Foreign powers

+5 All rep for Skybolts

Winterhaven * Reputation: 76
Free masons guild high tech construction
Adventurers Inn

Hammerfast * Reputation 81
High End blacksmiths
Specialized Alchemy
Stonecutters and miners

Seven Pillars Hall *Reputation 25

Mages of Saruun *

Demi Fae Reputation 22
Will have demi fae quarter in town, park like
Train troops(Rogue training for adventurers guild-traps)
Spring and Fall festivals of pranks
Possible to hire as spies(a few) or saboteurs

Local Church of Bahamut *Reputation 52
Gave them magical dragon tooth artifact
Have nifty ritual room

HearkenWood Druids *
At war with the Winterbole. Want to have the grove as another Harkenwood base.

Tigerclaw Barbarians
Live around the Winterbole area

Iron Circle
Worship demons, are a more military group

Fel Court
Tiefling exclusive, worship devils, are more thugs and bandits. But leader(Melech) tries to put on air of nobility.

Kingdom trying to absorb Arls

Arls *Reputation 25
Small city state
Meruru studying with Rorona
Trade route set up

Had trouble with trolls
Major trade hub
Will set up trade route here

Barony of Therund
Helped Baron out with bagpipe troops

Isolated/ Alien powers, only get rep via interation/special
Wolves *Reputation 35

Currently in trade relations
May have quests
Want things to help their gardens

Ender Ancient Orium Dragon Rep 50
Lives on another plane(we have portal coordinates)
Wants us to contact him if we find any of his art objects

Winterbole Treants
Basically think of humans as pests.

Foreign powers

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