"Okay look today's weirder than usual.."

Verinal thinks through what he sees when Olavien switches into the dragony shard, and all his knowledge suddenly shifts slightly and he puts together that Bahamut and Tiamat are the split parts of Io. He even read this once upon a time in a book, but his knowledge glazed over it. Now his balance-lore helps him realize this, and keeping a strong connection to the balance domain should help him remember taboo things he now knows.

The author of the book was important, but Verinal can’t remember why.
Verinal: Makes the wisdom check on Squirrel, then a perception check:

Squirrel: Has made reference between Io, Bahamut and Tiamat in his preaching.

Mother of Dragons (heresy) but not god of dragons
Bahamut is with justice and stuff and A DRAGON but not a god
Io is The Dragon God

The Great One is above all that. Part of that is GO has 3 heads, Io only has one, B and T only have half-heads.

When the great one was diminished there was Io. Comes from or took up the mantle in the GO’s stead..The Great One is here and not…
Sees the Blood of Io in Olavien’s pocket. He identifies percentages of Bahamut, Io, Tiamat

Oh I remember this rather than ‘I see this’ of a dragon who is starry, has a mandala of 9-like/seedlike shapes over its back(?).

Gets an impression of a woman/angelic thing. Also remembers Shiva more recently referencing ‘Big Sis Seraph’.
Contemporary of Shiva’s Pantheon? Possibly. Io is younger than Shiva. Probably not of Shiva’s pantheon.

Sees a symbol, that is ancient and not yet been. Not coming from balance-lore. This is shown to Verinal.
Olavien also sees it? (Dragon symbol)

It is the 28th of December:
We eat waffles.

Chant wakes up and there is a fey…Chant looks at it. It is probably not a pixie? Its wings remind him of thistles. She’s got fox-like ears, and covered in tiny vines around her, to her scale. There is water refusing to get off her. Her name is Autumn?

Chant releases her from the water with a great deal of force, and then it chases her upward before splooshing.

Autumn was trying to figure out where the heck she was when a giant creature tried to smush her with the pitcher.

fey pooling when the door is closed. 13 rabbit skins made to look like a rug.
Object read! Someone handing it to a person in town who helps with everything else. See tiny hands stitching it together, strand by strand making it the same color. Mitch looming over it all.

Chant is going to wrap Mitch in the rug and throw him in a lake.

Bunnies are feyish-touched but not from the feywild.

A Lord of the Area is also a Pixie, and Chant is a lord of the land and they are thinking about pixies.

Chant is going to see the Fey Leader. Right now.

Ritual…casting…winged…bunny? WTF is going on…

There is a wooden mesh around Fey area

Waffles continued

What are we gonna do about Thurizdun angels?
They are plugged into Asuka/Lil Miss and…into town

The angels are fading with how Chant is phrasing his ‘delete orders from current users’.

Chant tries to ask ‘how do angels work’, roughly and gets smacked and banned by Ioun and blacks out.

Verinal is trying to attune the angels. They start to change. Meanwhile Autumn is muttering in Elven. She is swearing up a storm.

Rippling divine energy…and it could be an effect they did against people who rolled before them. Seems kind of like what happens when someone gets a negative score. there is a mechanic before you can act for each negative.**

There is now a ‘sun elf’ in robes, energy wings: Invoker of Balance
Wood Elf, leafy wings: Paladin of Life
(lady) Dark Elf, Metallic jagged sword wings: Avenger of Death
Moon Elf, gray, wearing ‘skirmisher armor’, and runed giant blade that is light blue: Bladesinger of Verinal

Oriana is monochrome
The Temples have restocked and cleaned up
Autumn is currently stuck with us, and we’re crazy. Sorry Autumn.

Oriana stops being monochrome and is less than she was. Oriana feels a countdown.
Chant feels a surge and has a vague sense of awareness while asleep. Several fiery shafts run through Chant straight down into his torso.

fiery shaft coming down into town, and Oriana is the only one standing.

Angel calculates, and then a sense from Lil Miss of danger/warning. Picture of a massive citadel in black over a blue marble.

From lil miss: Scene of people with something like jaffa staffs blasting hundreds of green, flames per minutes. Thousands versus a planet, and they’re winning.

Pods land 120 ft from Oriana. Out walk three warforged.
We inform Autumn of world threats. She writes on a leaf and blows an ember into flame. “Give them the leaf” of the flame-ash.

Fey-wine/black bark wine: lol wat.

Grand Opening
Fancy Lady? Lavender hair? Sun Umbrella?
Pamela Ibis
Protective Thing Against Dreams

Resist 5: Necrotic, Force, Psychic
If the power has multiple of these types, then these stack.
2 to saving throws to attacks that have those keywords or types.
If you have one of those keywords as a power type you have -2 on those death saves. If you don’t have any of those, it’s +5 on death saves.
You cannot lose healing surges due to surge drain.
When you spend an AP, the bonuses are increased by tier for one round. (multiple by 3)
death save can spend surge on an 18-20
If use warforged resolve during that combat, once during that combat can use 15-20




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