11-15-14 (Hannah Notes)

Under da seaaaaa, under da seaaaaaa!

The sea serpents and minions we face have this symbol that has three arrows with a circle
We continue on downward and when it opens up into a large cavern, within it there is giant metallic thing.
The metal thing is a dome/hill like thing of a bronze-copper color, like mixed bronze and orium.

Type of worship: The various parishes with a lead priest of each parish- each notch around the circle is a ‘parish’, this is a gathering spot of parishes from wherever people are coming from. 270 of the circle have this.

Identify that the current being worshiped is not the original one being worshiped. This was probably originally a place of worship for a water primordial=- there’s a only a few beings it could be. The mapping makes no sense, but with cataclysms it could have been rearranged.

Currently being worshiped by a DK deity, relating to threads somehow, given the imagery.

Stonework/ stone bits indicate runes or something got plopped down and made fractures.

We go left! Going along hugging the edge, we find an impact spot about the size of a ‘stranger danger white van’ The impact spot has bits of the same kind of metal.

’It’s a stranger danger white van with a ramming prow and penetration 4’
“…and candy”


Take 10 damage, but resist cold (half) for the next hour. From Shiva saying the name of the primordial (not the true name)- have better understanding of the concept of ‘water’

This temple cannot be destroyed as long as water exists on this world.

We find a door that is a magic door that has wards of isolation and defense. Mitch rings the doorbell. Notice there were a large number of thunder wards associated with it?

Lots of magical things of interest in the room and a large bronze, tear-shaped thing in midst of the room, the size of a stranger danger white van. There are several things ripped out of it.

cardiovascular system (giant)
aquamarine guns (2 rifles, 2 pistols)
aquamarine eggs with three red rings around them- grenades? (5 of these)
11 smaller objects that are egg-timer sized.
3 flash drive sized items.

Two bronze books with glass displays

chairs, console, finned tube

going back out, we go another way and find an arena that’s been repurposed for three dimensional use. There is a guy in the center with four arms, several guys like the ones from earlier training, and then two alien guys, with stitches and metal in their heads. Let’s fight.

1- went upward- not covered
2- long corridor, dead end
3- fork – not covered
4-shallow dead end
5- honeycombs of sketch-frozen
6- where came in
7- lobster trap
8- long dead end
9- barracks-frozen
10- fishery
12- mine

5200 xp divided by 8



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