Oriana’s Story: Tracking the Gardmore Abbey Thief

Characters Involved:
Oriana, Shinji, Asuka, Lil Miss, Philia (invoker of Bahamut, an inquisitorial type)


  • An Ur-Priest type who has the Book of Vile Darkness has stolen one of the Artifacts of Evil and the Deck of Many Things from Gardmore Abbey. Most of Gardmore leadership dead as a result.
  • Party did its best to track down clues about the guy at the Abbey. He left a nasty trap to fight. Since then, they have tried to follow his trail.
  • Ended up in the Winterbole forest, in a hill, in a house that’s very comfy. Too comfy. Escaped via fireplace, went through some plasma. Team is now Team Fire. Came out in smithing room.

List of Entries
Investigate Gardmore
Countryside Tracking
Escaping Comfy House Through Fire

Timeline of days
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3


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