We could have done this better...

800k of residium chips in 10k increments
1 million in artifacts, religious items, items of significance to those in power(secular items with power like the turathi crown)
2.7 million actual currency
2.5 million of astral diamonds not easily spendable on plane. (Some diamonds are half)

meruru, recettear, and archeologists will need to sift through the 1 million of art.

massive damage to nentir vale because two antimatter nukes went off
little miss got her head cut off, shes fine. will recover one level per 10 days. She lost 4 levels.

massive relief efforts hammerfast and moonstair are severely damaged. Mines collapsed

Our mine is collapsed.

also the weather patterns have been strange,and they seem to be solving themselves.

the original turathi crown is in his stuff

tapestry of dragonborn royal lineage.
one of the masks of waterdeep.

we rez sarah, ressurection cost.

items of power altered for two separate rituals. In among all the other stuff.
One ritual is awaken or call a primordial to summon or something like thrazidun to come something to do with the fire primordial.
The other ritual requires a diety dying in fire and heat to animate or raise living fire. Then to sacrifice it to empower himself.

Shady vale is where the primodrial is under shadyvale. Thunderspire is the heart.

We head to where the spark box was 5 days later.

Dy 10 chant wakes up. Back and legs hurt. Hangover. Everything is moving. There are teeth in my knuckles.
The clouds are brown. The world is grey toned. I’m dusty.
There is a cairn on me. The blue dragon is dragging me. Day 11 end I get back.


draconic giant dog thing is guarding the alechemy short.

200k of gold to repair town. And upgraddes the ramshackle hoursing is one grade higher.

argent crusade is paying attention.

day nine david is back
day 10 is when math is back.

give blue a platinum bar.

asuka cookbook was trolling olavian.

5583xp from sarah stuff

david xp 11356


5222xp everything else from sarah adventures

chant stabilzes himself, gains 3000 xp then burns 2200 xp on spells.


Ignore the 200k gold cost for the make whole ritual. See later in the notes for actual cos


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