Steal all the things

tiny blue dragon sneaks into bunker and eats a giant ham
also find chest with all my family line coins that have an imprint of their magic and blood.
Do science on myself will talk to aaron later, also staff and my magic.
I will need to make a coin of myself later. I also find the coin of the Emperor.

March back to town. There is a griffin in the road.
Someone got off the griffon and walked into the woods.
Medium sized astral sea person with some ousider influence, and touches of the elemtal chaos. This is a githayaki. Originaly mind flayer and aboleth slaves.
Fled to the elemtal chaos and the astral sea, tend to be very mentally active. Some of them have a touch of death to them, homes in the astral sea are built on dead and forgotten dead entities. Griffin also has an astral presnece, even dumber was trained that way.
Another person who was coming down the road and then bolted and the githayaki followed. The other person was somehow human and dwarf.


Hannah is back in the bar, some teenagers come in wearing dragonish armor. All the weapons have dragon themes.
They go on a quest. Two of them actually become level 0 adventueres.
They jobolds have been storing XP in a pearl of power and giving it to the people they take through this “quest”

Sarah group is messing up the URPriest stuff.
Have one last door with red bar. It has alchemical defence turret. We disable one.
Then lil miss eats it, and then the one on the other side and goes hyper.
Lil miss Tries to dig throuhg the wall and goes through a fold in space.

Sarah may have radiation poisoning.

We break the lightning turret and hall fills with white haze, explosion happens,
We bother shiva she comes down gets hit by turret :(

4 HOurs of remove affliction, 7 casts.

There might be a hidden space somewhere in the complex.

Bring the trap expert with us maybe, talk to him about it.

Moes claw is fixed btw.

Asuka goes unconcious as soon as we are back, reverse portal with circles, portal with circles.

send surveilance pixies to complex. Rogue goes to investigate. Then goes back down and takes 4 bladders of alchemical ingredients.

Meanwhile hannah is chasing orianna with dawn blade.

Get a ton of volunteers to empty his war chest. Takes 20 min to gather. Portal down inside.
Some of the boxes are trapped.

Then a hostile portal opened.



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