6-24-2017 Hannah's Notes

We did science, this happens sometimes

Santa Clause Random Event:
Santa Claus’ red out- heavily enchanted, fey enchantment with time and movement effects? Doom aura of bloodlust. Red is probably blood rather than the suit being red. Continually drip blood.
Sandy Claws: Vorpal + ?, Nightmare+ ?,
Unknown musket
unknown small musket
Rations ???
Unknown bag containing strange boxes, unknown quantity, screaming of souls sound
black boots, shiny
wispy substance, nightmare fuel? Stored in a strange plastic box that farts

Church: damaged
pop: – 27

Make Whole:
Ramshackle→Townhouse with Weasley add-on

Something crystalizes in the middle of town, and the xp in the air normalizes.
Floating in the dead center of the circle, 90 ft in the air.

water- leviathan
fire elementalism/threatening, elemental
earthy-tree/ shiva pantheon (gaia)

All the PCs no longer have shadow
two other gems: shiny silver that doesn’t do anything…it is actually ‘not colored’
sparkling bright color, life healing effect to it, vampire!, dragon-dova,

Treant: Lots of divine energy rolled up through welled up through him- it…flavored it? (Was it good for you?)
You need to go talk to the Sakura.

From below, our goddess. The earth goddess. The one who lived in Nentir Vale. The one who used herself to seal the firey one below. Mages tried to unlock the firey one and the earth one gave herself to seal the firey one.

Children dancing upon thrown stars =mages

Chant: her divine energy was in the earth? Is it still around here?
Tree: Not here. The covering now has a hole and is slowly filling back in, which means the area around is weakened.
Chant faintly feels elemental energy welling up.

Written into the mudpie: cleansing and pushing out into the ground in a Vancian way/ what’s filled her. Rose wasn’t grounded. Rose is effectively a Vancian ritualist- like dagna

Oriana is more dragon not elemental fire.

Oriana: I am curious! Want!
Goranova: oooh!
Olavian: take them out!

Verinal lets Goranova take the gems into its hilt, but ‘puts a lid’ on it so it can’t access them.

Life and Balance are now in Goranova, the other four are therefore not eaten.
After a few minutes, Verinal gets the impression that this is a mostly-dead god not from this realm. Normally it is very logical, structural. It was in place to cull excess in a civilization if necessary. There’s something that outranks it that could give it orders, but that’s not here.

Stare at three things at once- the two gems and SCIENCE!!! ‘nearby’.

Oriana has shadow, vampire!, water-leviathan, science!

Divine/demonic- radiant demon.

parts are going to wake up in the next year.

When Verinal comes out of processing data about Oriana and Goranova, he and Chant and Olavien start talking about Goranova and removing/looking at him. Chant wants to look at the pattern for Goranova. Verinal and Olavien helped describe how to look for him/it.

Oriana’s sword gem area can rotate different gems to be towards the blade. When she tries to leave the empty slot towards the blade, she makes a saving throw and fails. Loses 15 hp as her blood appears, filling a ‘hole’.

Science gem:
at 5000 xp: +2 power bonus to nature, religion, dungeoneering, arcana. (5000 to each)
One gives you a daily power: reroll an active check on one of the 4 previously mentioned skills. Last one: 5% bonus to all consumables used by the person.

At 10000 xp: +10% bonus to all consumables used by the person (can stack with previous bonus if bought)

At 20000 xp: +15% bonus to all consumables used by the person (can stack with previous bonuses)

At 30000 xp: +20% bonus to all consumables used by the person (can stack with previous bonuses)

At 120,000 xp: Encounter power (recharge start of the encounter, 5,6): use 1 consumable item you own without expending it. Double the consumable’s effects.

Shadow: Passive is reduce surges by 1.
20,000 xp: When you regain hit points, reduce it by 50% (rounded up). Gain temporary hp equal to double that amount. After purchasing this power, you will gain the potential to buy other powers for 5000 xp each.
5000 xp: When you lose a surge, you may choose to not have the effect happen and instead grant temporary hp to an ally within 3 squares equal to twice that surge value.
10000 xp: Stance: 1 per day, gain the ability to turn insubstantial and phasing until you dismiss the power. This stance does not end at the end of an encounter or after 5 minutes.
40000 xp: Aspect of Shades: You create a minion of shadow. It is insubstantial and phasing. It has your BAB with melee attacks. It does 1d3 surges in damage, it has 1 hp. Its defenses are equal to your highest defense. While this power is active, you do not cast a shadow. Once dismissed, you regain surges to 1/3 (rounded down) the number of surges the Shadow dealt in damage.
140,000: ???

5000 xp, when doing elemental damage, you can reroll one damage die.

25,000: 1% of your max hp is added to your AC, Fortitude, and corresponding saving throws.
50,000: Life root 1: 10% bonus to max HP. The value of this bonus is also applied to the amount gained when spending surges.
75000 xp: You gain a burrow speed of 0.
100000: Life root 2: +10 bonus to max HP, the value of this bonus is also applied to the amount gained when spending surges. In addition, once per day you may add this bonus to a single saving throw. If this is a death save, it is added to the die roll. This power stacks with other life root power.
250,000 xp: ??? death/die ?

Religion on Gaia: something something, little humans something something tree planty halfling elf?

5000 xp: +5% max hit points. This value is added to surge value. 1/5 of that value goes to max surge number.
15000 xp: 5% max hit points (stacks). This number is added to your death save value on the die. The hp stacks, the death value does not stack
25000 xp: 5% max hp increase (stacks). This number is added to the amount of healing you do.
35000 xp: 10% max hp increase (stacks).
85000 xp: Lifeburst: Daily power: 1 unconscious or dying ally (non-action, interrupt), all harmful conditions end, ally has hp equal to their bloodied value, +1 for every power granted by this gem.
135000 xp: 5% max hp increase of your current maximum hp. Round to the nearest full number. Doubles the effects not having to do with max hp that are related to this gem.
250000 xp: Your base max hp gains 50 hp. The healing granted by Lifeburst plus 10% of your max hp for every power granted by this gem.

Dragon: Dova

Olavien: (Crit on insight) There is a single mote of a giant dragon’s attention in the gem’s attention. AI vs. VI…instinctive. Static intelligence. ONly has frame of reference to what it already is. Fieldscape given to Olavien: Star scapes that can be connected. dump xp to play connect the dots.

Fus is available.

5000 xp: Draconic aspects and fortifying yourself
10,000 xp: movement and other things like that depending on draconic aspect
15,000 xp: breath weapons
25,000 xp: elemental enhancements
50,000 xp: Only a couple (3): frightful aura, domination effect/ boost for allies, passive increase that has something to do with majesty aimed at self, not others.
Beyond: Vitality, dragon shift!, elemental/damage-type odd effects. Saving throw or be reduced to zero.

Crit on Dova means I understand gems better, +1 for above 5 /-1 on below 5.

Chant tries out to put the elementalism gem into Olavien. (olavien defenses fail..1 and 1 roll)
The gem shatters and a cloud of elemental energy floats out into the center of town.

Uhmmm a bunch of angels and devils are about to poof into town o_o;

Neutral gem (Oriana knowledge): Averages out your stats. (move -1 from top, move up 2 from bottom stat. When you meet between the two stats, that new stat becomes all of your defenses)

At the end of this session:

Oriana: Leviathan, Shadow
Goranova: Life, Balance
Chant: Vampire!
Olavien: Leviathan, Shiva, Science!, Earth
Town: Elementalism



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