4-9-16 Hannah Notes

We're Halping!

Verinal tries to discharge his death charges. We see black lightning comes up his arm and into the tree. There is also white on the tree as the tree then explodes. We also seem to see a neutral ‘nothing’. The splinters seem to go almost all the way through him.

We follow the swirls of the zones. When we start crossing them, bad things happen to Verinal when he rolls a 1 on his ‘self’ roll.

Verinal is a energy-construct, undead.

His Con is 0, he gains absorb necrotic, radiant.

We all fall down like a leaf on the wind.

Heeeeere Birdy Birdy.

Rukia tries to do Kido 90 and successfully summons ONE wall of it. It smacks Verinal, but heals him 19.

We make Sango very, very sick with ‘ginger’.

Tonight we are very good at ‘halping’.

We finally cross most of the way and find an outbuilding. roundish building stone pillars that have a roof. Under that there is a circle of standing stones. 80 ft diameter
circle within is 20 ft radius

When verinal steps in, the grey becomes marbled. There are symbols carved into the stones.

White and Black teardrops around each other made of fire (ying-yang ish), have cores of black and white. There is a thick grey line between them. Stretchy.

Ying-yang like curves pulled part so that a circle be put there. And there’s a spot for a third symbol but there’s none there.

The opposite sides of the pillars are in the reverse (1,2,6,1,2,6)

On the floor is an out of whack ying and yang.

Between the barriers is something with divine nature. When breached it has a lot of energy. Verinal did the tree. Whomever held this had lots of energy to play with, in short bursts.

14712 some odd individual points of death in about 40 mile radius, Verinal thinks he can touch each of them. HIS HANDS ARE TURNING INTO RED SPIKY BITS. HE’S BRIGHT AND HIS BLOOD IS BOILING. He’s coming towards Wilbell and she tries to GTO. He’s heading towards of the circle that was at the center. Wilbell had sensed that this area has white strands, black strands to the blanks, and lots of grey strands going to the center.

Temples of the Yang Trinity- David rolls a 42! He gains complete comprehension! Those points are 14712 of these points and Verinal can body jump to any of them. If he dies, he will jump to the closest one. These are older ‘undead’, magical constructs of the death domain.

David steps into the center. Something clicks. He now knows exactly where this temple is and can correspond it to himself.

David now has to choose a pillar, and they seem to be aspected differently.

David chooses Balance/Unknown→Lore

And now, snaking along in full heater shield, 8 ft tall giant elf, longsword. Mount has barding, barding has religious symbols. His mount is an albino bear. Guy of Corellon! Sara swoons.

“Why has your companion come here?”
“…I don’t remember anymore!” Says Ayesha, the cutest confusion. He ends up chuckling at her cute honesty.

He can’t see David while David he’s in the circle and keeps thinking we’re the ones. We tell him we came to seek knowledge. He talks shortly with the guy. The guy gives Verinal a symbol of Corellon to break if we need help, and also says if he thinks of him, he will get a message. He is the Hand of the Corellon.


Ayesha keeps making cute comments and making the guy chuckle.

We leave, and Rukia notices that Verinal is waving away his other selves?
Lollll the guy is an oni with a bear. Verinal sees him possibly talking with the drakkensteed guys. We discover that this ‘symbol’ is actually a boobie trap of all the fireballs. It is unique and useable for scrying. We send it to town for proper disposal.




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