wilbell caught turtle cancer from the tree.

keep flying, we are followed by hgen and munin.
Also see an egyptian avatar that is looking for something
the god gets into a fight with some whereravens.

we get chased by birds
ask morrigan to not bother us, but birds dont stop
rukia seems empowered in the area
david starts glowing-its new

need higher quarry to do better roads
shiva is evasive on needing a church
commanders have leadership thingy that upgrades units
ninja academy is adhoc -lv0 but well built!
add pool to building list.
dragon housing is an issue soon

david tries to discarge death energy in the life area
touches a tree and has life(from the tree) and death energy explosively detonates.
take a bunch of damage from tree exploding and gets hits by a bunch of tree shrapnel.
-meanwhile party goes herb gathering
—finds weird mushroom

there are more crows ahead in a big battle
also there seems to be wind effects in the area, a strong down draft
as we head farther the areas of life and death get smaller and more concentrated.
they seem to be a swirl pattern.
as we get closer david’s gps goes weird.

then the areas get thin enough that we are passing multipe in one move
-bad things happen to david-he can now be undead undead.
-sango and griffon get nauseous and fall over
—then the party “helps” with blooroot which whilbell thinks is ginger.

hour or so later see the center of the swirly area that looks like a standing stone construction thingy
-nothing like what david is looking for.

david goes into the temple, his effects worsen significantly.

willbell goes into the temple grows a turtle shell and also explodes a tree.
very center of the temple has an open spot by design. might be invisible, where something is being created.
-lots of spells for life domain and life.

david switches to living and something is weird as he seems to get weird powers.
-he understands all the things related to the death power hes absorbed.
-david goes into the center of the temple and gets knowledge of where the life temple is burned into his brain.
-his weirdness is supressed somehow.
-he needs to choose a thing. he choose balance-lore

wilbell caught turtle cancer from the tree.
rukia goes into the temple starts smoking.

meanwhile outside a giant elf in full plate with bigass shield and heavy armed.
Mounted on an albino bear in heavy barding, with religous symbols.

there is a GREAT reward for snorting david.

correlon’s hand talks to the party, gives an amulet that can be used to ask for help. Can talk to him by thinking about him.
correlon hand dude black hair, blue skin. he was using some sort of magical disguise. Some form of oni. The bear still a bear.

necklace thingy he givies us is a tarp.

there is a GREAT reward for snorting david.



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