In storage

Book of Divine Power – Ao, Firestar, Ravenos
Book of Wonder – City sized enchantments.
Book of Arcane Power //Chant/Mitch trying to make sense of//
True Alchemy Book //with alchemist//
How to train your dragon- //With Warforged//

fizzban emergency radio-give to senechal to keep

1 Reading spectacles
Immovable Shaft
Portable Gallery
Skeleton Key
heroic elven chain shirt

crystal apples-can be used to make a stone form potion
lake sand-can make augmenting whetstone

blue dragon egg(whats going on with that)
4 glide wings mounts
2 archcorwn girffons with resist 10 cold and bonuses to defenses, assault barding +ac, ref, fort
4 ashcrowns with impenetrable baring(resist 5) res 10 lightning naturally
2 warhorses
2 war trained horses

4 sets masterwork ceremonial armor
10 bags of holding
runic stone keep pieces
20 high quality wagons
info on arcosian faction(blackmail info)

DK masterwork armor
DK masterwork sword
2 DK masterwork flails

Orium implement gauntlet
Orium chain mail
demonsteel statue
7.76 bars of orium
Several Nuggets Blue Mithril Ore Ba Lm //Unknown//
3600g of adamantite
723g of rare metal
2 colossal vorpal blades(the metal is special can be used for crafting)

Very large starstone boulder

In storage

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