Elder Realm

Human empire pretentiously named themselves ‘the elder ones’. Their neighbors were dwarves and elves who came later. ’the eldar/elder realm. Specifically after the 4th dynasty there was a a hierarchy struggle which meant that a sub-line took over, changing the style of power and court to intrigue. Tended to piss off dwarves with lots of mining, pissed off elves by removing forests.

Had seven dynasties, the 7th dynasty being the last dynasty. There was an heir, but no one quite knows what happened.

Of the fall, what we do know is that another human tribe rebelled successfully. They ruled successfully until their emperor was assassinated. The capital was fully blown up in large part by one of Tim’s apprentices. Family named Fiang who faithfully served the old dynasty. The capital was decimated, as ‘A star was born and the capital was removed from the world.’

The empire was located 6-8 weeks to the west, and then 6-8 weeks to the northwest, and then 2 weeks north of where Shadyvale now lays, and includes plains within its ecosystem.

Gnolls were a part of this empire, and it sounds like many of their groups continued onward after the destruction of this empire.

Elder Realm

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