Staff of Bardic Charm

Chant's staff


This is a seven-ringed staff made out of mystic wood. Some know the wood as mind wood or thought wood, but that is a rough translation. It appears as a large bush, with fine branches and pale white leaves. They are often found within meditative gardens or druidic circles.

Anyone within 100 ft feels a wave of calm wash over them.

Chant made this staff back in 2013 in real world time. Bought a Staff of Sleep and Charm to pick apart and form the staff. He built it as a +3 holy superior implement.

Chant built it using:
-osewantavre wood
-mithril dust
-240 residuum

The 240 Residuum cost should have been about 100x more. There are two ingredients in Alex’s staff we don’t know about. According to Alex, Mitch also did stuff.


The main change the staff has gone through since its creation was during the party’s time in Verdandi’s Paradise, when Chant poked the pool of water. At that time, the staff absorbed much of the resulting power, rather than Chant himself.

[Entry last updated 8/12/2016]


The staff is currently a +5 implement.

Properties Chant is currently aware of:

Staff of Bardic Charm properties
blessed – on crit on demon devil or undead is dazed, +1 to save vs effects against demon devils and undead, rituals like remove afflictions +5 to the check from demon devils and undead
energized holy +3(11) damage if target is devil,demon or undead
tingly when holding it.
demon devils and undead will see its anathema, but ancient ones will see something is off, its from somewhere else

(Alex please update)

Staff of Bardic Charm

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