Issues Requiring Attention

-how to survive in dessication >>> poke at weird creepy temples >>> take apart weather enchantment, when we know more about the temples
-wait for kerowyn to get us info about foreign events >>> react to the world events in some way
-talk with Lizardfolk in the swamps, careful approach required
-Investigate the places of worship that Evening Glory showed to Verinal

=Outside Town (For Town)=
restore the ent grove (Need to find/pick a new location for it)- and find out about the seed that flew away from it.
rebuild the keep the refugees brought as our new base(need construction yard)
make crevice area safe for mining operations, would make a good mine
=Travel and Exploration=
Look into the weird abrupt terrain change across the mountains, linked to the spell shard
Locate bracer piece in Ogrefist Hills.
Explore caves little miss found
Survey ruins of arkhosia, we know there are some dragonborn faction there
Visit arland, small kingdom to north
Investigate the first dungeon keeper lair blain and sara faced, see if it holds clues to dks
keep an eye out for eldr’s art(have pictures)
=For Town:=
build adventurer school
build garrison
Build special scrying room with defenses(chant to read OSHA book, copy movable type room, check out guardmore ritual chamber)
Poisoner’s garden
Reopen weapon shop
science & magic ministries
will need to train merchants to use the wagons for production bonus
build serious warehouse for runic stone
Sarah Blane Henrietta to work on hospital like thing for town.
Old couple in hammerfast willing to train jeweler but asking a lot 14k gold 14 weeks of training, fully trained-this would be an heir.
build mage addon with white winds people’s help
add make whole circle around adventurer inn.

=Research and Development=
Make a detect anti magic ritual
Investigate the magical field becoming stronger
look more into why the fey leader was woken up- smaller manifestation of something larger?
Enchanting the two magic items from Eldr the dragon?
Automated ways of casting rituals like bloom or preservation
Weapons that can recognize town members

Shinji translated everything he could about the magic stone tablet. Makes no sense at all.
Would need more resources to translate it.
Reading spectacles melted along with eyes.
Vancian magic tablet.
Ask Tim about tablet

Mirror of Silver Dreams(not sure because have not made it work,possibly also Silver Mirror of Moonlight, or Dreams and Moonlight but that was a metal bowl maybe)

14 City of brass coins we don’t know how much they are worth.

Hannah rituals
Forest Restoration using promote growth
Soul magic sub rituals for church and bahamut church

=Rumors and Etc.=
Famous assassin family of about 5-7 people is being more active.
Green dragon who rumor says is tied by fate to kobold tried to eat us- this may be the dragon vestapalk.
Follow up on the demon-bound tiefling if trail not cold. Name to look into: marietta lixis.- This was cold for Verius
poke at verius being upset by battle of badger hill, like he was being made fun of.

=For Later:=

  • Repair torchman, reverse engineer.Gave Zak remais of the other two for repairs later.
  • Deal with the geode spell shard.
  • Look at the far realm thinness in the destoyed city: DO NOT POKE
    =Bigger Plot Issues/Threats:=
  • Kane
  • T Virus remenant that flew away
  • Dungeon Keepers
  • Vampire that flew away during Graveyard glassing.

Useful Items to get for our base

  • chimes of awakening
  • alchemists workshop(check with rorona)
  • beds of rapid rest(some of inn too)
  • door warden
  • diplomats table
  • ritualists lectern
  • silence warded room
  • watchful eye
  • doors of alarm(?)
  • everlasting provisions
  • decanter of endless water/endless canteen(irrigation?)

Rituals To eventually collect *
Traveler’s Camoflauge(L1)
Banish Vermin
Find Traps
Feat of Strength
Beast Growth(4)
Detect Treasure(9)
Speak with Nature
Mordenkainen’s Ascent
Change Self
Portal Jump
Steed Summons
Phantom Steed
Wizard’s Escape
Thief’s Lament
Commune With Nature
Glyph of Warding
Shadow Bridge
Inquisitive’s Eyes
Linked Portal
Wizard’s Sight
Stone Shape
Water Breathing
Anthem of Unity
Share Husk
Tune of Merriment
Ghost Walk
Reflecting Pool
Aria of Revelation
Chorus of Truth
Song of Restfulness
Conceal Object
Eagle’s Flight
Water’s Gift
History Revealed(L11)
Shadow Walk
Arcane Barrier
Mark of Justice

Issues Requiring Attention

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