies.

Chant is going to see the Fey Leader. Right now.

Ritual…casting…winged…bunny? WTF is going on…

There is a wooden mesh around Fey area

Waffles continued

What are we gonna do about Thurizdun angels?
They are plugged into Asuka/Lil Miss and…into town

The angels are fading with how Chant is phrasing his ‘delete orders from current users’.

Chant tries to ask ‘how do angels work’, roughly and gets smacked and banned by Ioun and blacks out.

Verinal is trying to attune the angels. They start to change. Meanwhile Autumn is muttering in Elven. She is swearing up a storm.

Rippling divine energy…and it could be an effect they did against people who rolled before them. Seems kind of like what happens when someone gets a negative score. there is a mechanic before you can act for each negative.**

There is now a ‘sun elf’ in robes, energy wings: Invoker of Balance
Wood Elf, leafy wings: Paladin of Life
(lady) Dark Elf, Metallic jagged sword wings: Avenger of Death
Moon Elf, gray, wearing ‘skirmisher armor’, and runed giant blade that is light blue: Bladesinger of Verinal

Oriana is monochrome
The Temples have restocked and cleaned up
Autumn is currently stuck with us, and we’re crazy. Sorry Autumn.

Oriana stops being monochrome and is less than she was. Oriana feels a countdown.
Chant feels a surge and has a vague sense of awareness while asleep. Several fiery shafts run through Chant straight down into his torso.

fiery shaft coming down into town, and Oriana is the only one standing.

Angel calculates, and then a sense from Lil Miss of danger/warning. Picture of a massive citadel in black over a blue marble.

From lil miss: Scene of people with something like jaffa staffs blasting hundreds of green, flames per minutes. Thousands versus a planet, and they’re winning.

Pods land 120 ft from Oriana. Out walk three warforged.
We inform Autumn of world threats. She writes on a leaf and blows an ember into flame. “Give them the leaf” of the flame-ash.

Fey-wine/black bark wine: lol wat.

Grand Opening
Fancy Lady? Lavender hair? Sun Umbrella?
Pamela Ibis
Protective Thing Against Dreams

Resist 5: Necrotic, Force, Psychic
If the power has multiple of these types, then these stack.
2 to saving throws to attacks that have those keywords or types.
If you have one of those keywords as a power type you have -2 on those death saves. If you don’t have any of those, it’s +5 on death saves.
You cannot lose healing surges due to surge drain.
When you spend an AP, the bonuses are increased by tier for one round. (multiple by 3)
death save can spend surge on an 18-20
If use warforged resolve during that combat, once during that combat can use 15-20


we make it to the next day!

the cambions are from a line of royal guards of tieflings.
Their families swore oaths at every generation to serve

They were following the demons cause they were next best thing.
They serve the emeperor and renew their oath. Their oaths preent them from doing damange to the emperor.

They will follow chant. They are some form of evil alightment.

But they can actually change their alignment.
They are willingly following chant. Yay?
Blood line is second in terms of loyalty. Anyone else trying for the throne they will consider him an usurper.

They will be ok with my plans.

I explain things to rest of party. They are not entirely happy with this plan.

nyad teels us that there have been more pixies spawning lately, its been a while since a large fae has appeared. Its been pixies constantly over the last two months or so.
david talks to mithc, pixies have been acting weirder than usual.

Chant crown is flamy with tendrils that looks like brances, or barbs, the colors seem to have brows and green in them.
Tree gives me three cherrys.
The three devils speaks in true supernal.
they eat the cherry, take the seed in their hand and squeeze, the seed cuts their palm, and they bleed on the tree. the tree blossoms. They will plant them. The name they use for chant seems to also indicate the land.

They start walking away, and the two males skin starts getting paler, their horns change. Ears become more tiefling. Their physical apperance improves, their build becomes more that of a martial artist. Tails shrink, hair changes to more normal color. Skin is more a greyish with red. Claws are gone. Wings fade away. :O
The female tiefling has the super fancy horns ever. Eyes are much more subtle, but have shade of blue on blue with a glow.

Hanna stated at them with staring. Succubus blood adjusted them. They can still probably fly because the wings are magical. Ethereal wings? Their magics are a litte on the creepy side for hannah. They use soul magic.

CHant wakes up to several pixies pixes and bunnies in my house, put the bunnies in olaviens house.

There is a new mana in town, we should talk to them. Fire mana? Last fire mana was called ember before the last Iris, current is Uru

Kerowyn is following the t virus. It killed some bandits, the team following killed and burned them. Then a fox wolf thing slowed them down. Susan and bag pipers are on stand by.
Someone in keroyns crew who gets introduced to us by susan. White winds adept Talia. Specializing in battlefield control, shaper psion.

Morning of Dec [insert day here]


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