8-14-2016 Hannah's Notes

We take a rest. It’s only 6 hours from dusk to dawn. The dawn comes early.

The power: Glowy field with black halo looks. Gold-tanish halos (old fashion halo, radiating). Possibly a deity’s thumbprint on the area? There is no arcane crap of time going on. However, death-life is out of whack, and those are messing with things. Emblem within? (two halos, one on top of the other)

Rukia: WHY ARE YOU AWAKE YET. And it winks at me. This thing is cheeky. Fight between life and death is going on, and two are fighting for the ‘sky’ part of this area. One is ‘sun’, the other is moon…blood moon..something like that? There’s an active divine section. A sense of age.

We perception. Verinal notices that a sparkly blue explosion go off- there’s a battle going on. Bones flying/ flying body rocketing up.

It’s a crow-headed tengu (not a man-headed tengu).

We sneak by this.

When we get to the spiral too quickly, a few people fail and take necrotic. Sango fails badly on con check- she loses the gills she woke up with. Now she’s breathing only when she remembers to do so.

Rukia smacks with her beads and black fabric, and knocks Sango out of her body. There’s spirit Sango and her body go splat. Everyone else freaks out. The chain attached to her body is seperate to her spirit’s chain. There’s a spirit link missing. Normally when chains are seperated/severed, they start eating each other and become hallowed in minutes.


Identical but opposite colors.

David rolls a 1 on con check, and then another 1. The DM rolled a 20 on…something? Verinal’s vision blurs into colors and tastes.

He swells, his arms popping out blue crystals in concentric circles and tribal-tattoo like, and then the red crystals shoot out, fighting it.

He has an urge to run into the temple center like before, and does so. He can sense living creatures within 30 ? of each temple. He can also sense overlapping?

The area between the two temples stretch to exactly 30 miles, and in the center he feels a swell of neutral energy.

Every deity in the area is now immediately aware of Verinal’s presence.

The Morrigan
Desert God
Twin Raven and the Woad Look
Off to one side of the arena, looking on- Evening Glory. Fanbearer is shadowy elf/half-elf
Same thing from the Raven Queen. Standing in front of her though, is standing a few minions including a very shadowy elf/half-elf
Tan Halo God. Old wizened man in a robe. Carrying a hourglass- Chronos

Looking down into the court, there is a body laid to rest. They feel like Shiva- same pantheon? Getting several glimpses, might be 3-4. An overarching deity in charge of the three, and two-three original heirs.

The Seraphim- one of the original heirs.

Overaching one: Zodiac (what Verinal knows it by)

Blue gem on arm, with white bands on one arm. Red gem in dark obsidian band in his other wrist in place of his viens.

He has the two prizes in his hands.



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