Researched Items

//These are items that the party has learned about in some way or another through Alex-science, warforged-science, other science, or research, to understand something about its properties, history, origins, etc. //
//The typical description for now starts with information about origins, history, etc. and then proceeds to list features and mechanics of the piece.//

Hammer of Shiva: (In Shadyvale)
The hammer is currently broken, though it’s internal magics seem intact.
It can be a holy symbol implement. It was used in the Dawn War by Shiva (part of a long-gone pantheon of gods) against a fire elemental, whose body is quite probably in the Nentir Vale, frozen in part by a gigantic glacier. The hammer is currently broken as the ‘body’ is broken, and so it’s leaking it’s ‘guts’ in the form of swaths of water coming out of it. It can be fixed by using ice thorns, frost flowers, or elementals and elemental products. (ice, storm, cold). Current idea for fixing the hammer is taking a fiber of crystallized elemental blood and attuning it to cold element- right now it is neutral. Has hammer been tested for use for religious melee attacks? There are other items from this god, including: necklace, shirt, skirt. The hammer can possibly be used as a dowsing rod to find these other pieces. //(When was it broken, and why did the animals only get large relatively recently?)//

//Features and Mechanics://
+4 holy symbol, increases slides and pushes by 1.
Fire-based attacks→ cold-based attacks.
Increases cold-based attacks.
Using Hammer of Shiva while broken results in feedback on the user; User will receive two times the level of the spell cast using the Hammer in damage (e.g. level 1 spell will result in 2 dmg).

Relations: Dislikes Chant, confused by warforged.

Armor of Mourning: (In a giant chunk of rock in Shadyvale)
In the centuries past was a kingdom whose true name takes up in Gnomish takes up three volumes of books. The kingdom began to grow in power and its three neighbors decided to destroy the kingdom, which in the more common tongue was called Ken Ten Shin. They besieged the city until it seemed that the city was doomed to fall. Desperate, the remaining people of Ken Ten Shin all prayed, asking for help from their god- and they received an answer. Not just from their god of creation but from two other gods- one of Healing and one of protection. The gods asked the people if they were willing to pay the price, and the people answered yes. These threes gods took the old disused armor of a honored but dead order of guardians and enchanted the armor. “Put on the armor and you will have your salvation, but those who don it will be forever lost.” So 100 volunteers from all ages and walks of life put on the armor, and in a night slaughtered 500,000. When the dawn rose the cost of donning the armor was known, the armor allowed the wearer to continue fighting no matter the injuries but in doing so it burned up the soul of the wearer. The blood of their enemies and the tears of their loved ones as they slowly faded away stained the armor a sooty red. Most of the armor has been lost to time, or else is not recognized other than being magical by most users or collectors.

//Features and Mechanics://
The user must either be unaware of what what they are doing when putting on the armor, or to activate it must don it for unselfish reasons. Once put on its effects can sustain one for days, but the effect of wearing the armor is ultimately fatal- in a way that destroys the wearer so fiercely they cannot return from death. The armor is divine in nature, though which gods created is secret/ unknown to most. It is level 26 armor.
25 percent damage: Wearer cannot tell they are taking damage
50 percent damage: The armor can not be removed with out powerful or specialized magic
75 percent damage: Wearer loses all sense of fear and the willingness to surrender and is no longer controlled by ‘themselves’ but become NPC controlled by the DM.
100 percent damage: ‘death’ occurs. This death occurs over a number of days equal to the wearer’s levels, decreasing one per day.

Bracer of Valor: (Equipped on warforged) *
The Bracer, though its creator is unknown, originally belongs to the world of Dragonlance. It is part of a 7-piece set that creates an arm piece from shoulder to hand.This bracer relates to religion, though hard to relate how exactly it does so- it was used in a war between a Platinum dragon god (jokingly nicknamed zifnab) versus Tiamat of the Dragonlance setting, where someone with a mithral helm mounted on a dragon wore it. When the larger set is together, it can be used to be very powerful- but for a greater good, a greater sacrifice, or a greater cause such as a campaign against a particular. It can be powerful enough to take on gods. A single man defended a keep using it, holding off forces and giving others a chance to win, even if though they ultimately failed.

When tested arcane-wise (23), the bracer zapped the tester, however religion checks can be used with it in order to locate its fellow pieces, in essence playing ‘hot and cold’ with it (Checking while in a bag of holding led to the warforged doing things in the multiverse and answering its question..without knowing the question. It involved Evangelions, and being one with the Sea of Existence). Another religion check on the piece (26) and its script shows that the script resembles a written form of supernal or something like supernal on the bracer (This is possibly the inscribed magic in it). Each piece represents a value, and represents a ‘champion’. Praying to Bahamut about it showed it was from another world, and a golden-darkness was felt. At the end of praying, someone looked out of the bracer and threw a cream pie at Sarah. It’s zesty-tasting and has a lot of oomph to it. The cream is now nowhere to be found.

The next piece is potentially located in the Ogrefist Hills south of Winterhaven.

//Features and Mechanics://
The Bracer gives its wearer a +1 to Reflex.

Forceful Star Bag (In Shadyvale)
This item was a normal bag of holding before they put 200 pounds of strange glowing ‘Blue Mithril Ore’ in it (This is not actually Blue Mithral, but nobody but David knows). The bag then absorbed the ore and was altered. The bag in its post-alteration state has a pattern of star-like, glowing lights that changed when the bag moved, like using a small, movable window to look on a fixed image. Inside the bag appears to be Netherspace- a place between places, a plane between planes type of thing. The warforged may have walked in to the place and critted on an arcana check and taken all the bag’s magics and ‘stars’. Mitch had a religious experience with The Golden Lord of Darkness. Inside has funky gravity and physics in general.

The bag was emptied after the warforged’s excursion, and so pulled magic in to fix itself. Doing this by itself would take years to do if the bag was left to its own devices- it recovers the magical amount of about an encounter power per day on its own. The party feeding it magic means it will recover faster, in the form of encounters and dailies. Putting too many powers in, especially using the same power repeatedly leads to drainage on the caster’s part, reducing surge amount to about half.

The bag was fixed using a tremendous amount of magic in the Underdark, within a cavern that held huge amounts of ‘low-level radiation’ style force magic. Mitch was able to trigger this, probably with the help of someone else. A series of three dimensional runes appeared above the bag, and a glowing golden circle formed around him and the bag, growing outward, before the magic in the area was grabbed to refill the bag. It has become a forceful starbag. Items placed within the bag come out enchanted transparent and a number of other features, and potentially lose previous features they had.

//Features and Mechanics://
Infinite holding space that reduces the weight of an item to 1/100th its normal weight.
To fix the magic of the bag, up to either number of healing surge or highest ability modifier plus half level, whichever is higher, amounts of powers can be put into it. As the person feeding the bag approaches this number, they are more drained by it, and so may or may not lose the chance of regaining the power back during a short rest, even if it is an encounter power.

Star Forge: (In Shadyvale)
Magical item given to the party by Fizzban. Currently gives 25% residuum increase for disenchanting common and uncommon items. Can be improved. This is a piece that appears to have dots like stars, and quite possibly linked to the Star Bag and Shadyvale’s wall, who share similar features.

Researched Items

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