Build Queue
school L2
store L2→ store L3
druidic farm
dense farm
dense farm
Large farm
1 hex dirt road

Current Buildings

Alchemical Herb Farm(Lv1)(3534/4000CU)
Dirt Road(Lv3)(to main road) 12d6 pop
Rough Dirt Road(L2)(to quarry and mine) partially Dirt Road(18 hex total)
Dirt Road(Lv3) to Lumbermills and Farms
Forest path(Lv1) to Myconids
Crystal Orchard Inn(Lv3) 5d8x5 gold
Recettear Store(Lv1) 8d8gold
Orchard(Lv4) //Partially in wall// 10d10x10gold+Recette
da Vogn City Council Hall(L2) 20d6pop
Rorona’s Altier(Lv1) 50g

  1. Dragon nursery annex(convertible to alchemical forge)
    Burned Forest Area
    School(Lv2)(trains 24 per month)
  2. Finishing School Annex(Builders, random artisans)
    4 Town Housing(Lv3)(320)
    1 City Housing(Lv4)(640)
    3 Dense Farm(Lv3)(320) 60g
    2 Large Farm(Lv2)(160)
    1 Farm(Lv1)(80)
    4 Basic Quarry(Lv1)(20 stone)
    Small Quarry(Lv2)(40 stone)
    1 Logging Camp(Lv2)(84 wood) cherry +5% prod, mahogany luxury item 55g, cedar- artisan trade resource
    4 Small Logging Camp(Lv2)(40 wood)
    Mine(Lv2) (40 metal)
    Demi Fae quarter(100 Nature reageants)
  3. Outrider Addon
    Magic Academy(Lv1) 50g 50res
    Ninja Academy
    Carpenters Shop
    Construction Yard

Skybolt Compound(Can try any cavalry except heavy)


Shadyvale aeshmavidatu