Regalia of Evil

Vile items crafted from the finest evil materials


This should have been a DC 60 check to identify, but we got it for…reasons.

The Regalia of Evil was made just after the first dawn war by all of the gods of evil (though most believe it made in the second war), made from the best Evil ingredients. Each is wrought in meteoric metal. The set includes a crown, scepter and orb. Each is powerful, horrible when combined together in use.

Crown of Evil: The crown of black iron has a design of curvy waves like fire.
Scepter of Evil: The rod has chains draped around it, and a dark red flame is always lit at one end of it, but gives no heat.
Orb of Evil: Six inches in diameter, this orb is made of pitted and scarred iron.

These items were made for the Champions of Evil, just as item sets were made for Champions of Good and Neutral.

These regalia items have slipped into the mortal world over time, though apparently the gods check in once in a blue moon to see how the items are doing.

This is a very rare case that these items are all held by a single individual. The party found these items on the leader of an underwater lizard race while investigating Dungeon Keeper issues. Their leader had each of these items, having traded for the last item to obtain all three (traded with the DK?).

Pretty sure all three do vile-typed damage.


Need to identify what specific powers these have, but we do know they become more powerful when the wielder has more of the set.

Regalia of Evil

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