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December Timeline

1.First Contact: The Children
2.Recovering Shiva’s Items
Pauldrons: Saying Hello to ‘The Great One’
Chestplate: Pissing Off Thurizdun
Battle Skirt: Battling the Orc Army
3.November 24th-27th: Gardmore Sanctified, Tieflings Explode

Chant Tree StuffDone completely on the 2ND of Oct
Early October: Blue Dragon Battle
Oct 6 get back from dragon.
senechal says Fizzban’s apprentice will be here in two weeks
Oct 10?-19th: Balrog Battles https://shadyvale.obsidianportal.com/adventure-log/2014-04-12
October 27ish: The Death and Rebirth of Verinal

Late September: White Dragon Destruction

August 2014
Early August: Hag Infestation
Dragon soul fixing.
1st Week of June: Dungeon Keeper: Better Living through Lava Swimming (original fight and exploration was May 23rd. Returned later and one-shotted it like crazy people)
Late June: Exploring the Crevice, Find force cave ruins on the 21st, fix star bag
Mid April-Late May: Deal with the Daggerberg Army led by Deldarosh. Hobgoblings, etc. Deldarosh was wearing the Mourner’s Armor (get back the 24th)
Last week of May: Warforged and Mitch have experiences in the Star Bag. https://shadyvale.obsidianportal.com/adventure-log/2013-07-13
May 31st: Verius’ people show up, Henrietta, Zak
April-March: Fey Leader woke up and pixies started showing up en masse.
We end up exploring the Bunker. First time warforged changes. Chant has the place come to life when he sits on the throne within.
Chant Assassination Attempt
Investigating the Chaos Scar, Greydowns, Bunny Punis, Trolls, etc.
I think we skipped a year at some point!

December (2012?)
December 13th: Battle of Shadyvale Versus Avatar of Tiamat
December 26: Head off to Thunderspire


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