get opinion from plua on dream area
-leave a message?
-go look for her?
Follow up on T-Virus escapee with keroywn.
See if we can get anything from the items we got to see if we can track down ur priest
Spy from ur priest?
Meeting with henrietta and keroyn and anyone else we think can help on disaster relief
Sending to everyone of our allies to ask if we can help: winterhaven, hammerfast, arls, moonstair, myconids, lizard folk, ice people, therund, traders, thunder spire.
Check if anything odd showed up on map of unseen lands. Isnt senechal watching it?
Check on the graves of dead gods after earthuake.
Scary thing we rebueried, the devastation creature.
Check local dungeon keeper area.
Descide what to do with the power gems.

David high level surver of vale:
Lots of trees fell over in swamp but this is making things grow more. No signs of black dragon.
Lizard folks recovering.

East mowntains seem to have a collapse. Exposed a square shaped area in the mountain. Some sort of magically reinforced construction.
There seems to be exposed lava vents. The two peaks were all undermined on the inside.
There are camoflaged lean tos with movement.

Hammerfast is devastated, mountain collapsed with all the mines in it, severe damage to the city. Pass was damaged and being cleared out.

The dungeon keeper area is damaged, lots of collapse probably from digging things out.

Harkenwood seem to be fine, but they have spread out. The woods have moved out about 4 miles in a month or so.
There seems to be a giant petrified tree that was hit by ligning in the middle of the harkenwood.

Hydras seem to have poped out near the air elemental rift. Old bigger ones. They usually hybernate for decades. This seems to have woken them up.

There seems to be a young red shadow dragon chasing some tiny griffons.

==David manages to harvest shadow red dragon corpse stuff. Recovers grystal dragon heart. Young red shadow dragon crystal shard. Has the gold value of the xp of a young red shadow dragon, lv 9(2000)
If crafting an item for or against dragons the value is doubled.

A tiny metalic pixie. It’s pixie sized for a pixie. The wings seem to be made of energy, and is prigther than everything else
MHCP004 is what it identifies itself
singe pair of wings, clothes are heavy reinforced leather, biker gear.

Seems very stoic. It offers some options to david about how to get hippogrips to town which is considers safest place.

David asks it to get an orca transport?? it then goes to the closest chunk of stone and seems to be disintegrating it. Gathers resources.
Then it starts to 3d print something…
Its some sort of transport ship.

Gets 15 baby hippogrypts to town. One orca transporton top of pool.

Takes them to where we keep the flying mounts…someone will konw what to do?

We need an actual magical beast stable hand…

Stable Lv0
1 untrained worker, comes staffed
must always be staffed
space for 20 mounts in stalls which each fit a large creature.

Hannah does not know much about that weird construciton that david found. Would need to talk to hammerfast might be able to find more info there.

Talk to wood mana about sending. For manas need to targer to a specific mana better.

“we have questions about a bubble of dream made real in the fey quarter. Source is fey leader. Appears contained for now, but uncertain”

Sending actuall goes through. Get a vision of an ancient(worn) city. A vantablack planetoid or moon in the sky. A point expanding out from an explosion where everything is crumpling. Then chant falls over bleeding from eyes, ears.

Every one else also gets the vision but with moreand blanks out. time seems to reverse, everything rebuild. It seems to be a different season. There a time lapse effect, people doing things. Something about this creeps people out.

Except hannah who “puts the message?? in her pocket”
Chant max hp 5, -10all defences

Find this in reference to black sun. The black sun codex. Based off prophesies of an unknown individual. Everyone agrees that these prophesies are real. Answer to if they have happened, the answers are all ambugous.

prophesy prophet unkown: they raised in defiance against those who would be above them. those mortal beings those Devil Kings, defy the will of the world and the divine rights. They strike forth against the natural order of things and win against that cannot be beaten. They strike down those above and world is torn anew. the sun turns dark the winds howl, the lands die. The earth shreds all before it cast by the wind but life survives. that black sun beats down water subsides and life still perserveres. Fire rage in heat cast by that black sun. That black sun that dark sun, those above are dead, those outside are gone, and the others are corrupted. All that is left are those underneath those Devil Kings, mortals who’ve killed the divine. Now they rule under that black sun, under that dark sun shining forth upon them.

Central Prophesy in a book in shady vale. There are others that are related to time going weird in a bubble and all outside being destroyed. This is a major prophecy.

Prophesy with notes from oracle. Chunk of text is named Devil Kings? (Are they kings because they have done the impossible or did this get translated wrong, possibly champions, lords?)
A king – a god slayer – is a supreme ruler.
(Since he can kill a celestial being, he therefore call on the scrosanct. Divine powers wielded by the gods.)
A king – a god slayer – is a lord.
(Since the power to kill a diety is his hands, he therefore looms over all mortals on earth)
A king – a god slayer – is a devil.
(Since of all mortals who live in the world, none can assume a power to match his)

There is a note on the page someone changed the color of the page instaed of writing down. Just this note is in this odd way.
Devil kings they have achieved the unreasonabe, the unconcionable. They have killed the divine, they have defied fate and done the impossible. Perhaps they are her children. Hope?

We will need several days for sarah to process the message from plua

Nee dto check other places.
Chaos scar

Should sending rorona about giant mushroom.

Shiva was watching a tournament. A big scary evil guy, who is very evil.
Ur priest ripped a heart out seemed to be able to use it for vile spells? Team that thrazidun nominated was not the one nominated. They changed squards? He stole someone elses. Requires whacking a diety, spent a lot of his resources.
Won each fight in a completely different matter.



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