David notices things and minions for everyone.

He sees kobolds go serious and salute hannah.
He also sees the “The blood of IO that hannah has that everyone cannot see” It wants to get tiamat and bahamut back together

Great one is above IO in squirrel’s view of cosmology.
squirrel is old for a kobold and is very very good at bluff.

David notices other things. (See hannah notes)

Yet another “pixie” shows up in my room. The winds are odd, do not seem animal like. Wearing a dress. Pixies tend to carry things like flowers and things, full size. This one is is wearing tiny ivy/leaves. the fox like ears are weird. Faint slits inside her pupils, like a second iris.

Chant, meets Autum. Water seem to be sticking to her from the pitcher.

Something knocked the pitcher over on top of her. Bunny is super afraid of her.
Room seems to be aspected to bunny and pixie.

Mitch made a prank carpet that will cause rabbits to spawn. Fey touched rabbit?

Chant seems to be spawning pixies by thinking about it. There seems to be a wooden mesh.

Fish swims by inside the mesh. Lots of fish inside, something amoeba like.
Mesh is to keep things in. Fey leader is in the middle of the whole mess.

Remove commands from angels. They suddenly start to fade, Autum says that was not right, without structure they fade.

I assign them to David, they suddenly go hostile.
David tries to capture them.
Chant tries bardic lore, turns out info about how angel function is activelu protected by Ioun personally. Chant gets knocked unconcious.

david is having a “mental battle” to get control of angels

Angels start to differentiate more.
Sun elf, some sort of caster. Light based wings . invoker of balance
Wood elf paladin, pink , green leafy wings. Paladin of Life
dark elf with metallic wings with a giant scythe Avenger of Death
moon elf of some sort, with bladed gauntlet. with big twohanded sword. Pale silver skin with glow. Bladesinger of Verinal?

Autum seems to be stuck 30 feet from someone in the party.
She seems to be only missing a day of memory.
She has been checking dungeon keeper locations. And other environmental effects like that.
She sounds super old. She lost count.

Angels are meandering around town. The temples are actually running again. They are getting repaired. The angels that were there are back in power and a bunch of new ones appeared.

Sarah feels full.
there is a surge and a diembodied feeling. Several fiery shafts hit my torso.
Startle awake.

Everyone falls over. There were 3 of these. Big metal pod falls next to sarah. She seems diminished.

Metal picture of a massive building floating in the star skape. And drop pods with super powerful space marine.

There are three posts 120 feet from sarah. Sides of pods blow off and three warforged walk out. They are pretty damn big. Experimental units for testing. Voice commands do not seem to work. Mental is effective?

orianna seems to have a source of oomph that seems to be missing. She seems to be tired and run down.

goblin lake, drarf fortress, small town part of ten town. We should confirm the two wee did not see.
We head to the inn, Autum orders fey wine.
Pixie seems to zooms from a shaft of light. Pixie is growing crystals and goes to sleep. She sent him to the courts about the issues that we’ve been having

She did a fey cider. Crystal cider. She sparkes as she turns around. She was dringing the cider being made out of the apples that got turned to crystal.

The beam of sunlight is a summer court thingy.

Head over to olavie, to search for plua.

Autum stares at shiva, shiva gives her a snow cone.
Plua was investigating walnuts. In the area where we found the walnut grove.
Sending to plua does not work.

Wood mana and fire mana are floating down the street. Autum goes and talks to them, something about mana things?

Notice a grand opening sign. Supply shop? Ye olde shoppe.

Some random items on display in the shop. Floating lady with umbrella and lavender hair. Weird little people in the shop seen as well. Giant lavender teddy bear.

A form floats down through the cieling. Also two floating fey? things going “chim”
The propereto is pamela ibis was referred to by rorona to come here.

she offers us an ankh that seem to protect against illusions and things. Seems to be several lauered enchantments. But about right power level wise.

4500g for ahkh thingy.

Adquate coffee(godlike)

Offers a magical item that is super fancy, also very expensive. The item is super old, suprised its not even sentient yet.

Also 122,000 for some sort of very fancy armor.

Duplication of stuff. is something she is apparently

CHant dumps xp into the armor it repairs. Chant does it super well.

chant ac goes up from +9 to +13
The armor moves and shifts looks lke scale mail.
resist 5 psychic, necrotic, force
special: if items tupes are more than one of the above the resist is additive.
+2 to saves against powers with those keywords.
if you have those keyowrds as power type, you are minus 2 to death saves, or +5
cannot loose healing surges due to surge drain, damage
when you spend an action point bonuses are increased to armor tier for one round.

While aurianna is holding it it turns into plate.
Hannah puts armor back on, after a bit she notices 18-20 for spending a surge, if warfirged resovles, 15-20

We finnaly arrive at the fey compound



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