Chant is back he did science

End result of xmas even with santa going crazy
we have the red outfit of santa claus. Fey based time and movement magic effects. Deep psycho menacing aura. Dripping blood apparently may not be red.
Sandy Claws-gloves with bladed fingers Vorpal ? Nightmare ?
Unkown musket.
Unkonwn small musket.
Rations ???

Unkonwn bag. with boxes that refills it screams
shiny black boots with nice tread.
nightmare fuel blob on the ground. they put it in a platic box that farts.

CHurch damaged.
Population loss 27

Henrietta made a circle with tornado, rose then added runes. Then it takes 9 hours to cast.
ramshackle housing becomes level 3 housing with addon(weasely house)
172888g to do this. 44 lumber, 2 stone(8k g in place), 1 metal
all construction is finished.

4k of each special reagent is used.
all roads inside the town are roman road.

can remove things from the list if we ever do this again.
something crystalizes in the center of town. Ambient XP level inside the town is normalized. its been ramping up and it dropped down.

in the dead center of the circle about 90 feet in the air. There are a bunch of xp gems. Each one is from a specific element.

gem of water-leviathan, tree-gaea, SCIENCE!-civilization, elementalism-(threatening, primordial), shadow, not colored-does nothing, sparkly-life/healing, vampire!-necromancy, dragon-dova

Time slows and there a wash of energy and then things normalize. It seems like time stopped being linear for a moment.
Players do not have shadow anymore except chant and rose and alchemists.

elementalism and tree gems attach to me.
lil miss seems to no longer be vampiric.
Really weird effects on living things inside town happen.

the earth goddess sealed the fire primordial below. Children dancing upon thrown stars. Someone without magic nudging it, vs someone with innate magic doing so. The vancians tried to wake up the fire primordial when the treant was young.

elemental energy seems to be slightly welling up. becasuse the energy seal

sarah calls to all the gems they stick to her then gorun nova starts to drain the gems. Sarah tries to attach the life one to the sword. Hannah blocks her but david lets it attach to sword

david understands what the swords is. its divine/demonic sort of.

we try to go hand out the gems to people.

science gem: 5k xp +2 power bonus to skill, reroll a check on the skill related to gem, 5% bonus to consumable item use.
at 10k xp add 10% consumable bonus.
at 20k add +15% consumable bonus
at 30k for 20% bonus
at 120k xp enconter power use one consumable you own without expending it. Double the effects. recharge start of encounter 5,6

shadow gem
passive reduce surges by 1
at 20k when regain hitpoints reduce hitpoint by 50% round up and gain double value in temps. must be done before any.
after above for 5k xp:
when you loose a surge you may choose not have the effect and instead grant hp to an ally equal to twice surge value.
10k xp can turn insubstntial and phasing once per day until you end the stance not limited to end of encounter.
40k xp aspect of shades. you crate a minion of shadow, isubstantal and phasing. your base attack with melee attacks. does 1d3 surges in damage, 1hp with defences equal to highest defense. while this power is active you do not cast a shadow. Once dismissed you regain surges equal to 1/3 rounded down the shadow has dealt. And killed oppents spawn shades.
140k ???

5k xp elemental damage reroll one die.

25k 1% of your max hit points is added to ac fort and saves that attack ac or fort
50k 10% bonus to max hp this bonus added to hp gained when spending surges.
75k xp gain a burro speed 0
100k xp +10% max hp cumulative and once a day you may add this bonus to a single saving throw if a death save its added to the die.
250k xp ??? death ?
feeling of the gem is similar to wolf people for religion check on earth gem.

life gem
5k 5% mx hp, added to surge vlue and total surges.
15k 5% max hp this added to your death value on die. die add only from this
25k 5% max hp this number is added to amount of healing you do based on base hp
35k 10% max hp
85k daily one unconcious or dying ally non action inerrupt all harmfull conditions end ally has hp equal to bloody value plus one for every power granted by this gem.
135k 5% max hp from current max hp, round up, double the effect not having to do with hp increase that are related to the gem.
250k xp your base max gets 50 hp. Healing granted bonus for every power unlocked you add 10% to the healing about granted to the dead or dying ally. Can go above max current hitpoints.

leviathan gems

hannah crits and actually gets the gems attention.
thing judges her and descides she is acceptable like a dragon would be. Gives her full access.

5k draconic aspects and fortifuing, fus
10k movement and other things like that
15k breath weapons
25k elemental enchancement
50k 3 dragon fear, domination, passive majesty thing
some more weird things, shapeshifting, vitality, elemental based ones that are odd.
aslo due to the thing in pocket hannah can grant others power.

Using slightly different ritual I could actually build things.

New henchman unit that can be trained:
epic casters:
ritual casters capable of casting for acts of wonder.
reduce costs and things.

poke hannah with the elemental gem, then things go really badly as it explodes into a cloud of elemental energy that seems to be like a minor god.

angels and devils show up in town.



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