Pantheon: Uber-gods
Gods Known: Ao, Ravenos, Firestar
Answer to a higher entity above them. Helped to shape this world/part of the universe. From them came sparks of every color, making races, gods. These gods are concepts, not domains.

Pantheon: elemental (not Elemental) based pantheon that fought in the First Dawn War.
Gods known: Shiva (ice, water), Leviathan (water), Bahamut (?), Quetzalcoatl (lightning), Unknown-Ifrit? (fire). Io? Garuda? (Wind. We have found wind god bones)

1.This is Bahamut the first. The Bahamut of our current world is named in honor of this Bahamut, from remembrances of when he was Io.
2. These seem to connect to the summons of Final Fantasy- in those, Bahamut did not have a direct element like the other summons, so harder to directly tell what original Bahamut’s domain may have been.

Pantheon: Friendship is Magic
Gods known: Elora Dannan (friendship)/Evening Glory (beauty and undeath). Evening Glory’s city was older than the Dawn War, did someone say? This may mean the city existed before the second Dawn War, but probably not before the first one.

Pantheon: Gods of ‘The People’:
1. Belias→ The Gegas “Fire” Y (Aries)
2. Chaos→ Walker of the Wheel “Wind, Air” Y (Taurus)
3. Zalera The Death Seraph “Death”(Holy+ Shock) (Gemini)
4. Zeromus→ The Condemner “Gravity” (Cancer)
5. Hashmal→ Fire+ Bringer of Order “Earth” Y (Leo)
6. Ultima→ The High Seraph “Radiant, Holy”→ Only survivor of the time before.Y (Virgo)
7. Exodus→ The Judge-Sal “Judgement” “Force” (Libra)
8. Cuchulainn→ The Impure “Poison/Acid” Y (Scorpio)
9. Shemhazai→ The Whisperer “Soul” (Sagittarius)
10. Adrammelech → Wroth “Lightning” Y (Capricorn)
11. Famfrit→ The Darkening Cloud “Water” (Aquarius)
12. Mateus→ The Corrupt “Cold” Y (Pisces)
13. The One Above, Zodiarch/Zodiark, Keeper of the Precepts “Dark and Light” (does this mean he/it represents Ophiuchus? Or maybe the larger zodiac as a whole?)

1.Two sides, plus Zodiarch. Now there is only one side. This is the scion of dark, the scions of light are gone. (I am not sure what I was marking ‘Y’ for at the time with this list while discussing this pantheon with The People- ‘yes’ to something, I believe?)
2. These appear to be from Final Fantasy 12. This may be why The People have some overlap of understanding with our ‘old ones’- Shiva, Leviathan, etc. They overlap in general world set up, even though we are from different parts of the universe.

Pantheon: Elven Trio/ ‘Norns’

Pantheon: Ken Ten Shin, ancient kingdom
Gods known: God of Creation whose name is currently lost to us.
Possible other candidates/ known info: Two gods, names not known, who it sounds like were not inherently worshiped by people of Ken Ten Shin also answered in the people’s time of need. They were a god of healing and a god of protection. Together, three created Armor of Mourning.

Pantheon: Golden Lord of Darkness- Golden shovel and prankster shenanigans. Slayers universe? Very meta.

Elementals of the Second (?) Dawn War:

Elementals fought/ existed within Nentir Vale during Dawn War (and beyond?): Correction: 2nd Dawn War? May have been subsets of bigger elements?

  • Fire Elemental (Maybe have had a fire genasi bound to it? Susan may have made pact with it, or something like it. She is doing interesting things relating to elemental chaos and fire elementals. ) The big one that was nentir-vale sized was in the first war? Killed Shiva. Maaaaassive. It was able to take advantage of a previous injury to the hammer of by energy archons.
  • Earth elemental of…first war?Second? Already dead at time to make the lands.
  • Earth Elemental (remains are in Harkenwood…Aaron said something about treants taking pieces?)
  • Air Elemental? (evidence of such at the bottom of the gladius-shaped crevice in the form of aeroglass. Weapon shape suggests perhaps a god or an elemental’s weapon?) May have been an air weapon of a god touching the fire elemental rather than an air elemental itself, given how massive the fire elemental was.
  • ??? Elemental (evidence of existence in the crystallized blood found in the geode area.


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