Potential Alchemy Items

New Items
1 unviable blue dragon egg
grove of mandrakes
8000g worth of elemental essence(2 fire shadow shards, grade A) can make into mana

6 vials liquid pain
Tropical Green Vine(400g ) //nature reageant//
Metallic Dragon Brain
1 Crystal Puni Balls
3 Regular Puni Balls
180g of trolls blood
1 purple puni
focusing crystal 168% (unique, focus, magical)
ton of geode crystals (also going to merchant to sell)
1000g of primal components
albino deer carcas(in storage?)
1180gp of plant reageants 3-3,4-3,5-1
4 pairs Magical bunny ears
2 magical bunny tails
1 magical bunny suit
3 bunny puni balls
magical plants from grove ?
7 silver talismans
1000g cloven skull arcane ritual components
a treant corpse
900g of chitin
Blood of the Brothers(L-Link)

some glow grass
Mushroom27-stonegrind mushrooms-good for earth and darkness(sight) potions. Useful for cavern related healing or resist potions. Can be grown.
3700 gp of arcane materials from the caves
290 gp of dungeoneering materials from the caves
3300 gp of nature materials from the caves

420gp arrow glass
1600g icethorn(for combining with fiber crystal)
slivers of blood orange diamonds(crytallised fire primordial diamonds)

7 weird dancing mushrooms

For Party
8 Healing Salves 9hp B(3 use)

8 Witches Brew C
14 Migraine Medicine C
5 Healing Salves 9hp B(3 use)
7 Bombs C
1 Ice Bomb B
2 Ice Bomb E
4 Magic Sword A
1 Magic Sword C
1 Puni Bomb
9 Craft C

More stuff, don’t have time to add. (3 or 4 items)

Current Items
3 promote growth
2 promote growth+
2 hex move+(3hex)
promote growth EX make L5 hex, or increase hex by 3 and add a rare resource

Potential Alchemy Items

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