Current work
Vernius-Helping school
Bonaparte – in charge of town defense stuff
Jared – Free to do stuff
Rorona – Alchemy,taking part in monthly adventurer bazaar

Tier- Managing shop
Recette- Managing shop, taking part in monthly adventurer bazaar, monthly trip to myconids.
Town watchman- in charge of barracks
Susan- Taking part in monthly adventurer bazaar. Doing her own thing.
Governess Andrews-in charge of finishing School(scientific)

Notable Towns Folk
Zak -Artificer
Henrietta-Cleric of Melora (Vow of Nonviolence)
Council of Elders(With Town hall)
Senechal(lv 6)

  • really old guy, trained in history
    Inkeeper (lv2)
  • has assistant
    Merchants of doom(lv9/lv4)
  • trained in streetwise,insight
    Alchemist(True) (lv5)
  • trained in arcana,nature
    Jared Sharpshooter(lv5)
  • trained in stealth
    Notmin Bonaparte(L9)
  • head of town military 10g/month

Veriús Verntinbach

  • trained vallette, tutor
  • seems to be good at getting information somehow
    Lil Ms Trouble(Lv 6 Brute)
  • Magical tyranid
  • Do not let handle fragile objects(like people, or houses)

Loremaster Orin(+5 to skill check) arcane, history, dungeoneering, nature, religion.

  • Can train lorekeepers(people trained in a specific knowledge school)- teachers, librarians
  • Improvement school and wizards academy, beurocratic positions.

4 Gold Dragon Wyrmlings (Asuka, Moe, Rei, Shinji)
Susan(Lv 4)-Warlock

  • trained in arcana
    Rubeus the Squirrel Hermit(LV4) – Druid
    Town watchman-heading guard unit
    Naomi traveling trader – set up trading caravans
    Nina the Ninja- assassin
    Weaponmaster(Lv3) monster slaying in Arls
    Governess Andrews- broad traned servant of nobility(Diplomacy,history, athletics,heal,insight) part of refugee train
  • etiuquette classes, of use to senechal,
  • talked about setting a class will have a fee
  • general childrens school
  • finishing school
  • basically school addon option

Cabinet Maker
Lapidary Gem Cutter

Two Blood guards and their charges
Wirt – trader/adventurer to be
Get off my lawn guy
Tomb raider(on retainer with town)
Bob of the Inn

People we know
Mount merchant
Archeological trap expert
Two Archeologists(exploring the ancient city)
pixie slayer(with monster slaying party)
Kobold party


Shadyvale aeshmavidatu