We met two dragons! A prismatic one and a glassy/translucent one. Tay let us use her dice to get some neat advantages :3

1 dragon’s territory is nentir vale, Tay’s is even bigger?
She’s been here 40 sun sets.

Shinji offered them some sheep, they’ll come for a visit! Also we should visit them sometime up in the mountains.

Dispater and 4 adamantium angels with a third eye that’s nimbus-like. Looking ritualistic.

Dispater: aspects are fully autonomous, they are not connected to actual Dispater.

This aspect is collared with rune- soul binding with slavery and enforced will.

Oh…angels were angels of Thrizdun. o_O

Shinji dispels magic, the guy splices himself on purpose. Unfortunately, the skull xp thing he’s got also gets spliced and hilarity ensues.

For Lil Miss:
Asuka’s semi-vampiric/undead thrall…thing?
-4 to int, wis, chr.
Bluff -2, diplomacy -5, insight -5, intimidate +2



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