Shiva Arena Team Options

resist Radiant 20 (1 pt)
resist fire+ cold (1 pt per tier)
Cloud visibility (4) area burst 1 style (female only)
healing snowcones of lulz (1)
fog cloud (2) standard action
deathly chill (1) 5 cold dmg
8×8×8 8d6 saving throw for half encounter power. Ranged 24. (6) keyword: cold
icicle drop 4d12
20 encounter power (3) ranged 10
10 pts- vestments of Shiva, absorb 20 cold, vulnerable 10 fire, +2 to fort and ref, +3 cold damage to all attacks (can swap radiant for cold, vulnerable necrotic)
Transition death: Death is not permanent (2)

30 incarnation, absorb cold all. Regen 15 when taking cold damage. Aura 20, 10 cold damage to all creatures including self. +10 to all cold damage attacks. All attacks do cold damage. +8 to all defenses. Start combat with temps equal to your hit points. Temps stack.If you regain hp due to cold powers, becomes temps if at full hp. Temps max at hp.

Renewal: costs 2 pts before fight and 1 after to restore someone to max/full rest.
Purification: Removal of godly effects that linger (1 pt) paid before start of next fight
fortification: The character starts with temps equal to their bloody value (2)
benediction: Character may call upon domain of the god. (1)

Rose Options:

Hero’s feast: immune poison and disease, being frightened. +5 to saving throws vs wisdom effects. Start with temps equal to your surge value, and max hp goes up by 15.
Blessing: +d4 on attacks and saving throws
Psychobuff: (one character) +5 to damage rolls, resist 5 all, whenever asked to roll a d20, roll two and choose whichever. ??

Shiva Arena Team Options

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