David shoots a thing

chant notices mass pattern change in town 5-20 minutes after getting back
tracks is down and asks hannah what she did
she says it was not her-gnome did something.

minion forrester does a cool thing, figning a magical mutated cat beastet
get alchemy stuff.

hire a party for 7th retrievals for corpse, they will take services or alchemy stuff.

xp 67787

david portals to a place

Arls seems to have giant grain economy.
But there are almost no roads.
Seveal locations of interest:
-blasted land not part of the big crater, lots of sulfur and stuff.
-very verdant forest of kinda odd trees moving against the wind
-series of odd cracked mountains with ancient ruins with permanent clouds.
-pretty big lake that is feeding all the north going water.
-mine going into an outcropping a day away from the town.

There is a big area of moss. With a clearing in the middle.
variant of wolfsbane that forresters might like.
sango gets an animal companion. its a fluffy squirrel.

Arcana checks say this is a fey crossing area that is neutral with regart to the courts. its very very old.

Encounter with giant bird cloud that seems to be looking for something.
We nope away.
Next day see the bird cloud again but avoid it.

David feels like entering the edge of civilsation but there should be nothing current here.

Group gets ambushed by two eladrin looking people on flying mounts. Which is weird. No real identification on them from what people saw.


700 xp for flight flight.


^flight fight


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