Characters Involved:
Verinal, Wilbell, Totori, Ayesha, and Rukia


  • Verinal hopes to heal his scarred soul and learn more about himself by visiting 5 different locations, pointed out to him by Evening Glory.
  • He wants to be at the right place on the Solstice in order to accomplish this.
  • Travelled to Arls to journey to the closest one. As they approached, the discovered the area tends to swirl in swaths of death and life, around the temples of Life and Death. Death gods are fighting over the area.
  • Verinal has gone into both of the temples, and now can sense the Balance temple at the center. He has declared for himself in the battle for these three domains.

List of Entries:
Passing Through the Woods:
Travelling to the Life Temple:
Travel to the Death Temple and Racing to the Center:

Timeline of days

Day 1-3

  • Portal to Arls
  • Fly over Arls resource areas
  • Plant collection in Fey area
  • First sighting of large cloud of crows

Day 4

  • Second sighting of large cloud of crows
  • Ambush by Eladrin on flying mounts
  • Followed for a time by two large ravens
  • Sighted the forces of a desert god
  • Fight slightly less large cloud of crows
  • First tree explosion
  • Verinal dies more
  • Sango gets sick
  • Willbelle gets a shell (second tree explosion)
  • Visit to temple of Life
  • Meet the Oni (first as a champion of Corellon)
  • Start heading to the temple of Death

Day 5

  • Notice weird time effects
  • Sango gets sicker
  • Visit to temple of Death
  • Prepare griffons for journey to temple of Balance
  • Get chased by the Morrigan, barely beat her into the “safe” zone
  • Get attacked by Oni et al. on the way to the central temple
  • Griffon hits barrier, falls, and dies. Bird soul stays with Rukia
  • Fight against angels of Zodiark

Day 6

  • Verinal does his stuff, regains memories from Remnant Mountain Kingdom
  • Fix mutations, resurrect griffon, fix Sango
  • Some alchemical gathering in the nearby area
    • Random crabgrass & weeds grown through the stone
    • NOT anything from a decorative terrace area
    • Random plants from outside the temple itself, in the life/death areas we’ve been in

Day 7

  • Leave to gather stuff from Rorona’s list, heading towards the Fey area

Day 9

  • Return to Shadyvale
  • Tell Shiva what we found at Zodiark’s temples, and that Verinal now has the domains
  • Shiva teaches Verinal “Snowball”, and explains a bit about creating a sanctum in town (Shiva’s is the ice cream shop)


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