Out of Game References

These are things in game which we know to be references to non-D&D sources. This is technically out-of-character information, but since Aaron seems to be hoping we’ll get his references, I see no problem in putting it here. This may or may not be useful, depending on how much Aaron deviates from the original sources. Feel free to correct anything I’ve gotten wrong, or add anything I’ve missed.

Tear and Recette are characters from a game called Recettear , translated to D&D mechanics.

Henrietta de Tristain is a character from an anime/manga/novel called Zero no Tsukaima , and appears to actually be from that universe.

Dungeon keepers are from a series of games called Dungeon Keeper .

Rorona, her apprentice Totori, and the current visitor Meruru are from a series of games called Atelier . The kingdoms of Arland and Arls are also from that series.

Shiva, the goddess whose hammer we have, is from the Final Fantasy series (if I remember correctly). She may be a mix of the different versions – with armor.

Susan is named after Susan Ivanova from the TV show Babylon 5, though the original Ivanova isn’t an infernal warlock as far as I know.

There’s also a psion with Kerowyn’s group named Talia that Susan introduce us to. Aaron says that Talia was created before Susan.

Rubeus is named after Rubeus Hagrid from the Harry Potter series, though the original Hagrid generally deals with creatures much larger and more dangerous than squirrels.

Little Miss Trouble is something from Warhammer 40K , or at least was originally before she(?) gained new mutations.

The T-Virus which the party dealt with previously is from the Resident Evil series.

Elora Danan appears to be from the movie Willow . Evening Glory comes from previous editions of D&D.

Whatever happened to the warforged to turn it (her?) purple has something to do with Evangelion .

Mitch’s new goddess (after Tiamat disowned him for being an idiot(Alex: LOL)) is from the Slayers series, where she is known as the Lord of Nightmares. So is Gorun Nova , Sarah’s sword.

Alex’s Ta’veren power is from Wheel of Time

Perfect coffee , the torchmen and minion townfolk are from the comic Girl Genius

The vampire that fled while the graveyard was glassed fled ala Legacy of Kain style – as a flock of bats racing just above the trees.

The bowl given to us by Melora after “defeating” the dungeon keeper and water primordial’s followers is the Bowl of the Winds from Wheel of Time

The nodes the NPCs fought during the attempted dimensional transposal event:

  • Sachiel from Evangelion (if I remember correctly what Hannah showed me)
  • A Weeping Angel from Doctor Who
  • Something from X-Com
  • Nazis from Helsing

The person the NPCs met before fighting the Nazis was a member of the Argent Crusade and the threat they’re fighting in the north may be some version of the Lich King

Out of Game References

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