3/25/17 Hannah's Notes

Quiet Conniptions from the Throne

Chant is trying to go ohm in his bunker….baby blue has come along for the ride.

He feels right and soothed when he sits in the throne, weird. He then does opsec programming to make sure the geiss is done correctly for blue dragon.

Things go very well! Alex and Aaron will do in detail later. The staff is more usable now.

5-6 hours later Alex gets done/wakes up and baby blue is…being baby blue. Also there’s a Turathi coin in his hamhock bone now.

Baby blue found the coins behind the throne, in a coffer. The coins have faces and names on them, mostly the royal family but also some cadet branches. There are some blank ones, they are more bar-shaped. There’s something in the lid- Chant pulls it out. Makes think Chant think of tiefling fire, a bowl, melt the metal to make a coin, and knife for blood.

One that didn’t taste good- ‘oh it’s him.’ its a devil? The progenitor. (Chant now has a sample of blood and magic?)
Making a coin will be important for Chant.
Leaves…there’s a white griffin. Chant does a perception check and sees purple triangles and vague shapes of a trail. Chant follows it. Medium size, astral sea, influence of outsiders, touches of the elemental chaos. Githyanki.

Notices someone came up the path than dodged, and then the githyanki came after at a more normal pace.
(End day 3, Chant)
2800 xp for the arena fight (historical event)

Some adventurers in training escort Olavien on a quest. (End day 3)

Meanwhile, in Oriana’s group (early day 4 onwards)

We try a door and the fire alarm goes off and sets us all on fire :(

Asuka disables the first one. Lil Miss eats it and another one.

Oops Lil Miss goes to go eat something and disappears through the wall and through space-time to at least 10 miles away.

Orianna throws an acid grenade to damage the lightning box, and then Shinji starts doing acid cantrips.

Turns into fog, we wait for the fog to spark by hiding behind adamantium door, wait about a half hour.

Ice one contains poison, poisoning Shiva and party. Oriana falls over, Shinji falls over.

We get teleported back to town, and get people to do remove affliction.
3-4 on Sarah
3 on Shinji
1 on Asuka
Money room!



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