Shiva Hugs!

Jan 13th
Chant find old twisted tree that radiates a dark energy.
TODO Check the sealed corruption in evil tree.
Have a weird dream about some sort of weird vampire woman jumping at me. Freaks out and spends the whole night checking corners. Very tired next day.

Jan 14th
Hannah and Henrietta to the swamp. Will visit Lizardfolk
Pokes Orianna to join them for moral support.

Meed lizard folk cant talk to them.
Hannah casts comprehend language. 20g

Meet some lizard folk patrolling, they are freaked out because everything was frozen by shiva.
Black dragon was injured.
Apparently Darastrix is here…kay.

More than a hex of the fens is now ice.
There is a giant vortex around where Shiva is, lizard folk want to evacuate for while to shadyvale.
endure elements
They keep going toward cyclone it gets so cold that the air is freezing.
They see some sort of crystal at the center of the vortex. There is some sort of crystalline flower looking thing inside the mound.
They talk to it for a while.

Meanwhile…Oriana is lost in the air at night.

Meanwhile…Chant 36,30,28
Meet a talking horse named Ed. Have one Ed-a hose that speaks common. One wagon 2g to repair. Nice wine.
Come across an Inn in the middle of the forest. Says no killig goblins. Everything is dusty.

The magic that seems to be preserving one of the cubbrds is following the 4e rules but its basically in Gaelic to our english. This if its from another world, super old and big.

Stole door with the runes that seem to preserve stuff.

Massive lighting storm some trees get electrified. Then kill the monsters. Make note of lighting tree.

Gather some “lightning tree wood” for alchemists. Night of the 14th Chant stops being super paranoid. Now just fragile emotional state.

Jan 15th
Eventually lands and sleeps. The next morning, as she flies out, there is a long line of lizard folk migrating toward shadyvale with torches. They seem to have some sort of weird crocodyle drake hybrid, they are very large.
The senechal knows there are lizard folk refugees coming.
The lizard folk lead Oriana to Hannah. They can’t approach start taking cold damage. They run away as the vortex of energy seems to be descending and the wind gets stronger. They run away.

In the morning hugs seem to help. Talking not so much. But end with giant tornado being avoided.

The lizard folk will stay with town for a while while weather goes weird for a few days.

We will steal the black dragon leg after weather is more stable.
Oriana is back in town evening of 14th.

Meanwhile…Chant finds a pair of goats near a bridge near a stream.
Dismissing the tree while touching, can transfer what is in the tree.

To heal myself need to spend bloodpoints 5*times current surges.

Chant todo Need to make some sort of blood storage tree.
Now Chant has 2 surges.
fell troll corpse with no blood
Doing research after gaining bloodpoints. Understand the first tech tree of blood magic. 3 base arcs of study: offence, defence, other.
This is a civ style tech tree, with lots of branching.

intead got utility branch.
tree specific branches with flavors of offence, defence, other
offensive tech that modify tech trees
defensive that modifies trees
utility that modifies trees

BP research bonus: 0
resets when doing a research thing. Resets the bonus when this is done. It goes up when spending BP.
take picture of tech tree for trees

Figure out that due to momentum torque granting enough actions can use Comrade’s succor for healing.

Chant will get a ferret bag when he becomes a wizard.

Ideas for making things are made.

Unguent lady is interested in making a dragon shard for david
Need Siberys shard of fire, lightning, radiance

xp for getting eaten by snakes: 1200

david starts repair on 11th. By the 16th knows what he is doing.
Will take months to fully repair.
He will try to make things as they were.
After the first five days its an ongoing process.
david gets Shard of ragnaros(massive,unstable)

aquamarine guns have one clip and one extra clip.
the pistol seems to be a sonic weapon.

idea bags of communal cloud storage possible with some caveats, like capacity reduction. will need a new storage area built for it.

Olavien makes items:
When the group goes to talk to the alchemists, they’re in the middle of making something. At it’s current stage, it’s a shiny stone. Olavien notices that it would make a good warforged component.

Ring of the Noble Sapphire, Level 24 Ring
(Quality 468. Super Quality (increases the quality only for enchanting purposes by 50%), Well Rounded Defense, Dragonscale Defense)

Flat bonus of +1 to Will, Fort, Ref (untyped)
+1 to attacks
+1 surge value
+2 to AC

Daily Power (Standard Action)
Increase these bonuses until end of encounter OR you go unconscious to +3 to Will, Fort, Ref and +7 to AC, +3 to attacks and +3 surge value

(Passive bonus= 1/3 daily bonus)

The shiny stone covers most of the cost of making the item. We then pay* 5 residuum bars* and 7k gold to cover the rest of the costs for making the item.

(Olavien learns Enchant Item during this time frame so she can do this now)

Chant gets persuaded to leave house on the 13th after a while and go murderhoboing with alchemist for stuff.

shiva is vague on letting people know when fight is.

Going over consumables plot

(U)nguent Merchant

-X : Requires reasearch or gathering rare materials
~X: Can make something related
X: The one we are going with for the given item

Ranked List Non standard

(A,Z,U,B)Ranged healing item
Healing grenades
(A,~S,U,B)Potent healing salves
(A,Z,U,B)Henrietta Action reduction(H)
Zak can do it. Henrietta has all the components. We should wait for shiva. Winterbole living wood. Look into water imbued metals.
(A,-~S,U,B)Consumable for temps at the start of turn(H,N,D,R)
Chant will be adventuring anyway.
(U,B)Extra attack consumable for encounter(D) David buys a thing from bob
(U,B)Crit Expansion +3 for a turn(D) Cost of L12NonConsum Item(13k)
(A,S,U,B)Daze save ends poison doses.
400 nature reageants, 250 gold, 400g strangle vine, 80 residuum: makes strangler venom. L12 item. 8 doses. On hit dazed, save ends. target needs to be able to breate and have appropriate anatomy, one breathing aparatus.

Existing Known Consumables Priority
(U,B)Clarity Salts(5)
(U,B)Potion of Heroism(5) (H,N,D,O,R)
(U,B)Regeneration Potion(5) (H,N,D,O,R)
(U,B)Potion of Cure Critical(10)
(U,B)Elixir of Flying L21 (2) (D,H)
(U,B)Elixir of Invisibility (N)
(S,U,B)Potion of Clarity(2) (D,O)
(U,B)caustic Whetstone®
(U,B) dread nightshade(3) (N)

Note: More expensive from both bobs are food supplements, and unguents better quality.
Message diplomat about buying above at real costs in moonstair

buy from shiva via ice cream
Fundamental Ice – shiva will make it.

Adventurers Mart:
dispelling arrow

Potion bandolier: David, Olavien, Henrietta, Nina, Rukia,
2 Resilient staff made by hannah for warforged
Borrow take a fog cloud potion for round.
Use dragon potion.

Becoming a god is not resting -Verinal

Jan 11th
Chant and Olavien go to circular room, chants paranoia notices its not perfect.

Then go talk to Nina about having a training camp guarding chant from assassination.
Shenanigans happen. Some people pass.

Then we talk to the cherry tree about restoring my surges. Can do this with battle trees.
It’s less about the surge, and the life being stolen through the surge. Death makes more effective.

Some sort of large black and white colored fuzzy creature walks toward us. It reminds me of a badger, but the size of a ST Bernard, but looks like a baby. And on the neck is a lance sticking out of the hair. There is a pixie on it, its the charger. He found himself a nice mount.
Went to the great fey place, not part of the courts. This person is actually older than the courts. Some sort of nature druidic fey. No one bothers them cause its not worth the effort.

Henrietta will talk with the moonstair diplomat. Information exchange for improved map happens. They want to discuss making a trade route through the river but need to deal with hydras and things like that.

Fly to the crag. Find some wyrms.

IDEA: Ninja academy addon to make it relocate to a different ara of town.

TODO: Call mount merchant about hiring an extotic mount stable master.

TODO Alchemists say they could use peak stone from Thunderspire Mountain.

huge vampiric, or war tree…, unique growth(undergounrd(inside monster))?

Rootthorn Tree(large)
AC-1, FORT+3, REF-2, Will+2
Init +19, Perc 19
Tremorsense, Blindsense 3
Speed 0(Run .5)

Vuln 5fire, 10radiant
Trait – Rootthorn Tree, creatures making escape attempt take 9 damange and ongoing 3
Bloodpool can contain max 6 surges
Symbiosis Chant gains 6power bonus to damage, all critical drain one surge and ongong equal to chant’s level. May store additional surges as chant additional surges equal to con, and do not have to be spent by end of combat.
Standard-Thorny slam melee 2 one ot two creatures.
+17 vs Ref,
Hit 2d12
12 dmd and target is knocked prone and grabbed.
Feeding Root-Vampiric,
Close burst 2 one or two creatures
17 vs Fort
Hit 5 dmg the target can grab the creature if it has fewer than 4 creatures grabbed.
Secondary: Target makes a save, on a fail it looses a healing surge.
Blood drain:
Root thorn tree drains 2 healing surges from each target grabbed and applies ongoing equal to chant’s level.
Thirst for blood:
One blood point equals extra standard.
Blood transser: can transfed surges within 3 squares.
Crit onging equal to chants level.

Instinctive action
Uses blood draught if grabbed creature
usues thorned feeding roots on bloodies creatures first
drains a surge from chant.
In addition chant takes ongoing equal to his level. This damage may be saved for at the start of turn.
HP equal to chant’s surge value.

More info on blood pool found: have the blood pool of chant. New traits.
Chant’s total blood pool is equal to the blood pool granted by all current trees.
The root thorn blood pool equal to con mod for 24 hours.
Grove tree currently 0
Battle tree gives half current max surges.
Blood points are points for upgrading trees and myself?

Can cange surge to blood pool as a minor.

Wild Growth percentile table.
00-double bladed thorn: increases chants bloodpool by 1 for 24 hours or increases tree types by 1 then decreases the one not chosen by 1
99 racking death: tree dies and explodes 1d20 per surge contained
98 blood poisoned: tree dies surges lost
01 rampant growth gain an additional tree with no instinctive penalties. Current tree looses instinctive penalities.
02 protective growth tree looses instinctive penalty.
42 a different life unlock knowledge of one branch from this tree one step up or one step down.
77 blood potency roll a d7 1-2 chants bloodpool increase by1, 3-4 tree pool increases by 1 permanently, cherry trees increases by 1 permanently, 7 all of the above
87 elastic growth tree reach increases by 1 grab and hold counts increase by 1, temp boost
96 choose a things: ambulatory, war veteran, gong tau, regency

Chant gets access gong tau-black magic the really high end stuff. The stuff the emperor was good at. The expendeture and use of blood pool, transfer of blood to life to soul. At the far reaches can affect the hand itself.

Chant will eventually probably want vampiric gem, and attune the blood pool to have the right wavelength.

Everyone in party notices. There is a spark that ignies in chant as an internal realisation. It is a divine sparc that has the potential to birth a new god. It will be with chant through all all his reincarnations.

The tree grows one size larger, its a huge thorn root tree. It has a minor action blood draught.
After the last worm dies there is an earthquake. The ground shifts. There is a line of trees collapsing.

There is now a 20 by 60 square worm rips out of the ground. It sighs and settles down on its side and stops moving.
Bardic knowledge says 404 to figute out what it is. “Little” worms start coming out the side of the body.
Well area is now much safer.

Do some more fighting that allows Chant to do some blood pool work.
The scales of the giant worm are probably hard but brittle.
Also we take some samples. STUFF

Chant gets 2 blood points.

We tear a scale off its 1100 lb which is super light.
Use linked portal reverse portal
Loose 10 worker for a day. NOTE

1 Whole scale. As much as we can al-chemically useful. Axe of sundering helps take stuff.
Ol-wyrm beak chunk
1 ol-wyrm scale
ol-wyrm connector sockets
fuel rods cylinders of strange material
amniotic jello.
inner blades
putting this stuff in jars they stop decaying. Surface water is really bad for them beause of solar energy in it.


Dragons are flying back from fallcrest. Purple notices a green sun in the sky. It’s not supposed to be there?
Swamp gas optical illusion?
There is antelope eating a rabbit.

Someone should check the wall of chaos scar. Like the dragons.

The green sun moves. Shinji makes an arcane check. Something is psionicallyw weird. There is some sort of sound all around me. There is some sort of auditory carrier wave for magic.
This has the same kind of sense as of a reality transposition. Something is flowing from the edges of the cuts.
This is coming from every area that was cut out. Something is trying to actively come in throgh the cracks.
As we are flying we seem to be going slower and slower and we are flying towards the ground. The antelope are watching.

The green sun is one of the places that was moved. It’s moving something is changing its location in the world. Going south west to the chaos scar. Its 100 meters in diameter. The world is being moved with respect to is or something.

The goats have spell resistance against everything. But the thinder spell is super effective.

The dragons will take a pair of goats, one of them seems to be more regular con, others are very emaciated. Faces are vaguely humanoid and they can stand on two legs, and their claws have appenages. We take the buff one and one of the skinny ones.

The dragons fly off towards the chaos scar. It is now Jan 11th
The green orb is very close to the chaos scar.

We can see the wall in the morning. The wall blocking the chaos scar is gone.

There was someting really big that was burying through the ground. Something left the scar that as probably 6×6.
There is a group guarding the scar that has taken massive casualties. Lots a lot of siege equipment animated construxts that are like lion dragons.
They are freaking out about the green thing above them. There are spectral fishies breaking away from it.
Purple is able to peer inside the orb. Get a vision into the other side where there seem to be giant creatures. Big open area, things hanging from racks. One of the things resembles the giant horned creature that olavien saw sleeping that we covered up and also saw at the end of the special arena event with goblins.
The dragons try to talk to camp of the arcosia people. They completely freak out and take the dragons in for questioning for multiple days. When they learn we are from shadyvale they are not happy with us. They seem to have manacles that muffle Purple’s connection to Olavien. Shinji being a wizard freaks them out cause they don’t understand it. They distroy the book in front of Shinji, and tell him to never come back. They are super rude. But they do give us the antelope.

Apparently they send scouts into the scar and the far realm star is gone. They will clear the whole place out.
We will want to keep an eye on them probably.

Olavien is a bit concenred when she cant talk to Purple, but purple is not worried. Sending and Homing pigeon rituals fail to get a lock.
Can figure out they are with Arcosians if we try. But they come back save with far realm antelope on 22nd. Ruuuuuude.
Arcoian reaction mainly because they have not really interacted with us before and to them the dragons all come across weird. Especially Shinji who is detecting as a Monk but can cast…

5/28/18 David's Notes
Preparing for divine stuff

Talked with Aaron at dinner about the temple I’m planning on going to next (3rd one from the original visions). Asked about any sort of symbology I might recognize with balance/lore. The temple was originally of an Earth goddess of Orcs. At some point since, her symbol was carved over (desecrated?) with what seems to be a modified symbol of Evening Glory Evening Glory’s normal symbol is a hand, with a field of flowers surrounding a heart (domains: love, beauty, immortality through undeath). In this version, the heart (love domain) has been replaced with a symbol representing the domain of life (there are multiple gods who might be represented by this symbol, Verinal’s religion isn’t sufficient to narrow it further). The field of flowers (beauty domain?) has also been modified, partially to accommodate this replacement, and it also may make that aspect move in a more earth-domain direction. Verinal will take some time to try to draw this out (take 20) and ask the religious party members (Oriana, Olavien, maybe Sumash) their opinions. Also, something about this carving-over/desecration is related to a solar eclipse, but it’s unclear what that relation is. Based on current knowledge, my plan for now is that I want to enter the temple at the moment of maximum eclipse (9:45:40 AM UTC), and do my thing at the moment of equinox (10:45 PM UTC), giving me about 13 hours to deal with anything I need to inside and find the right spot.

Also talked briefly about fixing the Gaia hole beneath town. Now that we have 12 days rather than 3, I’m perfectly okay with failing for the first couple of days, since that will still improve my skill for later attempts. Aaron says that a critical failure would have a 50% chance of teaching me something, and if so would almost certainly teach me more than a regular failure, but I’d still rather avoid that if possible. My skill percentage for using these domain powers starts higher and increases faster than Hannah and Alex’s percents, but has significant penalties for anything less than ideal conditions (e.g. taking less than a day would be something like -20). The angels can help a bit, but mostly in a “hold this wire for a minute” sort of way. I could spend power to make them more capable if I wanted. With enough practice, I could also improve skill to the point of being able to do something like Olavien’s insta-rituals, for example a Power Word Death that could even work on deities.

dont ask about items you will get answers.

Its enchantment is unstable, like the momentum torc. Item type rare. Greatsword, but can be moved to any bladed weapon.

When Purple looks at the sword:

It’s called Balmung. A cursed holy sword. Both a holy sword and a demonic blade, will switch between them depending on who wields it. Does additional damage to draconic blood. When wielded by draconic types it also does more. This is martial powered. +4 greatsword.

Demonic form:

  • +8 to damage against dragons per die (all dice rolled for damage).
  • The ability as a minor action to reduce attack bonus up to enhancement and add that value to each damage die. Doubled against dragons.

Holy sword:

  • When wielded by those of draconic blood. Dragons have a +8 to hit point and temp hp gain per die, even if granted by others.
  • Minor action on your turn to apply a penalty to your attack up to item bonus and increase all defense by the same amount, till changed.

Both forms:

  • At-will power: attack power blast 5. Stance until you use a different standard action.
    Does 1W necrotic in demonic, radiant in holy. On a crit: reroll to hit a second time, if you hit does 3W, keeps changing, with primes. Any modifiers from all previous rolls still apply.
    Anti-army artifact that killed a great dragon.

Also sword seems to have changed? Or was it always this way. Hard for characters to tell.

While staring at the Rod of Lordly Might, realize the tome, rod, and sword are all Far Realm items. Did not make high enough rolls to see if the book or sword have similar properties to rod for messing with. Also, the torc Chant has been using is dreamed up, can do a lot more with it than he suspected before.

They were dreamed into existence by a beholder, makes them more mutable than normal and adds some extras to their properties.


+4 Emerald Tome of the Devourer, actually.

  • Gain darkvision
  • You gain an item bonus to Arcana checks, History checks, and Religion checks. The bonus equals the tome’s enhancement bonus (+4)
  • Minor action (encounter): you get an item bonus to each DIE of the damage roll. The sigil on the book is of the Sleeper(aboleth god) Not bad per se to use the book but really bad for the user to die from using the book. Chance of rez are low, because you get channeled to the sleeper. (Alex, this may already be set up to be one of the items, like the torc+rod were. We…should…check?)

Rod of Lordly Might (Currently a +3):

  • +3 item bonus to Str skill checks, ability checks, and attacks. Same thing for charisma.
  • +2 item bonus to will. Dark vision is reduced to low light, low light is reduced to normal. Any carried light source is doubled in range. +20 to endurance checks, does not cover some things. * When you take an extended rest it takes half the time. Counts as a weapon and implement. * * You are always clean, dirt and grime slip off you. Think it has something different for religious based characters. It makes you stand out thematically: Lordly Might.
  • Can have a mace form rather than a rod form.

Additional power: attunes to a divine based class. When attuned to a class the rod stat bonuses switch to that class. If in the hands of a religious character, the enhancement bonus is added to any stat based ability (example: A Paladin’s # of Lay on Hands would go up because it is based on a stat). Can be used as an implement by any religious class.

Lv 15 item, if you spend 10000g of reagents to make it +4. Also unstable, if you spend the already invested 90k to improve it and add properties.

Olavien makes a religion check on it (religion+Shiva bonus+Shards).
She thinks there are a few things more you can do with this item than it first appears. She feels something trying to come forth from within. She switches over to her broken angel shard slot.

Everyone involved in the enchantment ritual process can contribute XP. True for all of these options.

Currently, the rod has 0 ‘slots’. During the enchantment process, you can open up at least 1 slot. The slot: you can sacrifice an item permanently (religious). You gain the items’ effects as if you were wearing it/wielding it. You can replace the slot by destroying another item later on, and it will take over the slot.

Can do 3 things with it:

  • Turn it into a warforged component- will enhance its use by warforged. It will have the ability to toggle between its current state and warforged state
  • General use- Improve it in a general fashion.
  • Martial/devout: Improve, and then let it toggle between weapon and implement.

The fortitude belt is some sort of martial item. Not a belt of vim. Suspicious. Similar tier of power as the book and rod. Somewhat formless, vitality constitution fort, and shaking things off. An impression of the brute. Chant and Olavien disagree on what this is (different levels of checks), so think they should ask someone martial about it and get another opinion.

Don’t ask Ontar about these things or they will change.

Chant is staring at the torc. Think its hiding stuff. Starts to try and figure out the tracery of power.
Sense the ideas of time and mind, thought.

Olavian sees Chant go quiet. And the torque starts to heat up and glow. Something inside the torgue tries to draw Olavian in.

She tries to touch Chant, it seems like he is made of cloud or a dream made real.
She tries to figure out the glowing writing. Get the idea that it has something to do with enchantment. Thought made real. Speed of thought. Psychic-based enchantment. Cannot read the writing but get the idea of what it says.

Chat keeps following the thought. There are parts I cannot understand because I do not have the whole picture. Foreign enchanting style, completely unstable. Something bigger going on.
My initial plan would have allowed more of the power to come through. This thing could be part of a bigger item/enchantment that is just poking through with this item. Seems to be touching the enchantment style of multiple versions.

Fall deeper down. Following the threads. Things start getting a little odd. There are psycho-reactive crystals that hold it together. Get a few more insights into the item. It’s not time-based its thought-based, mind over matter, speed of thought. The enchantment is not a static thing, it’s active. It is still being enchanted, or ‘chanted’. Get some ideas on how the item can works

Can do the base plan to improve it towards faster and faster action up to full turn. In addition, can alter the direction(currently generalist, minor)
also available,
generalist-major which gives bonuses to actions done while sped up.
Enhanced motion of thought which I think will allow greated movement from my mental abilites. push pull teleport while under the effect of generalist would also have an effect that would basically give me an encounter power that would reduce the amount of time to do an effect. Ex increased healing rate.
vancian potions would change the amount of time to drink another.
and reduce sleep required.

enchanted (H: Do you mean enhanced?) thought of motion, lower sustain requirements, reduce concentration requirements. Mental-based abilities would take less action and time to do. Recover from mental issues faster. Not quite sure of details I would have to look deeper. Not as finished as the others. Less there than the items from ontar.

+2 bonues to skill in the dream: Chant gains this.

I can spend XP to jump the track to one of the others.
Start to follow an odd trail that will give more information, loops through everything else. Enchantment folded with an enchantment. This reminds me of the chamber where the balor was that is outside of reality. All of this is done in a fascinating and batshit crazy method.
Get a glimpse the people who create these. There are 5 items of creation and all 5 fade out and step into this world.
Recognise 3 sword rod and ring, there is also a book and belt or atleast they might be.

Touch the minds of the creators. Get a mental picture of vast plane of one life and a single flute being played. There are “people” chanting and sending them to our world. Realise they are in the Far Realm, they are standing on the Sleeper. Get a gist of what the items are for.

They a sneaky/failed attempt to awaken the sleeper in our world. They failed because they did not understand the world and the rules in it. They were supposed to bring in the rules of the far realm into the world and spread them. Only one of the items by its nature works correctly. The torque was attuned before. And others can be attuned by the right individual to work correctly. The concepts the items were trying to allow in were too strange to grasp. The enchanting style never got off the ground too bizarre. There are is a max of these concept items that can be real at a time because there only 5 concepts that were sent. Not sure if the enchantment needs to be on a beholder dreamed up items might be movable to just any regular one. Don’t know what the actual concepts are.

Chant: Gains feat Far Realm Thought.
Then I take 30 sanity damage. (For a new total of 70 sanity?)
Roll percentile when doing enchantment, make a sanity check. If I fail I start using far realm methods and thus propagating it in the world.

For the next 90 hours perform compulsive rituals. if I don’t do these rituals, have odd psychosomatic symptoms.
Max sanity is 97, need to heal my head.

Chant Knowledge Lore: forbidden 3 ranks

(Olavien takes 3 points of sanity damage)

Chant new properties.

Bardic Virtue
Skill Versatility
Song of Rest
Words of Friendship
4e Eldrich Blast

Bonus skill: Dungeoneering, Nature, Religion
Bardic Inspiration
Font of Inspiration
3e Eldrich Blast-6d6+Cha, magical attack-5
Can use arcana and a percentile to add implement keword to it, will need research :TODO:

Devour Magic

Bardic Lore
automatically proficient in lore stat: combine nature, religion, arcana, history, dungeoneering, as int check+5. Due having all skills trained gain a synergy bonus of Int mod(+6)
If you roll high enough can filter our bad information.
Gain deeper understanding of it. Gathers available information from people, and if they are willing to give it to others, and specifically me. Has a geographic distance difficulty.

My innate magic aura and bloodline is leaking through eyes and aura.

In Hannah’s house release the crown. The crown of flame goes fwoosh. The horns seem to have grown branches of power in varous colors, there is now a mantle of leaves that are made of flame or are burning. Kinda of a horned forest king look.

Need to check the sorcerer king going bloop did not do anything bad to pattern, need to do checks to figure out where he originally arrived and left. :TODO:

Important note. The blacksmith are not joining town. They are just residents. Farmers are actual farmers one unit of 4.
:IDEA: Mushroom farm.
Neogi is weird, it considers me master of master, need to figure out whose authority overrides. :TODO:
Gnolls-will actually be a new town department.

Note still need to get back to diplomat and do pattern check on drow and neogi, and gnolls. :TODO:

Chant was healthy for a few days...

Jan 10th Chant
Senechal is processing forms.

We have a diplomat from Moonstair.

Influx of workers with unusual talents:
4 farmers-only on same farm, deep gnomes. They like mushrooms. Can’t be out during the day.
Blacksmith – who seems to have decent talent, a drow female. Some questionable family situation, her wife and 4 man servant? Followers of the Masked Lord(will have to consult religion expert)? Were surprisingly upfront about things.
Trying to switch to being out during the day. Wish to buy a chunk of residence for just them.
14 gnolls – they wish to start an animal control center. Want to open a BBQ. Also serving cauldrons of brown. May want to hire someone to sell alcohol, cause they dont do well with it.
Follower of little Miss – or pet. Presented it to senechal, with note that said for shadyvale. Some sort of small ant/eel cross. Matches lil miss colouration, and has a pattern of lil miss on it. Another on the back, the aura of the blotches is actually different from the creature its of little miss. It can lead small groups, control others, get resources, command umber hulks. It is psychic based.
It has mind control? Umberhulk may be intelligent, there are rumors of cities of them, raid dungeons for food. High sense of property, very respecting of the limits of property.

Whole party suddenly feels an existential dread. Go towards it, its an old woman, who is insanely powerful. Gives of a feeling of existential dread to the party. Chant feels it as she walks into town. Power seems to be primal, arcane and divine. Wanders towards Verius’s compound. Then she sits there and wait for a bit, then walks up towards Chant. Looking at her face it seems like she’s time lapsed. This was Baba Yaga, coming to see what happened.

Somehow the department of mitch is talking to the new spawned pixies, this is weird :TODO:

David goes to the Department of Mitch with Autum. There whole place is in total chaos.
Goes to a Pixie expert. Young woman in very bizzare clothes and weird hair style. She seems to work for a Mr Burns?
Goes to a really weird room, there is a wall made of glass looking over a bizzare city scape. Everything is in white and grey. There is a dude with apparently fake wings. He wants to do science. But settles on some questions. Clone incarnated, a hallaster clone style event. Autum is not quire grounded to the world, attached to the town sort of. Basically needs backup power to exist, or be more solidly here.

Department is panicking because primordial power is pooling in town after the make whole ritual, but it does not work for conjuring pixies. So the power has just been pooling, will eventually be too much, will result in a giant pixie.

Messenger pixie comes yelling at chant yelling about Gojira. I send it to the department of mitch. Then David comes and explains about Autum and Gojira. To checks of town energy, the town energy is suspiciously low, like it has not regenerated. follow the flow. There is a flaming energy crystal below town, slowly forming. There was also fey energy, where did it go from the make whole? :TODO:

Calling shiva over to look at the fire elemental gem, was a terrible idea. She is now traumatized ;-;
Hannah is freaking out, having visions.
Weather just suddenly changes as Henrietta freaks out

Feel a tearing sensation, as i loose 11 surged, and go to zero surges max. Sensation of cherry trees and town is suddenly gone.
Full rest in sick bed to recover, never get the 8th back.

David, Hannah, Chant go looking for Henrietta. The hospital is very soggy as the spell Henrietta did started in here. But not as affected, somehow it was not as personal as Hannahs. The bond between Hentrietta and Shiva is different. Shiva therapy :TODO:

David feels around the the energy of the area, takes a few hours. Feels like there is an injury in the skin sort of, that is not healing naturally.

Circle of trees around the heart of town? :IDEA:

In the area of a to be blacksmith shop. There are some artists tools.They have been doing a blacksmith for 300 years. Other drow seems to be messing with artsy stuff. Used for intricate rune carving. Male drow is apparently doing an anatomy study, there is an attention to detail that i have seen before. His work is as much art as science, Reniaccane drow. Part of his head is severely scarred and caved in. His entire right arm is magical, and hes wearing a glove, the muscles are not moving. They built it.
:TODO: Set them up with our blacksmithing stuff.
There is an elf in a suit in the back. They some slightly different hobbies.

Then go to visit the gnolls. They pissed someone off and had to leave. There is a war in the east, they had gotten entangled in. Traveling here was hard made over the mountains. Met Ontar he told them town is good. Pot-o-brown smelled interesting. Gnolls are carrion eaters. Want to build an animal control center and grill the things they catch. Want someone to serve alcohol.
They have apparently also created pixie sticks, which make people float.
Will have some stress increase for town. But not overall bad.

Do a therapy session bat griffon. It goes well.

Ask susuan to come visit. She thinks we are screwed.
Gives the details about what she can do to slow things down.

Bother Totori about Fire Mana. The fire mana is out of town with Rorona. Also get a slice of alchemist pie, I feel much better, regain 1 surge.

David does a weird thing to stare at the damage that is contributing to the upswelling. The power is oppsed to what david has by intent. Will require david to lay claim on the domains somewhat. He can do some stuff to help delay things using his domain things. And once he learns enough to fix it.

Hannah suspect that the ambient proto energy that is welling up is keeping the crack open.

Chant notices that the upswelling is accelerating. The crystallization is familiar, reminds me of the gems and also something else. About every week its gettign one day worse.

We think about the plasma dragon. It appears and dives into the ground it splashes. and is bubbling and starting to glow.
The whole area melts, it gets out of the center. It’s huge, stomps the ground which turns solid.
The scrollwork starts to inscribes itself on the limbs and goes up the body, the dragon starts to solidify and turns into a statue that seems to glow with the sun. The statue looks like the plasma dragon showing where all the other dragons came from.
The smaller dragon flies of the head being super proud.
This has made the problem both worse and better. The wound is clearer now and will be easier for David to deal with.
During the day is glowing with flaming writing on it, and during the night its full of red glowing stats.
:NOTE: Eclipse and the statue.

May 12 2018 H Notes
I'll raise you one, /why/ a dragon statue?!

[This all happens on January 10th, 2015 in game.]

Chant talks to the Seneshal, and the Seneshal tells Chant about some new people coming into town.

-Deep Gnome farmers

-Lil Miss brought the town something? It’s uh…8-leg..thing..has some coloring like Lil Miss.It’s a neogi.


Chant points the elemental energy to Shiva. She has a full post-traumatic stress incident, goes screaming out of town calling for Seraph. The whole area flash freezes. Olavien and Henrietta feel this completely and start freaking out separately as they feel this. Henrietta starts creating a storm. Olavien sees that Asmodeus is here, stomping Shadyvale, with ash raining down. She tries to grab Chant, but he’s nowhere. Asmodeus is about to attack, so she tries to go after his power first, changing over to her ‘hungry’ slot and grabbing at his power/domains.

Chant and Olavien have a roll off and Olavien wins, so Chant has to make 11 saving throws, and fails a lot of them. Chant’s health is gonna be sad for the next few days. Olavien permanently steals 1 of Chant’s surges, which becomes an Olavien-looking surge (Total of 15 surges).

Meanwhile, Henrietta is creating a hurricane over town.

Verinal at this point summons his angels, and comes down to get between Chant and Olavien. Chant manages to get Olavien to go to sleep before she can do further shenanigans against ‘Asmodeus’. Verinal uses his mystical eye to stab one of the ‘concepts’ attached to Olavien and manages to stab the freak out and not the sleep condition. He stabs her throat to do this, and freaks Chant out.

Turns out Shiva basically ran to the Fens and buried herself under them and blacked out. That left Henrietta and Olavien in waking nightmares.

Olavien: Max surges goes up by 1.
Olavien’s cold powers now pierce 5 cold resistance, and are 5 extra damage with fire resistance.

Gaia area/bit/wound is a little bigger than town

Drow: They /do/ recognize power.
Masked God.
Chant resumes his meetings despite looking like hell. He visits the drow.
Blacksmith, younger lady.
Young lady has hella good insight and bluff (is a cleric?)
One of their men is a renaissance drow, and drawing beautiful anatomy. It turns out half of his head seems to have some sort of mithril replacement? His entire arm is metal and has a glove. Construct arm.

Chant meets with gnolls

Verinal and Olavien separately decide to stare at the Gaia wound. Chant joins them some time later, after talking with Susan about the problem.

Verinal comes out of his meditation first. (28% for acts of divine control)

An energy that is somewhat opposed to what Verinal has- not by archetype but by intent.

Proto-energy might be keeping the wound open/keeping it from healing.

As we talk about Verinal doing something with it. Hannah suggests hey what about the fire dragon? Dragon becomes immediately aware of the energy, comes in dramatically to ‘children of the sun’ and dives into the energy. He mentions the prophecy?

He becomes massive, the prophecy inscribed on him in glowing. It all slowly solidifying and he flies out. The whole thing is like…120 by 80 ft, obsidian, and it glows with the sun, turning to embers when the sun sets. The entire giant dragon is over the town center. The dragon is some sort of proto-type form.

It made it better for now, but worse in longer term. It is not more streamlined and will take 12 days instead of 16 days.

“Pattern writing is so much easier here. Usually we have to dive in and out. Matter is so nice”


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